2013 Kawasaki Kx 100 (Gopro Hd Hero 2)

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2013 Kawasaki Kx 100 (Gopro Hd Hero 2)
2013 Kawasaki Kx 100 (Gopro Hd Hero 2)
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NumNaughts: well to be fair those jumps are small, but yes faster please. 

Fight Riott: Sick vid .. song name?

michael nosse: im sorry but if your gonna get a race bike then ride fast not slow

the guy iz hi: Both and witch is better quality?

Matt Merryman: and its under the likes and dislikes bar..god ur stupid

Matt Merryman: no US

Alvaro Martinez: Dude sorry for this comment but you gotta get faster at corners. Cool track

882MTBMX: is this legit

Matt Merryman: thanks man!

Matt Merryman: and whats the point of even commenting hate stuff. Its a waist of time because no one gives a crap about you or your comment so thats proabably why youre a pickle to everyone

Matt Merryman: do you just want it so you can ride in your yard or something so its not to loud

Matt Merryman: thanks and ya!

Matt Merryman: YES!.. it starts first kick every time and it is always running good

Michael Smith: i want the pro circuit R-304 shorty because it make the power band stronger and it doesn't really make quiet anyway, i like having a loud bike at the track

BdosBalisongTutorial .: Im sorry but I don't believe that. Look at your riding videos from a year ago HAHAHAHA!! Don't try to lye.

zx6arrrgh: you posted on my vid the other day. i got the CRF250f. Nice riding! I wanna ride that provate track looks sick!

Matt Merryman: half my tracks sand and it's a hill! not even jumps

kx85kid12: Nice man your pretty good.

Matt Merryman: Thanks man!

Matt Merryman: you are literally so dumb! thats because the jump was a triple i just did the double and if you dont believe it's 30 ft. go to RIDING YZ85 AND YZ250f and pause at 1:50

Matt Merryman: ya youre really fast! and do you know when ki opens

Matt Merryman: you dont even need to watch the full video it says under the likes and dislikes bar man u dont gotta flip crap

Matt Merryman: well it seems like you're new to the sport....and im guessing you probably like to ride trails? well idk but if i were you id probably get a honda 250x trail bike

foxracer1131: Im actually getting both these :D And thanks or commnting on my video

manoswill: YEaha Mmike

Matt Merryman: what do you mean?

Matt Merryman: ya thanks dude im getting faster every day i ride so they can screw off

Michael Smith: no i want it for the track i go to

Matt Merryman: for what a kx100? and im 5ft 3 and it fits good but i had the suspension lowered for me

XxIceCavexX: I got a 2005 kx100 today I'm pumped to ride it !

Grant Chirgwin: OK thanks for the advice.

Matt Merryman: i know right! love his songs!

Matt Merryman: thanks man! click like

Matt Merryman: ya, thanks

Matt Merryman: lol i got a new helmet this year

the guy iz hi: Im thinking about GoPro3 if its better.how tall are you because I'm 5foot exactly and I'm getting it for Christmas and I don't wanna wait until I get taller haha.

COWM4N197: Okay that track is freaking awesome.

BdosBalisongTutorial .: Also then how come you have a vid of you riding a 85 a year ago??

Matt Merryman: how much or are u trying to make a gay joke

BdosBalisongTutorial .: Also a 35 foot double isnt that hard, How would you even know or not none of the stuff you were jumping was 30 feet. Not even close!

Matt Merryman: the gopro2 is cheaper but the gopro3 is 10x better but it costs from 199 to 399 depends which one you get

michael nosse: your being a asshole to devin saying if you listen to the video the it will tell you it dosent say it in the video dumass

BdosBalisongTutorial .: Check the video response its a vid of me riding. Getting 5 feet away from the top of cant make it hill. Yes thats what its called. Is all sand you have almost no traction. You have to hit the whoops at the beginning fast then pick a good line going up the hill and pin it. While down shifting perfectly. Plus I was on a 15 year old bike!!!!

MasonNowicki: Im 5'2 95 lbs. Whats a good size for me.. Email me please @maymay101234@hotmail.com

BdosBalisongTutorial .: For example you didnt clear the jump in the first clip. Thats easy!

michael nosse: you where im not flipping crap I was just saying and I wasn't trying to argue so sorry bro

XxIceCavexX: Nice bike my man !

Matt Merryman: thank you!

BdosBalisongTutorial .: Your probably right someone who has been riding since they were 3 and a half isnt better then a noob like you.

hlwracer21: Looks pretty good. Haven't watched and of your other videos yet but I'm about to! I have a 2012 KX100 and I love it. And a 2013 85 but the 100 is better! Keep working and you'll get a lot faster. Don't let these negative comments get you down. I get plenty!
2013 Kawasaki Kx 100 (Gopro Hd Hero 2) 4.7 out of 5

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2013 Kawasaki Kx 100 (Gopro Hd Hero 2)