Hog Hunting With A Knife In Texas

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Hog Hunting with a knife in Texas
Hog Hunting with a knife in Texas
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Omar Didgmen: freaking kill the hog without your dogs holding it down kitty

Liam French: Feral hunters more like it, what you're doing is not hunting its called animal cruelty!! Im not against hunting at all! I am a hunter myself! 'hunters' like you are the reason most people are against the sport!

diz mccarley: Ok I don't what to seem like someone who thinks hunting is terrible. I mean I understand hunting is sometimes necessary. But for a average human being point of view,killing a pig by stabbing him in the heart while being pin down just seems cruel Savage. I support hunting but I believe that we should kill them the most Efficient, humane and quickest way possible and that with a gun

Mihai Buris: Great dogs

mcap: That's cheating, catch the pig yourself and kill it. Pussies

Fook Yiu: Wow, what a kitty-ass maggot-bitch.

thegr8pulido: Human beings are not fast enough to outrun a feral hog, you ignorant moron. Humans can't smell them either. If you try to track a hog by tracks, you'll be out there for months since hogs retrace their own tracks in random patterns. People have hunted this way for thousands of years.

al ter: where f... your from?

philip molloy: That's freaking terrible

cookiegodman: im not against hunting but this is kind of savage.... at least using a gun is quick and clean....

kevin joby: Yeah I was just suggesting that they use a semiauto ar-15 because in UK [their home country] no semi autos [except .22] are allowed so i though it might have been a good expeirence. [P.S 458 sounds like an exotic round]

daywalker137: Hunter have a small pencil!

MrLonelyStoner: Yoy awesome bro. Even if you cant give heartfelt or indepth replies but man you get the job done staying intouch with your fanbase! Its amazing and yu def need to keep it up cause alot of tomes once a channel gets too big they start ignoring us subs because there just too many of us! Haha much love happy hunting

javier villarreaal: You got what covered? Team wild hunt would you do me the hinor honor of using my rifle in one of your vids


die101: from where i come fromm we kill the pigs with our barehand, snapping its neck like a twig, no hound no guns no knife no bullcrap

AdoreYouInAshXI: So? Dogs have been a part of hunting for centuries. Hunting is the process of tracking down wild animals and killing them by whatever means necessary, for food or sport. It's far more challenging and dangerous to get face to face with your prey and take it down with a knife than shoot it with a gun 100 yards away. All you sandy little vagina's need to stop complaining about killing wild, dangerous animals. Don't click on videos if you are just gonna cry.

brokenpockets82: Hey for all you guys subscribed to team wild go subscribe to L3hogremoval they also have awesome videos posted. Love the videos guys keep rm comin. If I find these hogs we have in indiana and put the sticks down on em I'll let you know how it goes.. Can't wait to put snack down on one with my .357 rogue and 190 grain bullets from hunters supply.... Hunt on guys :)

thegr8pulido: Feral pigs overrun native plants and animals, they'll kill puppies/dogs, kittens/cats, chickens/chicks, cows/calves, horse/foal, goats/kids. They'll also destroy farm equipment, and dig holes that horses/cows step and break their legs in, sometimes leading to having to put them down. The pigs are a problem.

King Gaza: Check out my channel,I have wild boar.

Nicholas Holgate: I really hope you do come! This style of hunting is everywhere here and is the biggest thing going at the moment. Every day on my facebook newsfeed, my friends upload photo's of 140kg boars every morning.

Chris James: How bout you go toe to toe with a full grown male wild boar with just your knife, no dogs, no vest, just you, the pig, and the knife then act bad ass...otherwise. Just use a freakin gun kitty, you aint proovin nothing sliding a knife into a subdued pig.

Team Wild TV: LonelyStoner..We will never forget you ;-) It's important for us to keep up to date with our subs. You guys are the ones that give us our ideas,tell us how cool we are.........And remind us when we screw up! Thanks for watching and for the great feedback.

benner2000: A good, clean death for the animal is far more important to me than the bragging rights to say, "Hey, I killed this with a knife." And I would think that would be true for any moral hunter.

Team Wild TV: Thanks buddy.

Várkonyi Dömötör: The two guy reminds me Daryl and Merle from Walking Dead.... BTW cool video man! I like that you show the different ways of hunting. I prefer the bow actually please do more videos with it! :)

Team Wild TV: Will do!

Kiahsobyk: Thousands of years ago we used to drive elephants over cliffs and let gravity kill them. Does that not count as hunting? Or perhaps whenever mankind tracks down an animal and kills it with his wits and tools (which include dogs bred for the purpose) it is hunting.

Jasper_White: Lol

Mitchel Hall: A gun is no more clean... a gun has a much higher chance of "missing the shot" a knife up close an personal, is a clean as a kill can ever be. For those who say this isnt hunting, is clearly ignorant. This is a very early style of hunting, and just so you know...those dogs CANT hold that pig "down" they catch up to it and slow it down, nothing more. Training dogs is the hard part, you can walk around with a rifle and kill a pig in an hour, it takes years to train a dog to do what they done.

Tommy1968NAM: Fukken redneck savages. Hope they all burn in hell for this, DISGUSTING!!!!!

vincent c: i may look calm, but in my head i killed you three times

Static Tonality: Where the freak do you think your bacon comes from?

diegofaak: otimos videos parabens mesmo...

MrScarboss: If it is already hunted by helicopter as well, I'm sure you guys make a great second strike. Dogs have a very different way of hunting for sure and very effective. Love the videos, bud. I'm supposed to go to Texas for a helo hunt at some point this year, but not sure when. I'd love to try your brand of hunting, but obviously don't have the dogs for it.

dillberry partridge: are you guys ever going come to australia

peterhowie22: It is the most humain way to kill it

bullboo1: In California using a knife is illegal I saw it on TV and they called it barbaric and blood thirsty..which is bull as long as its legal in a state like ours of Texas. I got buddies that run dogs and catch the hogs then pin them for a month and feed them corn etc to clean them out and fatten them up. How was the meat on that sow? I know its great to mix with venison and farm pork to make sausage. We got a factory near for that and its great smoked.

Blowgunkidweapons223: TeamWildHunting is the best hunting Channel on youtube because the camera is good quality,you have some lengthy videos,you have lots of fun and they are great videos KEEP UP THE GOOD VIDEOS!!!!

Meat thrower: i see

L3HogRemoval: I have AR's in .223, 6.8spc, 338 Spectra, and 458 Socom. I haven't been able to tell the difference in the field at night between that and a good bolt action. Day time they take the edge for sure but at night with muzzle flash and night vision it takes about the same time to get back on target. We use suppressors as well and they don't really help to shoot more out of a group. First shot even with a suppressed gun and they all bolt for cover. The bullet impacting makes more noise than he shot.

tekkitmaster117: do you realize how stupid you look coming to a hunting video just to criticize them

L3HogRemoval: we do when there are no dogs involved. I have killed pigs with every weapon you can think of and then some you haven't.

ikweit niet: Thanks! I will let you know! :)

Meat thrower: What did the pig do to you

leicanomad: Why does hunting look so much like MURDER?

Dpart22: @JezykZawiercie those were humane kills

David Quiroz: Love the videos of Joshua and his team! Keep em coming!

Wilfred: I thought about pig hunting with a knife but my reproductive organ was to large.

javier villarreaal: If I didnt have to work I would. I have found sum of the best hogs and deer in brazoria county. But I would ler you use my firearm.
Hog Hunting with a knife in Texas 4.1 out of 5

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Hog Hunting with a knife in Texas