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Dan: When I used to install windows, I loved that foam stuff.

BizAndProductReviews: I thought I still saw some wood trim that did not get removed and replaced with something waterproof.

Not Dave: Nails through PVC?!

Bruce Norman Smith: Ah young Tommy, takin' care of buisiness :)

Ferris Film: i think it was too fast i couldnt even see the window

Crooked Level: Use gloves bro

Al M: He left out a few important things.  1-There is often at least a little rot in the frame and/or sill--this must be addressed while you have the window out or you will put the new window over bad wood and the rot can continue to grow or at least be weak. Each situation is different--sometimes part of the wondow frame must be rebuilt--sometimes some 'Git-Rot' epoxy can reinforce the rotted wood and stop the rot. It can be tricky that's why he chickened out and didn't mention it but now is the tme to do it and make the job last.  2- caulking is an art and must be done right to make this window and entire wall last for a long time. The details of how; you choose your caulk = (don't try to save a buck!) how you cut the caulking tube, having the caulk warm, All so you can get the caulk to squeeze deep into the crack. It takes skill, he may have been doing all this perfectly but he didn't mention it and put the caulk on very fast so it makes it look like anyone can just throw some caulk on--many can't and ANY water that gets in causes VERY expensive and inconvenient damage to window and wall. By taking time with these details a job like this can last many decades. Not taking the time for the details can allow damage from water to start rotting the building.

A: I want to fix houses :O I wish I knew how :D

K S1000RR: Wow so many mistakes

I can fix that: I freaking hate replacement windows original is always best

LaMonte Douglass: This doesn't tell you how to install a vinyl replacement window. He went through the motions, which if you've done this before makes sense. But what about the novice.

Henry John's Awesome YT Channel: Nice job usual...a perfectionist at everything you and Norm...

Thecrazeecow: The foam looks like whipped cream

Zickcermacity: Of all sources: This Old House neglects to mention this step: when installing replacement windows!

Pete Kuhns: EXACTLY what I need to do in my 1870 house when the windows arrive. Big thank you...

Austin Chan: You dont need windows, what you REALLY need is a MAC :D

Ed Hughes: Pella and Lowes prefer to use flashing tape at the window sill and wood blocks flashed tapped in-place if the opening is not level. Weep holes drilled at bottom sill adapter. IMO remove upper lower sash and gently place window frame in place then install the sashes. If your freaked out about a window frame with no sashes tape in wood spacers at sash attach points. This trick makes it so easy girls and kids can do the job and for guys it makes you feel like superman. Try it you'll like it.

WindowReplacementAgencyWisconsin: Nice video.

slapshot68: I Wish building a whole house took as long as installing a window

Nicolas Sarno: these gentlemen didn't even perform a proper install. all that chipped paint and those heavy window weights contain lead. EPA should be all over this. that is not only a poor install, yet extremely cheap. they didn't seal off the room or even lay down plastic to contain the lead. it is considered poisonous to small children and animals. not only can it effect ones health but will effect the ability of that young one contaminated by the lead with possible learning disabilities. insulating the space between the studs and main frame to the existing window is the only credit I give these guys. that caulk
will also break for water and other elements to find its way to the inside. making some of us look like superstars and they are afraid of a ladder too I'm guessing. hahaha this is disgusting.
How to Install a Replacement Window - This Old House 5 out of 5

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How to Install a Replacement Window - This Old House