How To Make A Penis Cake - Part 1

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How to make a boob cake or belly cake
How to make a boob cake or belly cake
vagina cake.wmv
vagina cake.wmv
Pornigami  How To Make a Penis
Pornigami How To Make a Penis
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Art Attack - How To Make A Penis S03E02
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Bum and boob cake.
Bum and boob cake.

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Leigh-Anne Mananquil: Lmfaooooo´╗┐

ifloatupwards: I had no problem with the sound. I'm going to make this for two of my friends combined birthday party. They both requested a pencil cake! Thanks for sharing!´╗┐

Danny F: I cannot thank you enough for the instructions.. I made this cake for a friends graduation and he loved it. It came out perfect..

brandon jones: i cant hear you at all!

Kristen Earhart: Not much help with no sound :(

Mikako Niino-Gaulot: Why


GOURMETMENCH: You missed your calling as a moyil :D

nyhtml: Is this the one that Miley Cyrus got caught with?

h0rnytoad1: no audio here either, try something more mainstream like converting the audio stream to mp3 then re-upping the video to youtube.

DoinYorMomWasPleasnt: Saggy Poe star tittayyy

Misty Brown: What size cake pan did u use to start?

tami2068: I cant hear it either

talajubilee: Lorraina bobbit

amamda lor: Can't hear anything! This video can't help me

JosefinasMuze: i want to make this for my bf's birthday hahahah

Blake Blood9: So u cant upload nudity on youtube but you can upload this...


uenragedbro: "Because I know that it's hard...for someone to do it..." HAHAHAHAHA sorry I'm being so immature..

vanessa fernandez: Can u please give me ur cake recipe it looks really good

sej15152: i am so horny

sweetied4u: Hey what size pan and round cutter did u use?

gurlzforevah755: I saw a picture a vagina cupcakes there hella funny some have fungus lol make a tutorial.?

Debanhi Pena: Does this look like a pickle?

coolkevz: Um next apperance ace of cakes

Lo1216: lol @ "insert joke here" :D going to venture to make one of these here soon as a request from a friend hosting a tasteful treasures party ::D

marije79: Too bad i cant hear you :( For how many people is this cake..??

karenfurialicsw: Hi! Wondering a few things about the it all the same recipe that you sited above with color changes ? If so, can you give me the name brand/colors you used for different parts of the cake? Thanks!

Michael Seitz: this is why cougars are awesome

StarGyal: I would like to make this cake. Its for august 8, 2009.

Tiffany Tran: i can hardly hear

Katy Merrett: Her audio! I'm screaming.

shutit05: you're very attractive brandi!

Admiral Rusty Schackleford: I made one for my grandmas birthday party as a joke. It didnt go over well.

BrandiBakes: Some people have trouble with the sound. You can try plugging headphones into your computer - I've heard that helps. I don't know why some people can hear it and some can't - still trying to figure that out.

Erica H: "I did not lick my fingers here gross!" LOL!!! I couldn't hear it but it still looks great! I will definitely be watching this again as soon as I figure out how to plug my ear phones into my computer! LOL!!! Ty for posting!

Jack Michealson: i wanted to make a cake to look like my pencil... but the store didnt have enough flour!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (--_--)

Alex T: I can't hear u :-(

Michael Rivers: W H A T ? ! ! ! !

nvhidalgo527: Hi what's your recipe for the buttercream or icing?

saxyme007: Cant hear anything! :(

mrjcarlos91: why did it have to be chocolate huh _

diamondinthesky00: I love your "how-to" video its very informing. I also like the texture of your buttercream icing. Do you mind sharing the recipe?

suzyQ298: i love ur cake a couple Qs for u plz how do u make ur buttercream? what is the names of the color icing and brand? how long do u wait till u use the paint roller? did u use butttercream for the "happy ending" if what did u use and how did u make it? sorry for all the Qs u did a great job!

mrjcarlos91: ok I'm not trying to be gay but it looks good u.u

BrandiBakes: Try using headphones. I don't know what the problem is with my settings on this computer when I record. Some people can hear it, and some cannot. It's very strange.

BrandiBakes: In this video, I used Sharon Zambito's buttercream recipe (you can find it on Cake Central), but I mixed some Pastry Pride into it until I got a lighter/smoother consistency.

Tanner Loft: I know right

deluxescout1: so when do you shove it in?

metalmama2000: Thanks Brandi for posting this video. I have my first Naughty cake order next month.
How To Make a Penis Cake - Part 1 4 out of 5

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How To Make a Penis Cake - Part 1