DIY How To Fix A Broken Laptop Charger

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DIY How To Fix A Broken Laptop Charger
DIY How To Fix A Broken Laptop Charger
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Truth Seeker: You could have used a multi-meter to test connectivity.. first, between the wires of the charger and the charger socket and then between the pins of the connector and its socket in order to ensure you get the right polarity and there wouldn't have been any possibility for explosion!

PAC: my acer v5-561g laptop charger is not working. It seem like it is supplying pulse of supply instead of continuous 19V supply. what I did is I connect a LED bulb to the output terminal of charger and the bulb turn on and off all the time. I repeat the same process with another laptop charger which wasn't broken this time the bulb turn on all the time with out any problem. What is the problem with charger and how can I fix it?

Brian Gillis: Did he say "it will only cost you about 10000 dollars? 3:09 .lol

bloody Scarlet-Uchiha: about a forty degree angle to be exact

bloody Scarlet-Uchiha: what should i do if my charger only charges at a certain angle?

Moeen Gamer: My laptop does not charge with it charger so i have tested a charger that work i have tested it and my laptop doesn't charge so i have gone get my old charger from my laptop and test it on another device and it does not work so is it my laptop battery or my laptop charger or both
PLEASE HELP! Really appreciate it!

swattdoggg: I'm about to attempt this same thing, so I typed 'how to tell which line is negative on a laptop charger" and this is the video it gave me. This video. The one where he says you just have to take a chance on getting the right polarity or it'll just be a cool explosion. Really, youtube?

Oly Tan: mine is making noisw

amanda swindells: I watched this for this exact reason

JA443TT: "Do not attempt this" videos titled how to fix a broken laptop charger

Rcgaming01: my charger is messed up I can't charge computer while turnt on it just makes the PC screen go all glitchy and then the charger start whirring with a loud noise plus the battery of the laptop only lasts an hour what happened it's a refurbished Dell latitude

Kaegan Thornhill (TheCyberRaven): My Charger still works, however, it seems the part you plug into the laptop might be bent inside or a loose wire at the round joint at the end. I have to place it a center angle to get it to work. For the time being I will use it until I can get my hands on a replacement.

Snapp3r 2003: What was that noise at 4:07

Ticho Plays: the end of my charger what goes into my powerstrip bend

Reese Civiok: this was no help how would we have that part laying around like bruh we can just buy a new charger. but in my situation I don't even think they sell the charger I need anymore and in need this laptop to record my happy wheels... legit the laptop is almost 10 years old and it's an HP laptop and the cord is mangled but it's super weird

Elouadi Azzeddine: U didn't show how to ?

Joshua Sulwer: I don't think that qualifys as repairing a charger aka power supply aka power converter from ac to DC but I appreciate the video

Holla Habibi: extremely dangerous even with untouched chargers they can catch flames

Kawaii Polar Bear: the way you say "battery" gives me life

Quicksilver A TF2 Player: List of things that I have learned in this video:
It can freaking explode
It will freaking explode
If it explodes hit it with the batter
It will fix your charger
DIY How To Fix A Broken Laptop Charger 5 out of 5

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DIY How To Fix A Broken Laptop Charger