Peltier Energy Generator. Solar Pannel Alternative.

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A Day In The Life: Thanks for sharing your results! Obviously alot of fine tuning can be done, but a great comparison to give me a rough idea.

Domoj Vofej: if anyone is looking for some alternative energy sources then I recommend guide from this website since it's very well explained and also if you have any question they're supports is great [Awesome Plan Here >>> ]. These days electricity cost a lot so why not save your money

William Bianchi: A slightly different way to accomplish your goal might be to sandwich a TEG (or several thermoelectric generators) between 2 square metal containers, one for cold and the other for hot. Then, use a solar oven to heat thermal oil to the max operating temperature your TEG is rated for. For example, if your TEG is rated for 375 F, heat oil to 375 F before you pour it into hot-side container. Once your oil reaches that temp, pour it into the hot-side container. Pour cold water into the cold-side container and it should output electricity based on your TEG output rating, the temperature difference between hot side and the cold side, and how many TEGs you sandwiched between the 2 containers. This also might allow you to better control how much heat you put to your TEG or Pletier, not going above what it can handle, which should ensure a long operating life without damage.
Bonus—-you can use any appropriate heat source to heat the oil, so your generator would be a true multi-fuel generator. You could use solar or fire to heat oil to operating temp, allowing for electric generation in just about any weather condition day or night. Another bonus is the generator would operate silently and without emitting fumes after the oil is at temp, so it should be okay to use it indoors so long as the hot-side container is sealed and hopefully insulated on sides, top and bottom. Not insulated between the 2 containers where the TEGs are, but all other sides.
The downside is the potential danger of handling oil that hot. It’s a definite burn hazard is you do not use protective gear and common sense. Be careful and use your head if you or anyone else reading this tries it, please.
It’s a theory, at any rate. Something I thought up but have not yet built or tested, which puts you ahead of me. Nice vid. Thank you for sharing it.

Jan Kovač: black cooler on the Sun?..better is dry ice in aluminium tank 10x10cm isolated from all sides then are not in contact with peltier. . and black cooler put into focus on opposite side.

lifelesskids: Idiot. Throw away your gross parabolic dish. Useless. Your cold side exposed to sunlight abd getting hot too. Brainless

sharp brown: This book [link here>>> ] got me thru the design and installation of a complete off-grid system for my lake cottage. The process of site evaluation, system component selection, wiring, etc. is complex, but with a lot of study and this book, I ended up very happy with the results. Everything you need to know is here. I recommend it for anyone who is starting with little solar panel knowledge and wants to end up with a whole house system

Jeremy F: The black heat sink looks like one from an old Pentium 2 cpu ?? nice video i subbed and liked.

Fardouk: Try to connect your cooler to the Peltier.... -_-

xparade0de: good idea, but it can not work, because both sides nearly have the same temp. You need a bigger cooling device a much bigger ventilator and don´t forget to switch it on, this video is more like how to roast a peltier element, and don´t forget the white color on the part that should be cold, if all that fails replace Your metall with a can that You can put water and sausages in it ...

Simi Nedelcu: Stupid!!

Mikael: What temp limit does the Peltier module have? 100 Celsius?

Robert Schuster: Feel sorry for you, nice try thanks for saving my time i would have done the same mistake.

The Raven: Facepalm Okay, whatever you say bro; that solar panel is about 6 times the size of that peltier module and is comprised of several smaller solar cells. Thus you should take that 0.36 and multiply by 6 then compare which would be 2.16; thus your system IS in reality effective. That's okay though; I know how you could easily make that more efficient so that's going to be my next project. Cheers mate!

Zeek M: .8 mV is normal output for a 12V 3A peltier at 100F to 120F , You need more of them to increase the voltage and current and lower the energy input requirement a regulator circuit is useful if the input is going to fluctuate.

Gutless Band: Sweet vid. Really dig this kind of stuff.
Would love to see more. Keep it up.

José da Vēde: This wouldn't work because the sun moves, and that would mean you need something that follows the sun.

Lars Eivind Finstad: hey, an idea might be to apply some of your work to the amorphous solar panel concept in terms of alternative cooling. hopefully several Winns!

Sanchit Kumar: What if the parabolic dish was made of solar cells and then the waste heat (energy not converted via solar panel) is reflected on to the peltier dish, resulting in a overall system with greater efficiency and less waste. Feasible?

Robert Infinger: Keep going! Just refine it a bit. All part of the process. You sounded so glum: Don't be! Just refine and do again..

Vivid Media: The greater the heat differential between each side the higher the voltage is generated. Get more air flowing over the heat sync and put a mirror in front of it so it reflects any sun light hitting it, also too much thermal paste results in it doing the opposite of what it's suppose to do ;)
Peltier Energy Generator. Solar pannel alternative. 5 out of 5

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Peltier Energy Generator. Solar pannel alternative.