Ostomy Care: How I Empty My Ostomy Bag

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Destiny Joe: I imagine the skin gets tender where it sticks. Ever thought about using different size colostomy bags? I mean the opening size with the sticky tape? Buying colostomy bags with different size openings, will give the skin a chance to heal so you're not putting the sticky stuff in the same exact spot every time.

Zena Sklir: have you changed your diet ?  what happened to you

Don Zouras: As a new ileostomy patient i found this video very valuable. I was worried about dumping a bunch of digestive goo from 3 feet up. I get to go home tomorrow and apply these tips. 

Wyatt Brule: Great tip, thanks

Michael Davidson: I also kneeled before he porcelain throne to empty my bag lol. A fun tip also that I did is to get one of the plastic urine jugs from the hospital and bring it home with you. Fill the urine jug (urinal) with water then empty into the bag until you have a decent amount. Then sorta massage the bag so that you make a sort of a "poop soup" and pour it out into the toilet. Fill bag, Massage, Rinse, and Repeat. You're able to get all of the stool out in a quicker amount of time. Also cleaner bag means only change every 3-4 days.

Brahim Jabenali: thank you so much

lethepthe: Sadly, I noticed there have been no recent uploads nor replies from him.  I fear he may have lost his battle with cancer.  One of my friends recently was diagnosed with colon cancer and now faces having his colon removed.  These are brave people who do this with a very strong will to live.  I'm not sure I could be so brave.

Bobby Andrews: What caused you to need this?

Marcelo Martins: Gostei das suas idéias, vou colocar em prática.


Chasnj007: Hi, I'm new to this whole process, so I'm learning a lot from your videos.  Keep up the good work.  :)

Able Reyes: I'll be getting one of those in about 3 days .... thanks for the information it's very helpful.

Stacey McKee: Love how hygienic you are with this process.  Well done, great video

Britt Lockhart: Thank you so much for your honesty and explanation ,very helpful!

john smyth: hi there   can u tell me how u make out at nite with a bag i have a bigger bag but still can;t sleep good. thank u for your help 

zaodian: Thank you very much!

Timothy Paley: How did you get that floor so clean private? STAIN BOOST SIR!

lanny phan: what the solution on the bottle, you wash after empty the bag? what it name, where can i buy it? thank you

hckahn: Thank you for your candor. You are an angel for giving colostomy patients confidence and knowledge.

Dave Shorr: I started this technique 2 months ago because of this video. Great work, man. Thank-you so very very much.
Ostomy care: How I empty my ostomy bag 5 out of 5

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Ostomy care: How I empty my ostomy bag