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Installing Rear Camber Kits
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New Brake Rotors!
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New Meaty Setup!
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Pork Meinster: Scarebird don't have a kit for the 2006 civic :(

squrriel Lor: I can use with abs right?

Zack Higgins: Hey! I hope you reply, but what proportioning valve did you use to do this. I've seen a few types. I've got a 96 Lx with A.C.. Im going from 96 civic drums and I'm going to 97 Integra disks.

Luis Cruz: Great Vid mang! Was about to buy and change the whole rear of my civic. Thankfull I found this vid first.. Question: will the e brake cables, 40/40 prop valve, and bracket you linked or mentioned fit on my 95 civic or do I have to order them for my year specs?

Aaron Kokoruda: Where did he buy that plate adapter

Felix: Help me out bro, I got a 2000 civic ex coupe, iv been looking online but im confused on what exactly i need.

brostugen: Awesome job man, lots of elbow grease there...

Alex Anderson: What brakes will work on a 2001-2005 civic dx/lx/value package sedan??

Blacksmith Lewis: would this be the same with an 02-05 civic?

Kiyle Greene: Can you post a link to which conversion kit you used?

Demetrius McGee: When you used the kit did you have to change the e brake cables?

Mindaugas Berteska: hi for what brake size that bracket is 242 or which?

robert Espejo: can a rotor disc of a honda civic bolt on a rear of a honda city exi 98?

carlos pina: I wonder if it would work on a 96 4 door civic

Ni87: Hey man what lca's did you use. I just got some j2's and they were not what I was expecting. There pins are too short. Also does this Delete the park brake?

David Trevin: What calipers did you used & where did you get them?

Bernard Galimba: is this conversion for all civic has a drum brake? i have a 2007 honda civic lx sedan base

A L: i just replaced all my brake calipers? front and rear, brake pedal works great, but my E-Brake handle brake will not stop the car, or very very little, never had this issue before just replacing the pads? but Regular brakes work Flawlessly? E-Brake does not!!! does it get adjusted from the e-brake handle end of the cable or is it adjusted on the calipers??
I would normally do this at the e brake handle, but not sure if this is the proper way, been s long scence iv had a honda/acura,

well my first actual honda,
94 Honda Civic Del Sol Vtec
DOHC B16a3,

I mostly have always had 92-93 (DA) Acura Integra's which are mostly identical on 4 wheel disc models.

PS: **never had any ABS on any honda/acura iv had!!

M B: All of this is great, except for one thing. Wouldnt you need a master cylinder upgrade too?

Alex Blackburn: Will the kit work for 05 civics?

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