Ostomy Care: How I Empty My Ostomy Bag

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trainguy1963: I do the exact same kneeling emptying thing!

Kathleen Winser: Very good video

ParArdua: Some great tips, very helpful.
Good luck man, thanks for being so open and helping people across the world.
For those new to ostomy/ileostomy bags, there are now very good "patches" to plug over the stoma for intimate times. They last about 30 mins without any dramas.

judopathoftruth: Why do you crap in a bag? What happened?

donna pachl: Bless your heart for sharing, my sister has to have a bag due to colon cancer, she is so sad I am trying to understand so that I might help her to power thru all of this, again thank you so much.

Kim Huggard: thank you for the video, very helpful

twelvebeer: Hollister M9 solution is very good to use too!

juanjohnism: what type of bag do you have on,. What type name of brace are you wearing. thank you . can you give me the stock numbers.

Pam Taylor: Thanks for sharing...

RancidWraith: Oh God, I'm holding back my lunch over here.

Layan Basheer: you are really courageous. god bless you. my dad has the same thing but he is very sad I don't know why? I always trying to support him i know that is very hard but you are surviving i realy respect you

DegenerateProduction: I've knelt down on one knee before but in the case of places I don't trust to be very clean I usually do a squat. To avoid splash back I try to aim the contents away from the water inside the bowl. Thick and watery content seems to splash less this way. Putting a few pieces of paper in can help also.

Vic Rimland: I Got a New Bag that's Lined with Aloe Vera. less stinging and Burning

BixLives32: Good job, as always. Your videos are my favourite because they involve a real person with a REAL ostomy bag and REAL output. Suggestion for video: Emptying bag in public restroom.

I am shorter than you so I use a stool at the loo or just sit back on the seat, but I lower my trousers and be careful!

Adapt is good for odour. Olive oil seem to works better for lubrication.

Is there a down side to olive oil? Can it adversely affect any appliance materials? Skin?

PS: After only 8 weeks -had to have my entire surgury redone. A FISSURE; My surgeon is honest and said it was probably due to bad needle work. As i WAS underweight, now i am critical. Any tops for GAINING WEIGHT?

WARNING: If you EVER have to have an ostomy surgery redone, the pain is MANY times greater. Am recovering now.

محمد المصرى: عاوره اعرف هو ده ايه بالظبط

Animals Are Our Angels: Excellent overview Thank you so much. Susan


learn how to use your signal light: why do you have the bag

flash boredom: you're a inspiration. all the best for the future.

cheesefunnel: why not get a BCIR internal pouch?
Ostomy care: How I empty my ostomy bag 5 out of 5

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Ostomy care: How I empty my ostomy bag