Foxx IWB Hybrid Holster Review - S&W M&P Shield

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BitFan: Live draw and fire demo with timing.

Ale Ben: Why not take an extra 10 seconds to unload the firearm? While focusing on the video and speaking to your audience, you might forget that the firearm is loaded or accidentally pull the trigger and hurt someone or yourself. I did enjoy your review though. Stay safe, bud.

POINT BLANK: I'm gonna order mines tommorow thx for the review

Steven Kolata: liked the FoxX hybred so much on my SCCY, I got one for my Bersa Thunder 380

Steven Kolata: great review, fits my SCCY cpx 2 perfectly, Good American made item

Don E: I've had my Foxx holster for a couple years. The older it gets the more comfortable it is. I have changed out the clips a couple times but this thing is comfortable! Right now I've add the UltiClips. Fantastic high quality leather. I recommend it.

Adam Jones: I really like my FOXX holster. I bought one for my G26 but it will also hold my Glock 17. I am a big dude and even my 17 disappears under a dark shirt. Love this holster.

tightshot88: Great review. Also, thanks for ignoring the safety check nazis.  I am proud to say I've never been shot by a weapon on Youtube.

Christopher Little: I've had one of these for an LCP and a Taurus Millennium G2. Love them! Can't beat the prices either!

Byron Branch: Foxx makes good holsters. have one for a sig p250 i had.

tacticaltroll: really great review man, i bought one and should be getting it any day now. i just hope you were wearing your little brothers clothes for the video only dude! lol 

abrowncitizen: I have the same one and an issue is that getting a solid grip can be difficult. "Wrapping fingers around grip"

Mike Ada: Is it necessary to wear a belt or will it also grab well to pants?

onenikkione: are you still using this holster for your Shield ?

stewie6096: Good video. I'm going to order from them.

Erik Pratt: I bought one of these for both of my glock 23 & 26 I love mine only had to cut couple of places to grab gun better but works really well had it for about a year now I think still works like day I bought it

fz07er: I know too many people that accidentally fell and permanently damaged their spine because of the 4-6 carrying.
Personally, I carry my glock strictly 3-4, something you have to get used it. And pair with a great holster, you will not feel it ;)
Good review, Max

traybrook: Thnx for this video. I've been looking around for a holster for my shield. I haven't decided what i want but this is a nice looking holster.

MR-FLIP: Be careful my friend with spine issues if you kicked from behind or pushed forward and land on you back it can hurt you bad ..I carry 3 to 5 clock 

MR-FLIP: I just ordered one for my sd9ve I even got the extra padded sticting and low pro clips I should get it tom and will do a review
Foxx IWB Hybrid Holster Review - S&W M&P Shield 5 out of 5

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Foxx IWB Hybrid Holster Review - S&W M&P Shield