Cobra 29 Lx-le Modulation Adjustment (vr4)

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Daniel Wallace: do you turn the vr4 clockwise or counter clockwise to turn it up

Jim Jones: i thought you go clockwise not counter

curt hoes: Will this mess with reception?

Robin Fleming: will this burn up radio?

gunsarefun: looks like a cobra 29 lx not an ltd...

Scott Johnson: Will this remedy the antenna warning.

billybassman21: Just clip the audio diode. Everyone seems to say not to, but I did and it works great. Also adjust the brown pot at the back left about a turn to a turn and a half for more watts. Add a 50 to 100 ohm resistor and a 550 microfarad capacitor in place of the jumper near that pot for max swing. If you add a viable wattage use a 200 ohm. That radio will scream.

hello world: Idk maybe its just a spoof but the swr did read higher when i installed it in my old rigs works well with the new antennas though

: this actually helped reach farther but raised my swr I have to get a external meter to check it but haven't ran into much else via side effects

trooper3030: I bought  on ebay a Cobra 29 LX CHR LE LCD CB Radio I didnt read the instructions on it before I bought it and it said .......... I purchassed the radio new and then sold it on ebay. The purchaser said the RF control was not working so, they returned the radio. I'm selling it "as is" ....... someone who can fix that issue will get a nice radio.

alizarin: you'll be heard a lot farther away when your audio is like 120% modulation..I've been into cbs for over 35 years and you need at least 100% modulation on a radio or its gonna be in the mud...a radio with 100+ % modulation and 10 or 15 watts will get out much further than a radio with 70 % modulation even if it has a 300 watt can have a high carrier with low audio and get walked all over by someone with less watts but lots of need modulation, more than anything else..i would rather have a setup with lots of audio and less watts over lots of watts and weak audio, anytime.

Jordan Hooper: Clip d11 in a cobra 29 as well for more modulation. This does distort the radio sound a little, but not enough to notice. Also, unscrew the insert in the pot toward the back of the radio (between the aluminum fins - unsure of its label letter/number). And as always, adjust using a good watt meter. Should get up to 20w this way. And if you're wanting more barefoot power, look into a Swing kit and IRF520 Mosfet mod. That'll get you closer to 40w.

Jeff Lummus: Adam Martin, what you suggest clipping, does exactly the same as turning the VRs wide open. Quit posting help in comments if the only things you can say anyone can find on the internet. you sir, have obviously never been in a radio with any of the proper equipment

greenstx: does this increase the watts and range of the radio or just make you sound louder

adam martin: and for cobra 25 clip d9..things the government dosent want us to know

adam martin: for cobra 29

adam martin: clip d11 diode to release the fcc wattage governer

bproudd: nice! thanks for the help! =)

bproudd: wait, so the wire that you remove to "clip your radio can be replaced with something else that boosts power, and how do you adjust your pots?
cobra 29 lx-le modulation adjustment (vr4) 5 out of 5

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cobra 29 lx-le modulation adjustment (vr4)