Building A Bitcoin Miner

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Building a Bitcoin Miner
Building a Bitcoin Miner
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DIY Bitcoin Mining: Hardware (part1)
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7 DAY$-24/HR$ - BITCOIN MINING EXPERIMENT - See How Much Money I Made :)
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How I make money mining bitcoins
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Bitcoin For Beginners - Learn How To Mine Bitcoin ! - Part 1

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Kevin Zheng (kevinzheng1223): 400MH/s is all you get hee is what you do use that pc for gaming and get an asic miner that power is nothing compared to a BFL 30GH/s Miner or a Antminer 1Th/s man back then you must be getting a bitcoin a day or week but in this case it would take you over a year at that rate

BitcoinsVideos: #Cryptocurrency Building a Bitcoin Miner -[starttext]Output: 1624MH/s using 4 Gigabyte HD 5870 UD Cards @ 900MHz/302MHz Chassi: Antec LanBoy Air Midi Tower Motherboard: [endtext]


Termi: But now it is affordable or not?

James Williams: How much

Mirco “Moslak” Schlich: aaaaaam.... this computer is inefficient! why? cause, the four 5870 can't get fresh air, there is no space between the graca. So when the fans are going to rotate, they are going to heat the air up and blow the warm air to himself and warm up the already warm air.

xXHacksAndTipsXx: This is trash... Seriously you spend your money for something that makes 0.14$ per day and getting electricity over 2$ for sure... That crap men...

GaudyGabriev02: If you want to mine and U dont have equipment to do it, you can mine in the cloud, Obviously you have to pay for minig.
1GHash = 0.022 BTC, it's really Cheap
Cloud Mining:

Tonny Cassidy: where can i get something like os or anything for bitcoin mining ?

Сергей Иванов: Help to the prisoners of the Putin regime in Russia!If you have some spare coins send it to this address 1JkaL9uGXTvNbgPn8bqqJhUnTEi9k1inkS Thank you not indifferent people in advance.

John Russ: why do you need this?? to keep betcoin in there??

moko bit: Hello, today is it possible to mine with this configuration? Regards.

ugod987: Electric bill exceeds profit FAiL.

Kurtis Beacroft: whats the G/hash?

darodism: God I love the fact that PC geeks have no idea how Bitcoin really works in the backbone. It doesn't matter if you make a gaming pc idiot wow.

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Niladem Hec: 2 years ago i agree but now, no interest

Jonathan Sansom: I need college money SEND BTC HERE 1JCGFUJhMwgUrphVUXNdC9d79CcCXJyfwQ

curtis beast: how many GH/s does this bad boy run?
Building a Bitcoin Miner 5 out of 5

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Building a Bitcoin Miner