Ostomy Care: How I Empty My Ostomy Bag

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Brayden T: Great job explaining it step by step!

william mccarthy: Not a good way, in a public toilet. I find sitting on the toilet, facing the systen, a good and clean way...

Wassup M8: WEEST

V H: That how I empty my bag too,but as I have colostomy(some times tricky to empty the pouch), I use a lot more water from the sink,while kneeling I can reach the sink with plastic(beer) cap and poor the water in to the pouch,till it get clean,no mass with paper,just to dry it.If need to do so in public place(what I try to avoid) do the same but,take to washroom 1,5 liter spring water bottle,sit above bowel with out kneeling,don"t need perfect clean pouch,like at home,but acceptable.

Cynthia may Bunya: The is funny he is wearing a short no shirt on

Eja Moon: Adapt.

trainguy1963: I do the exact same kneeling emptying thing!

Kathleen Winser: Very good video

ParArdua: Some great tips, very helpful.
Good luck man, thanks for being so open and helping people across the world.
For those new to ostomy/ileostomy bags, there are now very good "patches" to plug over the stoma for intimate times. They last about 30 mins without any dramas.

judopathoftruth: Why do you crap in a bag? What happened?

donna pachl: Bless your heart for sharing, my sister has to have a bag due to colon cancer, she is so sad I am trying to understand so that I might help her to power thru all of this, again thank you so much.

Kim Huggard: thank you for the video, very helpful

twelvebeer: Hollister M9 solution is very good to use too!

juanjohnism: what type of bag do you have on,. What type name of brace are you wearing. thank you . can you give me the stock numbers.

Pam Taylor: Thanks for sharing...

RancidWraith: Oh God, I'm holding back my lunch over here.

Layan Basheer: you are really courageous. god bless you. my dad has the same thing but he is very sad I don't know why? I always trying to support him i know that is very hard but you are surviving i realy respect you

DegenerateProduction: I've knelt down on one knee before but in the case of places I don't trust to be very clean I usually do a squat. To avoid splash back I try to aim the contents away from the water inside the bowl. Thick and watery content seems to splash less this way. Putting a few pieces of paper in can help also.

Vic Rimland: I Got a New Bag that's Lined with Aloe Vera. less stinging and Burning

BixLives32: Good job, as always. Your videos are my favourite because they involve a real person with a REAL ostomy bag and REAL output. Suggestion for video: Emptying bag in public restroom.

I am shorter than you so I use a stool at the loo or just sit back on the seat, but I lower my trousers and be careful!

Adapt is good for odour. Olive oil seem to works better for lubrication.

Is there a down side to olive oil? Can it adversely affect any appliance materials? Skin?

PS: After only 8 weeks -had to have my entire surgury redone. A FISSURE; My surgeon is honest and said it was probably due to bad needle work. As i WAS underweight, now i am critical. Any tops for GAINING WEIGHT?

WARNING: If you EVER have to have an ostomy surgery redone, the pain is MANY times greater. Am recovering now.
Ostomy care: How I empty my ostomy bag 5 out of 5

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Ostomy care: How I empty my ostomy bag