1978 Cr250r Elsinore

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Johnnysshop: Nice job!

gzrmember1976: very cool i can remember like it was yesterday going to the honda dealer w/ my buddy to buy his brand new 78 cr 250r in batavia new york

rahim711: Kawał dobrej roboty!

HondaRiderCR250: lol yeep. im a younger kid and i got an elsinore air cooled 2 stroke...a 1983 cr480. nobody belives its a fast bike because its old and it pisses me off. i have a '96 cr250 also. there completley different. the 250 is a plenty powerful bike, but the 480 is so much more raw...it handles good, even my modern standards as well. people need to understand where the new bikes came from...especially a good majority of spoiled freaks who ride the new 250 & 450F's...they think they have all holy bikes and

FlyingSquirrelRacing: Yuengling my favorite. Raced a '78 elsinore to 3rd in the vintage light flat track last year.

mondongonegro: Yes!!! I think that Honda CR 80 R in 1981 it was better than a Yamaha YZ 80..Cheers!

HondaRiderCR250: they definately DO NOT. they think older bikes are gay and what not, but thats the history of where they came from.

ripcurl1966: Honda used to manufacture the engines in red ,hence the saying Red Rocket!

twizid6667: dude my 1983 cr 480 will rip ur kx in half on stal gas anyday

digzdirt: very cool ! no "wing,no prayer " honda had the best reliability, but also smart flying the red,white,blue look at honda's impire now.....

WoodsCreekFarm: i've rode one and raced one against all of those machines except the kfx and a kfx700 is slower than a raptor so it should be able to outrun that too. trust me these bikes are crazy fast, and the cr500 i can't even explain it, it's unbeleievable.

chad henry: oh so im the dumbass for wanting tips for my bike yea ok what a little crap head theres no need to be such a freaking prick you spoiled ass brat stop sucking on momys tities and grow a pair freak head

xbigxredx2009: i'll trade you my explorer for that

adriman1992: verry good job but an orange motor is sutch a shame greats from belgium :D

crazykx80rider: nice bike

WoodsCreekFarm: the "Red Rocket", Honda's fastest 250 bike ever made. can outrun a crf450r, xr650r, raptor 700, kfx 700, renegade 800, and even a yz490 and yz500.

Scott Hayes: BaddAsss!!!

jimy192: looks nice

Buelligan88: The 1978 CR250 caused quite a stir when it was released back then. Clearly a generation ahead of the competition, especially in suspension. Change the rear shocks and you basically had a bike that could be competitive on a national level.

maxxd48: i wanna restore a bike one day it semes like a lot of fun.

WoodsCreekFarm: yea i didn't believe it at first either, then i rode my friend's. for a 250 these bikes are unimaginable i just can't figure out HOW they are so fast.

kody kopjar: Hey I have a 1981 air cooled cr80r and it's in mint condition, how much would that be worth?

1983cr125: lol hey man yeh id look on google type in yur what kinda bike u have the year and everything dont go to pics tho let it bring u to sites then there is a site called bikez that it will bring u to with all pics of yur kinda bike and can get some idears from there

lafayette18: thats when the rider were better than the bike not the bike better than the rider

1USAPatriot: @lafayette18 i think they went to all red on the motor in 79 or 80

WESST310: I have a 78 honda cr 250r elsinore but i need a carb do you know where can i find one??

YamahaDude117: @theskaterbreh old school does rock bro i have a 2006 RM 85 and a 1986 KX 125 and the KX is just the same if not MORE fun to ride old bikes for ever

nick123456789000: whyyy did you paint the motor? just sand blast it and chrome itttt, no redd eww i liked everything else though good job!

Tim Decker: thing is sweet man i would rip that thing like my 1998 i mean might be a lil more bouncy but freak it

lafayette18: use to race a 480 back in the day!

MRBEEF1000: im working on rebuilding a 1983 cr250r hope to be done by next spring i wanna ride the beast but cant find some parts

m1j2d3r4: looks kinda like my old can-am,but not as fast,my 370 is deadly fast

MrSkaramanga: I had a 1981 Cr 80 R that someone just JUNKED on the street like 15 years ago. Had no front tire and looked a tad ratty but the engine started in one kick. I restored it and sold it 10 years ago. Bike was faster than my 92 YZ 80 believe it or not. That bike was loud as hell tho.

rpuffer: Beautiful restoration.

JizzOnUrShoes: its sooooooooo vibrannnttt! eeeeekkkk :D lawlz

kdx83: i wanna get a cr 250. any model from 85 to 93. i think after 93 all bikes in general lost character, and after what happened with kawasaki and suzuki in the late 90s im not to fussed on newer bikes now. if you dont know what happened with kawasaki and suzuki in the 90s they joined forces and starting making bikes together. if you were gunna buy an rm you might aswell have bought a kx.

lafayette18: my 82 cr480 will smoke! that 250

ten8goa: nobody starts em. They must not run

pauls280z: that is awsome.i had the 125 back in the day.they will fly.you should sort this out with the can am guy.let me try.lol.you make me want another one.what happened to 2 strokes .oh yea kids with bicycle helments.thats a insurance/marketing scam.of cource theyre dangerous.get your kid one so he can get banged up when he is young enough to get over it.i got a bad knee out of it.but no regrets.addictive fun if ray reads this im sorry i ran over you back when..oops crap happens

HondaRiderCR250: lol there fast as hell huh?

lafayette18: 8 months just finnished 82 cr 480

worldskater31: a new modern bike will beat a bike that was made 42 years ago. please shut up. obviously it would. it probably wouldnt with you on it. its all what your used to and whos on it. i would prefer this vintage rare restored 1979 oldschool traditional bike than your scrap 2001 modern very common bike. man If david Bailey heard you say that then he would slap the crap out of you. Respect and appreciate the older bikes. there wont be too many around in a while.

WoodsCreekFarm: the motor came red straight from the factory, that's one reason this bike is named the "Red Rocket" and the other reason is because it is the fastest 250 bike ever made. nowadays it can outrun a crf450r, a raptor 700, kfx 700, renegade 800, basically just about anything (but i don't know if it can outrun it's big brither, the cr500. probably not)

MrGlenntipton: hell yeah, this is the Bad Boy, good job

theskaterbreh: @lafayette18 my kx-250 2001 will smoke that old piece of crap i had a brand new 1980 cr-250 when i was 18 no way will it keep up with the newer 250

SuperVintageguy: You must not b a honda GUY!!! Love this bike

sethro125xxx: why dont you restore you yamaha dumbass thats what he is doing here

mike smith: I had the 82 480 when i was 15 big mistake sold it quick now at 35 wish i had it back

armstrong2052: Ok so it is an Elsinore sorry.

Keith Cartier: @dgmafia302 im sure thts just a really deep red, and i think its the stock paint color
1978 cr250r elsinore 4.8 out of 5

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1978 cr250r elsinore