Ostomy Care: How I Empty My Ostomy Bag

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Michael Davidson: I also kneeled before he porcelain throne to empty my bag lol. A fun tip also that I did is to get one of the plastic urine jugs from the hospital and bring it home with you. Fill the urine jug (urinal) with water then empty into the bag until you have a decent amount. Then sorta massage the bag so that you make a sort of a "poop soup" and pour it out into the toilet. Fill bag, Massage, Rinse, and Repeat. You're able to get all of the stool out in a quicker amount of time. Also cleaner bag means only change every 3-4 days.

ByGraceIGo: I think you are very brave and helpful to others to post this. Also I have a young friend who has one of these and I wondered just how they were used. He doesn't know that I know.

Bobby Andrews: What caused you to need this?

Brahim Jabenali: thank you so much

Ken Jackson: Id die before id walk around with a bag of crap hangin on my side.....just sayin Theres only so much im willing to put up with for this life and this is over the top.

lethepthe: Sadly, I noticed there have been no recent uploads nor replies from him. I fear he may have lost his battle with cancer. One of my friends recently was diagnosed with colon cancer and now faces having his colon removed. These are brave people who do this with a very strong will to live. I'm not sure I could be so brave.

Marcelo Martins: Gostei das suas idéias, vou colocar em prática. valeu

Chasnj007: Hi, I'm new to this whole process, so I'm learning a lot from your videos. Keep up the good work. :)

Able Reyes: I'll be getting one of those in about 3 days .... thanks for the information it's very helpful.

Stacey McKee: Love how hygienic you are with this process. Well done, great video

Britt Lockhart: Thank you so much for your honesty and explanation ,very helpful!

john smyth: hi there can u tell me how u make out at nite with a bag i have a bigger bag but still can;t sleep good. thank u for your help 

Timothy Paley: How did you get that floor so clean private? STAIN BOOST SIR!

zaodian: Thank you very much!

nando89117: You shouldn't Let bag touch toilet due to high risk of uti or any other infection

Brad Rawlings: I like your ideas with the water, I was taught to roll up the end about 1 inch before emptying have you seen that way or tried it ?

alecchris02: Thanks. This was very helpful. I recently had a colostomy and am interested in all I can find out it and how to care for my ostomy.

Greg Giannantonio: yes

bychukb: do you bang chicks with it?

TheQaz95: how do you get colostomy? im just really curious because i really dont want it, no offence.

AAirman001: Thank you outpatient83 for all your videos. I have on questions that nobody seems to be able to answer. Can you go in a hot tub with an ostomy? I'm afraid my wafer will losen. Can you help?

funbus: great video, thanks for sharing, i to kneel at the toilet to empty my bag, i find it so much easyer, great tip about spraying some water up in the bag to wash it out a bit, i'll be doing that from now on, keep up the good work.

djandrews663: I mean Joey

Kellen H: anal cancer?

lydiapammy: Thank you for sharing and for the extra tips on keeping supplies center. The knee position may not work for everyone, but it pretty slick. Take care.

Kimmy Tenkate: Great job....I am going to try the kneeling...

magikinc: thanks for the info i go in for surgery on the 12th of this month i will have a temp illostomy and i have no idea how to care for it at all thanks for the info :)

garycalgary: (1) why is there an electrical plug near the toilet i have never seen that (2) how does someone so young need one of those?

fidokalman: Thank you. My buddy empties his on his knees too. Might I suggest putting the toilet seat up so nothing gets on it. My buddy has the velcro. Did not know about ADAPT number 78501 so we'll get that too. And thanks for the demo on how to get rid of the residue at the sink. Your vids really prepared us prior to his operation. Great service you provide buddy.

Bridgette Fuselier: Very informative...

LJG7654: Thanks for posting. I recently had an ileostomy and thought I was weird for emptying my bag that way. Good to know that others do it, too! I had problems with it getting everywhere and that really cuts down on splashing. I have found rinsing with water like that loosens my seal, though. Also, I really like wet ones to clean the end of the bag - flushable are best! Thanks for posting!

swoki53: thanks for sharing i am awaiting surgery after trying to avoid it for several years mostly because of having to have the stoma but at leadt it may be temp if can have pouch

BruceWaldemar: A very informational and well explained video. I appreciate you sharing. Thanks.

dominick corrieri: Thank you!

Outpatient: @alecchris02 I am glad that my videos have been helpful. If you have any specific questions please let me know and I would be happy to answer them or make a video on the topic.

Outpatient: Generally no, it does not smell. when I have worn my wafer/bag for 4 or more days it can start to smell. but that is only because I have had the Wafer/bag on for to long. But when I keep everything changed on a regular basis it does not smell at all.

MegaMegan1717: I have crohns and about a month ago I had to have a Stoma Bag. I am only 12 so this illness has really changed my life, I havn't gone to school since Easter xxx I look up to people like you. Thankyou God Bless Hope you get well as soon as possible -Megan xxxxxxx <3

vegasvanley74: thank you very much,my mom had an operation last month,i will tell her what to do,next time i talk to her,does the deodorizer didnt affect the operation.God Bless You

Dolphindream15: @outpatient83 I too had to have an illistomy large intestine removed and part of my small instine removed all due to chronse disease,,but in 2009 I was told I had dibetis ,,which complacates the problem a dibetic diet is in complete reverse fropm what I should be eating because of my ostomy,, my surgery for my ostomy was in 1990,,they discovered I had chronse in 1982 it started in my esoghus and worked its way down to the instines,,I was 86 pounds 1982,,

Don Cook: Have you tried wrapping toilet paper around a popsicle stick or tongue depresssor?

Outpatient: @snoozy81 Thank you very much. I hope it has helped.

Maharet Raider: my mom had ileostomy done last month and i completely relied on youtube and people like yourself to prepare me and my family for our new life. thank you for all the tips and keep up the good work!

hckahn: Thank you for your candor. You are an angel for giving colostomy patients confidence and knowledge.

Outpatient: Thank you. I am glad to hear that my video was helpful.

TheQaz95: @outpatient83 thanks! you gave me all the info i needed!

Peter Murray: I have found that when I eat a 1/2 cup of puraid assparagus 1 at morning 1 at dinner I never have loose or wet stools

djandrews663: I have a bag and u have helped a lot but I have to say I watch u over anyone else because u look like my cousin hooey

bullirish: I think you are terrific! Thanks for your help!

the7thwreck: so...you empty it like a tube of toothpaste? cool! very informative video. :)

Mike Wieczor: @TheQaz95 bowel obstruction can do it, as well as something called a volvulus (bowel loops over itself causing necrosis (tissue death). Perforations in the bowel (can be caused by surgery or mechanical means) can all do this as well as Chrons and other gastrointestinal disorders. Hope this helps
Ostomy care: How I empty my ostomy bag 4.8 out of 5

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