Jimmy Blue, The 56 GMC. Checking The Stuck Engine.

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OldSkool 55F100: Apple Cider Vinegar for a week... Cleans the Ring Grooves also... Will leave the Engine unharmed and ready to run with an Oil change. Courtesy of a couple of guys that taught me about Hot Rodding... Leo Murphy #2 in Model A's & Salvatore DiMarco "Googs" #1 in Model A's..

Blake Stone: 7:20 Radiator support bracket. I lost it when I put in the 428. Went back to the shop later, to find they tossed them away.
Then there's the battery bracket. Uncle did something with it, he cut the inner fender well out & stuck a Catt Battery in it.
Without the Big Battery I don't have enough ump to turn it over fast enough to start it.
Hot wiring it, outside of the cab, I can't push the clutch in to disengage the drive train. I have to pull the tranny. It's all froze up anyway. I parked it because of electrical issues. I kept it, cuz the best vehicle to restore is the one you already own.

Why did he take it apart in the first place? What did he say was wrong with it. You don't tear them down that far unless there's major problem's.
Solution of marvels mystery oil & paint thinner. Cap all holes off. Fill the block to the top. let it sit.
10yrs have gone by, did you forget it... Out of site, out of mind. "lol"
thx for the vid.

stephen john gray: made me laugh when you said "the exhaust is held up by bailing wire".Because i remember my dads Peugoet 504 saloon with 6 people in it (was only 5seater)he drove from Wales in the UK all the way out to Spain and back no problems,then 2 days later we had cause to get under the car and seen that the gear selector (ball and socket type) was only held together by a piece if twisted chicken fence wire.

Blake Stone: I think if you put a 1/2 ton bed on that, Rick would envy it a bit.
Watch all of them out of order, so I know that trash engine you got needs love.

uski59: Ya just gotta wonder, why did someone pull that intake, then neglect in for years?....probably threw a push rod, or spun a bearing, or the block is cracked.....mopars are noted for comin apart.....cant wait to see what happened....

MrTallnb: hi jeff what best product to remove carbon on valveĀ  seats

g adams: Im glad to see he went back with a Pontiac engine.

logan scott: Where is the next video to this?

consaka1: Hmmm I wonder if that new piece of electric I found in my grandfathers shop is the same as that tack drive. Looks just like it. New in the box even, from 60 some years ago.

M McKinley: I have truly enjoyed watching all you projects. It is nice to watch someone do the things some of us can't due to age. Thanks for taking the extra time it takes to set up the camera to take the shots so we feel we are right there with you. Sometimes I catch myself looking around to see if I have a tool handy to hand to you while watching and realize i am just watching a video and not there helping. Keep on doing what you do and I have stolen a couple of your funny quips.

oldfatbaldguy48: I commend you, I would be swearing at least after smacking the knuckles.

LINEHACKER: 56 GMC areal truck

DoubleVisionandco: Not going with the 4.3 liter V6 was a wise idea. Got one in a 1998 GMC Sierra 1500 Extended cab, and while I'll admit, they run great, they are absolute Turds on power.
So it comes down to you can polish a turd, but it's still a turd.

cmsracing: The cow's mad, I mean uh....

Gerald Sheppard: What a dope.

paulnewtondodge: Well, my '62 Dodge Dart 318 sat in a CA barn for 45 years, and fired right up last year. I drive it every day. Worth a try at least.

SnapperMan84: so when do you think you will be able to start work on jimmy blue? I would really like to see that truck replace the 69 gmc ( does the 389 have more horse's than a 350?) for the trailer pulling truck. you could put some mud tires on it and take it offroad or use it in the snow.

AMLagonda: This is not a restoration, Im shocked anyone would even think of a open (for 15 years) motor would turn over let alone run.
It should be pulled out stripped down and rebuilt, even the other motor, the 389 should be rebuilt.

Steven Kirby: You need help, where your young go-fers or get-mes.

Paul Walker: has the 389 been grafted into jimmy Blue yet?
Jimmy Blue, the 56 GMC. Checking the stuck engine. 5 out of 5

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Jimmy Blue, the 56 GMC. Checking the stuck engine.