How To Take Apart A Nook Simple Touch (TM)

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How to Take Apart a Nook Simple Touch (TM)
How to Take Apart a Nook Simple Touch (TM)
GUIDE: take apart NOOK SIMPLE TOUCH w/ old sim card
GUIDE: take apart NOOK SIMPLE TOUCH w/ old sim card
The Nook Simple Touch Review
The Nook Simple Touch Review
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Wallyskat: Excellent video, thank you. My Simple Touch needed a new battery and this was my guide. Worked, thanks to this video. I'd still be trying to find that little screw or would have broken the thing by now if it wasn't for this. Letting me know about the Torx T-5 made it even easier. Its so small...

buddhasystem: Just fixed my nook using this video, thanks, nothing fancy but just the right kind of explanation.

nithish saji: Please mention to take out the sd card before opening the back, mine broke trying to slide the back panel.

Bradolf Shitler: can anyone please help me? my nook 1st edition or "classics" bottom color touch screen is blank. its still lights up, and is responsive but the icons are gon. i took it apart and put it back together and now its blank. please help!

Eleanor Kister: I cant really understand anything you're saying, and half the time the nook isnt in the camera shot so I cant see what you're doing.

Meggie W: Tried this to fix a frozen nook but it hasn't worked (still stuck on screensaver) Does anyone have any advice?

Julian Owens: On the battery cable which way does the black wire face.  Toward the middle or toward the edge?

Ireneusz Kutrzuba: Maybe somebody know how reset veeeeeeeeeeeery frozen Nook STGW? No reaction when pushing buttons (every combination), no reaction after unpluging battery inside. 

RotoJetOA: Thanks!  After watching your video, I was able to change the circuit boards between two Nook to make one good one (one Nook had burn spots when using the Glow Light feature).

I would comment there is another veryyyy small coppery circuit board connector at the top of the Nook that has to be disconnected in order to remove the board.  I did improve the display clarity (the text was somewhat "light" in certain areas) a bit by jiggling the screen connectors and making sure they both made good contact.

Isaac Tanner-Dempsey: Try a  factory reset before you take apart your nook. I broke my screen doing it.

The following procedure details how to perform a factory reset. A factory reset will deregister your device, removing all digital books and files, including side-loaded content. The titles you have purchased will remain in your Barnes & Noble account.

NOTE: We recommended that you back up all side-loaded content you wish to save to an SD card or computer before proceeding.

1. Confirm the device is powered off and that the microSD™ card slot is empty.
2. Hold the Power and Home key simultaneously; A grey NOOK logo should appear. Continue to hold both buttons down and release immediately after the screen turns black.
3. If successful, a grey NOOK Logo will appear and the screen will refresh momentarily and flash yellow. A Factory Reset prompt will appear.
4. To continue, press the Home key.
5. To exit, press the Power key.

Glowyrm: Can't really hear you on the potato microphone you used.

Gautham B: Matthias, 
Thanks a ton man! You are a lifesaver..! Thanks for the very helpful video..! 


Randy Nook: TechRepublic reported that the chips the same, but it is ambiguous whether they simply do not mention or whether the following are not present on the NST mobo that they do mention on the Glow mobo: CKP TI A3T9, Texas Instruments BQ27520 System-Side Impedance Track Fuel Gauge, Texas Instruments 2624I, Texas Instruments MSP430F2272 16-bit Ultra-Low-Power Microcontroller Texas Instruments YE04 18K G4 A919 Texas Instruments HP4067 1AK G4 D024

Randy Nook: Can you confirm whether the NST w/o glowlight has the same chips as the one with glowlight. I have not been able to find this anywhere. ifixit dot com has a teardown of the glowlight. Look at the pic and list for Step 10. I would put a direct link but youtube wont let me...

Vineet Tyagi: Mine is same. Were you able to fix yours?

Mercedes Schaffer: i took apart my nook like u said but the back cover wont slide back in all the way!!!!!! but it charging again that is a good thing.... so what should i do or what am i doing wrong

nvr2late2learm: Thanks so much. My nook is working thanks to you.

Karla Sanchez: My nook has a frozen charging screen. I did the steps on this video but it stayed the same. what's another method I can use?

Alberto Arévalo: hello. is there any hardware reset buttom in there or something that help me completly reset the device ? (any of the other reset methods worked)

Matthias Dailey: You can't really fix the screen, but you might be able to replace it. Look online for replacement screens for your model. As for the button, you could disassemble the nook and see what's broken. If the motherboard is cracked, then you'll have to replace that too. You might end up having to buy a new nook.
How to Take Apart a Nook Simple Touch (TM) 5 out of 5

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How to Take Apart a Nook Simple Touch (TM)