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Vizio E series: Great picture quality for the money
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Mickey Raton: Thanks Vizio, I LOVE my E601i-A3 LED TV!!!  After considerably lowering the backlight setting, turning off most of the auto picture settings (except the NR and mpeg NR) and adjusting the picture controls, WOW!  Excellent!  I hit the perfect sweet spot!  I've had it for almost 2 months and can't stop watching.  Perfect design, very esthetically pleasing and I've had 3 panels before and this Vizio has the strongest and clearest sound of them all.

atvkid0805: one thing I really love about my e series 60 is that I can use this app called Fling and send whatever video I'm watching on my computer straight to my TV! I love that I can do this! If you have this TV already go to and try it out, it's awesome!

John Velez: now

JohnnyJTav: I like

JV ComputerService: When will the E-series E500d-A0 be available for purchase? Someone please reply. :/

nealzwa: have 2 vizio and working on third......

Frank Adams: I've been buying Vizio TV's close to when they 1st began manufacturing them in the USA. I buy a new one about ever two years and give the old ones away to family members. It's getting to the point now family members have started updating me when Vizio comes out with something new in hope they'll get my old one. LOL!

Robert Hiers: Vizio HD TV's offer the best value and the most features set.

Michael Stroud: I just bought a 50" E-series VIZIO. I can't wait to mount this in my living room!

Paul Imm: I love my 70'' Vizio!
VIZIO E-Series HDTV Product Video 5 out of 5

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VIZIO E-Series HDTV Product Video