JUNK CAMERA Problems With Nikon Coolpix P600 Review

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JUNK CAMERA Problems With Nikon Coolpix P600 Review
JUNK CAMERA Problems With Nikon Coolpix P600 Review
Nikon CoolPix P600 Review
Nikon CoolPix P600 Review
Nikon Coolpix P600 review
Nikon Coolpix P600 review
Nikon Coolpix P600 Hands on Review
Nikon Coolpix P600 Hands on Review
P320/P600 - Setting Timers
P320/P600 - Setting Timers

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hackneysaregreat: I have the same problem, can only fully agree.

AvenValkyr: OK guys about this camera. I've got a diploma in network administration and I believe the problem with the P600 is simpler than it seems. Just hear me out, please. I have purchased a used P600 from a pawn shop. The battery was dead (not, uncharged. more like, DEAD). So while I've been waiting for new batteries to come in from Amazon, I have been researching this camera. It seems the issue you outlined in this video many people have had with the camera. Now bear with me here, I'm going to explain why this camera is doing this.

The problem with the camera is not in the focusing. The problem with the camera is how it handles data. The internal memory card on this camera is too small to handle the raw photo output. In otherwords, while you are taking pictures, your camera is using up all kinds of data while focusing the camera, and going through its checklist of things it has to negotiate before the pic is actually snapped. This uncompressed format is something you will never see, as the amount of data required to snap a picture is vastly larger than the picture as you see it, in its compressed format. So before the camera takes that picture as a JPEG, it is dealing with raw, uncompressed data from within the internals of the device itself. This is a shortsight on Nikons part. They should have given the camera a bigger data buffer to work with, and with this camera having the super telephoto zoom on it, that data increases exponentially as you zoom in. I think it was an engineering shortsight, not a purposefully intended flaw just to piss off their customers.

However, what Nikon has done, was allow the camera to buffer much of this raw data to and from the SD card. If the SD card were a high quality, class 10, MINIMUM 45 mb/s card, then this wouldn't be an issue. The SD card provides more than enough space to buffer the raw data the camera is trying to work with. However there again is another flaw. The SD card that the camera comes with has too small of a buffer rate. In otherwords, the pipe is way too small. In fact the SD card the camera comes stock with is actually a microSD, with an SD adapter so it fits in the camera. I believe this is not Nikons fault, as the SD card that comes with the camera was not designed or built by Nikon. The makers of the SD card freaked up here. Nikon may or may not have their name on this card (I got mine used, without the card), but I guarantee you Nikon didn't make the card itself. Nikon is in the camera business, not in the data storage business.

So today I went out and bought a cheap SD card, but still a quality one that is designed for handling photos. The card is a class 10 with a 45 mb/s transfer rate, actually kindof a crapty card, but miles better than many of the other ones. I found that the camera focuses in really fast, the shutter speed is fast, the photo quality is very high, the wifi transfer thing works well, and everything about this camera is now lightning quick. You may solve all of the problems with this camera by putting a GOOD SD card in there. Not a microSD with an adapter or something else. Just a plain old SD card with a high transfer rate is all this camera needs to make it shine. So please, try it for yourself, and you might be pleasantly surprised at the capabilities of this camera.

Jan Amiel Kamantigue: anyone found the fix for this ?

jdesautels99: I got the same probleme with my coolpix p600. I send it back to Nikon and they fix the probleme under warranty. They change the selector dial and now the camera work like a new.

Callan Olive: I've had nothing but issues with my Nikon Coolpix p600 camera, too. Had it repaired 3 times in a year and half of gentle use. Completely ridiculous.

lorraine thorpe: Just got my camera back & still not fixed , because it's run out of warranty they said it will cost £126 to fix , so not bothering, it sounds like they don't want to know , won't buy another nikon again, wish i'd gone for the panasonic instead . Not a happy bunny .

Greg Ketchum: Love the camera. bought it refurbished from Cameta. I occasionally have the mode problem and when I do I remove the battery, reinstall and problem is gone. I think its a firmware problem, but rebooting seems to cure it for a while. I use a tripod and the 2 sec delay so the camera settles down after I push the shutter for most long shots. Even with vr, 1600mm equivalent shots are going to show some blurring unless on a tripod or firm support.

shrenik shah: YES I AM SAME PROBLEM

Əli Rais: i have same problem

Supercars in England: Thanks for this I was thinking about buying one

R. J. McLaughlin: I have a used one I picked up on eBay - it has its quirks, but overall I have gotten some great pictures because of the outstanding zoom. Mine does not have these problems you point out. My complaints are that it has (1) no manual focus except under the macro setting and there is no manual focus ring on the lens, and (2) the shutter button is hard to press, resulting in too much vibration when using the zoom at 30x and above in low lighting conditions. These two reasons are pointing me towards looking for something better at the moment.

Reliving09: Use Program Auto to get around it. But now my lens will only extend in tiny increments, so I'm still screwed. I bought a Coolpix B700 to replace it, nearly identical with none of the problems.

Wavy Amir: Can I have it

Wavy Amir: Can u have it

Vannarong Tith: the same here :(

Ron Driscoll: July 2017. I have had the same frustrating problem. However, I have just been moving pics to and from the SD card. I removed the card that came with the camera and turned the camera on. No Problem with the camera. This is great but no card equals no pics or video. Put old card back in, got same old mode scanning problem. Put a new card in - WOW NO PROBLEM!!! Took a picture still no problem! Problem solved!!!?? We will see!

Martin Phillips: Been living with the same issue for a year. Not what I expected from a Nikon product. How about a firmware fix Nikon?

Crystal Hansen: I was having the same problem. I could get mine to work by switching the function switch on top. Which this guy never even tried. I called customer service and they had me rest and so far working well. Customer service rep was really nice.

Rajashri Kamble: Go to menu There is setup option keep motion detection "off",Af assist "off",Auto off for 30min the camera won't bug you for hr .You can thank me later!!

Obeijin: Buy a D-SLR !
JUNK CAMERA Problems With Nikon Coolpix P600 Review 5 out of 5

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JUNK CAMERA Problems With Nikon Coolpix P600 Review