Skyrim : The Best Bow VS Crossbows

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JOSEPH STALIN: I'm using the enhanced dwarven crossbow with chaos enchantment which gives u a 50% chance of doing fire, frost,shock, or all and also using the increased fire,frost, and shock damage in the enchantment skill tree and also I'm using exploding dwarven arrows that has elemental attacks

Robert Perry: I find that crossbows fire with higher velocity (the speed of the bolt moving) than the bows which is useful if you need to put someone down immediately.

Opressor Retrógrado: bow = sniper ,crossbow = shotgun

Merlin Meurer: Bow for sneaky characters due to the better detection rate and 45×3(135) is slightly more than 36×3+15(123). But for any non sneaking heavy armoured artillerist, its the crossbow

TaintedLuck: Wheres the stalhrim bow enchated with frost and chaos that beats them both

Ethic Rivhs: I think bow

Displacedgerman 12: Always keep both on me and keep my horded items on my daedric butler.

Phil Mccloskey: If I'd of received the crossbow near the start of the game, I would of used it

Misaki Asai: You have to choose the Dawnguard to get the advanced crossbows. No way!!!
Volkihar is so much cooler!
So Auriel's bow is best.

Rhetorical Paradox: I'm a bow man.

Andrew Childs: Halt from rangers apprentice put it best.
A crossbow is good, and it takes less practice but a good archer has to practice for years to hit the target well so the difference in experience is what gives the archer an edge but also the archer can fire arrows swiftly and accurately but the crossbow requires you to take a long time to reload each shot

Andrew Childs: I would say the bow has an edge earlier game because crossbow ammo is just plain hard to find in the wild

Obey me Xearn: silent roll is a mod don't get it i got it

RealHotBox: Alot of information but it goes without saying. These 2 are the BiS but, it goes with your playstyle. stealthy thief? bow all day. archer? crossy.

Emanuel Alejandro Blanco: I feel like a ninja with the bow... but ninjas dont use bows

DRAGON BORN: I pefer the bow Becuase its easier to use and I can get a head shot on two bandits maybe three before something happens

am i patrick?: Your name isn't eso

UnlimitidPower Gaming: Uhm the sumple nordic bow has 23 damage

Wesley Molt: Sounds to me like it depends on the situation and your character which is better to use. Unless you are a great sneak archer, it's better to use the bow, while if you are going to be a Dawnguard warrior or a monster hunter, it's better to use the crossbow
Skyrim : The Best Bow VS Crossbows 5 out of 5

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Skyrim : The Best Bow VS Crossbows