Herobrines Return - 2 - Skeletor

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Minecraft - Herobrine Returns Ep. 2 - Aventura SrChincheto77 -
Minecraft - Herobrine Returns Ep. 2 - Aventura SrChincheto77 -
THE TALE OF HEROBRINE   Minecraft: Mod Showcase
THE TALE OF HEROBRINE Minecraft: Mod Showcase
Minecraft Mini-Game: HEROBRINE'S ONSLAUGHT! w/ AntVenom & Friends!
Minecraft Mini-Game: HEROBRINE'S ONSLAUGHT! w/ AntVenom & Friends!

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MrBiosaw: lewis alan brimsley!

pontus gustav: all unbreaking does is makes it harder to break the armour

Lance Capistrano: Flying Creepers. And they're just killing themselves. Claps GREAT JOB!

GG Brother: my god lewis u went for exp witch is useles insted of a chest then simon sees it and ur like ooohhhhh some loot what the hell!?!

Carter Woodroffe: There notslimes

Stanley Morse: This map is so well built that they don't have to cheat for once!

Guerrillaforce: At 5:32 bonnie tylers i need a hero as he said that popped in my head and if i watch back im gonna hear that also make a remake and have that in it as he jumps. Great song fyi. I need a hero!!!

David McGowan: I played this map with out tex pack

Rose Tidwell: *sigh* i love that song LOL 

Bastian Jerome: nockback 127 sent a pig to pluto

Emily Alaniz: The mirrors were probably to afraid of his ..bleaped up...face!😏😜

Skylar Deaton: Why oogoo

Red Script: I play on the Hypixel server :P

The D-Team: Reese sounds a bit like Hagrid.

Skylar Deaton: Lol about flying creepers

daniel19696: A minecrafters worst nightmare... Flying creepers

Samuel harm: I've never laughed this hard for months Reese's Face

Harry Munday: maybe the farmer was pulling a horrified face when the wind changed and his face now needs oiling

The Ecliptical Bannana: awseome

funkydragonking: I love the intro music

riley byrd: magma cube not slime

dudecool515: 08:02 Kerbal Space Program music.

Aiday Toilaaiday: You can make a human hat on your head

Nathan Robinson: Freaking Epic MUSIC for Skeletor fight

Ann Hazel: Yep ;)

EPIKGAM3R2808: i was genuinely crapting myself with laughter when he said "Lewis i dont know if youve noticed but there dont seem to be any mirrors in here!" XD ROFL!!!

iowntheworldify: Sky and Yogscast have the same battle music.

MiniCool Blue: Lol jasper

Tyler Bailey: Hey! I believe I have a cure for his freakED up face!!!

Logan Thomson: I can get a cure for his freak face and simon x)

james crook: i know when you was doing normal minecraft who the guy who was trying to kill you it was my friend addin he whated you to know simon he did all the traps and decorations and the igloo

paul mullane: they are not slimes the are magma cubes

Elisha Schuchhardt: He dose

Evan Eakett: Played this with friends in the same room best thing ever

Theepiclolz123: the music is awrsome

Bryan Hunt: Simon's farmer voice sounds like Sam from LotR.

Marquise Laudano: Why does Lewis, just look at all of the good loot. And, he just scrolls over it. Even though, he was the first to find it. I would just steal the best loot, because Simon doesn't save any for him.

orwell orit: Yes

CharlesCrumpton11: Jar hi

Nether Lord Dwoll: The slimes weren't doing anything, they were just startled by his face.

Joshua Flame: the mirror joke made me laugh that much i could'nt yawn

Kendra Nano: *Troll faced villager* XD

gerald roman: 6:52 GETON WITH IT

TheKillerSpear1: I just beat this map and saw Simons head lol

Brian Trinidad: Also while your at it can you find a cure for my freaked up face

tomass ignatjevs: 3:18 gun mayhem sound

StarSaber3: They should've summoned He-Man to kill Skeletor.

cropcodes: One boss at atime

ProcrastLive: If you loved this video you would love my channel we do minecraft and lots of other things and please subscribe

Kane Auguste: 14:03 CANT STOP LAUGHING
Herobrines Return - 2 - Skeletor 4.9 out of 5

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Herobrines Return - 2 - Skeletor