Dynam Focus 400 And Extra 330 Acrobatic Rc Planes Review

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CRAZY 49 Inversions in 4 minutes from $99 Dynam Extra 330!!
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Daniel Law: how long does it fly off the included battery?

xTHE PROSCHx: if i were to upgrade this airplane what should i buy for it? i havent bought this plane but is there another airplane you would recomend under $100 4 channels?

nitroplanes: @mfasouletos Yup we fly at the same local field. I agree Pete is a way better pilot than me. I am still learning as the days go by. -Tony

toolbaggers: pete has also progressed......i wonder what happens when they're both at the field at the same time....cold war tensions or more?

rcflyer40plus1: Nice, can't wait to get my 330 --- on the way! Thanks for the vid.

rossnorose: @nitroplanes I wish the battery could be hooked up without having to take the wing off.

thechosendude: @mfasouletos Look again. Thanks.

Andrew Honag: hey if you guys are having hard time flying this plane strate, fly it upside down. it's more stable.

Mike Tousignant: i crashed this and the extra 330 on my first flights. you NEED a runway, dont attempt to toss these into the air they will stall. maybe i just suck idk. anyways i bent the shaft on the focus and jammed the prop holder into the spinner. i stripped it trying to get it out of the spinner. where can i get a new piece? also, the elevator and vertical stabalizers are made of cheap foam so i recommend buying extra as well as the control horns or upgrading.

jauchiu: Both planes look nice. To bad about the radio. Need a plug n play version.

nitroplanes: @152mk Thank you for your inquiry, 152mk! Any open fields with very few trees and poles would be a great place to fly. Check out some local parks or baseball fields would be a great place to fly. Hope the information helps! For more assistance, please feel free to refer to our forum at RCDISCUSS . com where many hobbyists share their thoughts and experiences on the RC hobby.

nitroplanes: @Anomoly27 Thanks for the tip. Check your messages :) -Tony

wallydug2256: nice plane,but wheres ra burd,as we would say in Scotland

Marco Estrella: @nitroplanes yeah but tony you have progressed over time ive watched the majority of your reviews! marco e-r

Mike Fas: @thechoosendude I don't see any videos under your name. Looking for some though before i buy other than the seller's video...

nitroplanes: @djmoosecom You didn't see the knift edge, verticle climbs, fast rolls, and loops? lol just kidding. I am still a beginer with the 3d planes so forgive me for my nob skills :) -Tony

rcflyer40plus1: I got the Extra 330 on the way (with some addn'l glue). All I am seeing says that this planes is a winner. Your vids are great and informative. CAN'T WAIT to get this foamy in the air!

jetman419: does the focus 400 ep have a power switch?

Jasper De Wit: i buy the extra 330 3D, amazing airport

toolbaggers: why dont u guys kick out the english? with modern media, they cant do all the bs stuff they did as in the "braveheart" days.....all u have to do is send a delegation to the UN.....unless u want to be english errr british

Justin Angers: I'm just throwing ideas out here but the wing on the extra need to be at least 9-13 centimeter higher in the fusalage

Charlie A: Dynam did the smart thing with the propeller on the Focus thats a great idea!

lerlo: wheres the girl

SIXXPK: Bet he could kick pete's ass hands down......

Rick Shane: One good thing about these park flyers is that they don't need much runway at all. I wish my Big Extra 300 would take off in less than 50 feet.

RoboTekno: "The prop props off" :D I think I may get the 330

thechosendude: I have the Dynam Extra 330... the plane is ridiculously responsive and really fun for how cheap it is. You can see some footage of it on my channel. I will be posting another video of it doing over 50 inversions in one five minute flight sometime in the next few weeks.

152mk: where do you people fly, where are u flying??

Mike Fas: @dan - I like Pete a bit more. He is actually a better pilot. I think they fly at the same field though.

colter james Calvetti: hey tony! can you give us a build video?

allaboard321: @dantheta2man and banana hobby has terriable servece

Anomoly27: Replace your Velcro that comes with the EP400 to secure the battery, this is an aerobatic plane but they put weak velcro on. Against my better judgment I flew with the stock velcro and on the third or fourth pass the battery fell lose and hit the controls and shifted inside and sent it into the ground. Just check it cause it will come lose during serious maneuvers.I would recommend a velcro strap or Heavy duty Velcro since the battery is very heavy. I loved the plane for the few minutes it flew.

geekfish: And he is Asian so you can trust him...!

BellowingBeaver: WOW! I could totally use that extra 330.

Richard M: @nitroplanes yeah, but HE doesn't look like Jet Li! haha your an awesome pilot and u aren't one of those old farts we usually see so five stars! or, i guess LIKE????

Hacker8675309 Hackstyle Videos: nice looking planes but its not nitro so i dont want it ... check out my vids if you like nitro planes
Dynam Focus 400 and Extra 330 Acrobatic Rc Planes Review 4.9 out of 5

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Dynam Focus 400 and Extra 330 Acrobatic Rc Planes Review