Hog Hunting With A Knife In Texas

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Dylan Cook: dude way to far dont do this again­čĹÄ´╗┐

Kung Fu Bochum: What a bunch of bastards´╗┐

Kung Fu Bochum: In this video you can see an illegal act of a kill game!
This video could encourage other people to do the same! Please delete this video! Give those people no chance to profile themselves!´╗┐

boonehouston: That was one kitty pig.´╗┐

Marva ÔÇťABeautyWithin2ÔÇŁ L: Hunting has been around for thousands of years. Better than buying from a store. Which prior too harvest spent its entire life in a small cage. Support taking from the wild, or life imprisonment before death. Easy choice for me and i taste the difference in more than one way. F the anti gun fart knockers ´╗┐

Jetski_fisher: you dont stick em behind the shoulder, you go down the front into the chest in to the heart┬á´╗┐

Randon Carr: I am neither against neither do I support hunting, but I'm pretty much only ok with humane ways of killing an animal. if an animal is to die, don't make it suffer an incredibly painful death like being stabbed in the heart while being mauled and held down by dogs. I don't think any hunter cares about an animals last few moments anyways. My main point, If you're going to hunt, don't be a monster. Just use a gun.´╗┐

pat holland: I can make you the knife you really need. Alaska's Far Northern Knives´╗┐

heinrich 1: im against animal cruelty, thats why we should close all mc donalds and anything that produces meat, 
except pigs, I love me some bacon´╗┐

The Dude Man: I thouhht you were gona be like one on one with the pig.´╗┐

Carl Prick: Lol probably too many "RealTree AP" advert... Lame intro. By the way, was the stabbing necessary? I mean you're not breaking the laws or anything, but isnt the humane killing a part of hunting? Just curious. :p´╗┐

Andy Baker: Y'know, I love hunting, either with bow or round. I even appreciate that despatching an animal with a blade has to happen sometimes......But..... I'm not sure that this is a humane hunt. I'm not gonna get all sissy about it but the argument for wild game hunting has always been a moral one .Free-range and despatched unknowingly VS ┬áfarmed, short lived and slaughtered. It was always an easy moral victory but this is hard to argue for. Just my 2 cents.....´╗┐

jeff gard: What gets me is some of you post on here that you don't like this but yet you still watch all these video's,,when I hunt I kill for the meat what ever means it takes knife ,gun, bow ,if you don't like this then why watch it ?´╗┐

itb20v: huntings fine with me but man sicking dogs on them and stabbing them is just to brutal for my liking I'll stick to using a rifle hopefully they atleast eat them that's good meet.´╗┐

pat holland: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, BACON´╗┐

pat holland: You eat bacon...RIGHT!!!! I mean right. That's all I am┬á trying to say´╗┐

Josiah Lund: that was surprisingly really boring. let the dogs do all the work.┬á´╗┐

Ray Brann: Mmmmmmmmmmmm bacon !
But I'll stick to my Ruger Super Redhawk .44mag over a knife lol .´╗┐

Joshua Brown: I get killing the pigs because they tear up land And invade it and stuff. But stabbing them seems a bit too far though. Thats making the pig suffer a blade being forced into its body, rather than a bullet which would just zoom right through it and the pig would be out in a matter of seconds. Rather than a few minutes of it bleeding out. Not trying to be an anti hunting commenter. But i find stabbing it is too dark.´╗┐

RICE KRISPIE 88: All these anti-hunt posts are so annoying.... You all need to learn about all the forms of hunting before you even blast one form of it.. You people that are against hunting probably buy your meat at the store, where prior to it being at the store the animal was mistreated and Killed very inhumanely.. Hunting is the best way to obtain meat. Stabbing a hog is a clean kill and as well as shooting them. When it squeals its a natural reaction for a hog to do that... So learn your crap before you talk sit. ´╗┐
Hog Hunting with a knife in Texas 5 out of 5

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Hog Hunting with a knife in Texas