How To Install PokeMMO | Fire Red And Soul Silver/Heart Gold

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How to Install PokeMMO Fire Red and Soul Silver/Heart Gold
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Ruben Sandoval: When I try not going to Coolrom and not download HG and SS the installer freezes when I decline the extra stupid things they try to get me to download. Should I just accept them all up the arse, then deinstall them?

Tyler Blair: that picture on your desktop is crazy could you link where you got it from?

Sarah Uchiha: not helpful at all.

nikc101: What's the actual purpose for the HGSS rom? Do you know?

GingerNingerish: it uses Both FR and SS/HG, the login screen shows which games are detected up the top left (its automatic i think)

TheInsaneSB: uh, uncompress it?

ElitistSponge: piratebay, broseph. Figure out torrents.

Nolson1Gamming: I have a background like that but umbreon

Kirin Willits: So just delete everything, but keep the firered rom, and re-extract all the files again, then try over?

FeatheredBlade91: Thanks for the help! :)

Carlo kane coppi: it says A java Exception has occured

Max Millspaugh: HEY you awesome person you, I was hoping you could perhaps help? I'm having trouble finding a Pokemon Soul Silver rom that is compatible with pokemmo, Everytime (after I place the file in the roms folder) I try starting it up, but it says the compressed .zip file is not compatible and such. If you help me I'll love you forever. :D

GingerNingerish: Not a problem mate

Chibi Shima: pokemmo java exception....

Kirin Willits: I did everything you said. I extracted the Zip file, put it all in a seperate file, then I put FireRed into the Rom folder, and I made a Shortcut too, and I tried running the program, and it says "Could not find the main class: com.pokeemu.client.Client" I made a Shortcut too just to make sure that wasn't the reason why it wasn't working. But what do I do? ):

sprint702: NO download for soulsilver :D

GingerNingerish: yea this is red and blue, the first generation.....

KYLA M: How do i switch between fire red and soul silver?

Sly Yognaut: Thanks dude.

GingerNingerish: It's Fire Red V1.0 only, plus EITHER Silver or Gold

GingerNingerish: Hmm, i did a quick google search for you i found this you might want to read through (Link in Description) Also make sure your using the US V1.00 of FireRed

Joshua West: never mind!

GingerNingerish: Not a problem man.

fluffypierce: is there a specific rom FOR pokemmo? or is it just THE HG/SS rom? looking for it, but not sure

TropicalPuffin: Thank You soo much it took me ages to figure it out :D

Murphio: It's to make it look better and for the walking pokemon to fallow you i think that's it though

GingerNingerish: you have to find the Rom yourself, its copyrighted for me post it.

Alexander Wolf: Nice Games :) FF7 one of the best ;)

GingerNingerish: ugh, i had a link in the description but its not working any more, hmm i think it's that the latest version of java screws with it, but seriously try hard Google-ing it, remember Google is your best friend haha! Hope this helps, if you wanna know anything else or ask anything, be sure too, ill try my hardest to help.

Noël Thomas: if i place silver in my roms it dont work why ? and it start red then

Spencer Allfrey: if you go to you can find all the rom files you need under the roms file

Jay Perez: i cant load the heart gold in pokemmo :( please answer

Sol amander: What is a good site to download the heart gold/soul silver.RAR at because coolrom's isnt letting me open with winrar

Sly Yognaut:

biLaar bee: Siver

GingerNingerish: haha, i just noticed...

Antifriction: Ugh I need to find a rom to download. Fuuuuuu.

MrLinkvi: before setting the rom in your rom folder click on the rom itself and it should open up and you should see something that looks like a peace of paper and the name of the rom just move the paper to your rom folder then it should work.

Scaroxa: Why I can't play SoulSilver it start always with Fire Red

GingerNingerish: Textures and sprites are still 2D, you drag the Pokemon you want out of you party into the game, or middle of screen ect.

AmazingViPaaK: Thanks

Theodore Harris: if its a .zip it should

RDSRELOADED: can you send me the link? D: cant find it

GingerNingerish: yes

starthekitten: oh okay i guess I'll go check out how terrible there roms are *wink*

YumiiAngel: Search through web~

Jack Harper: wats better silver or gold

Matthew Regino: can you send me the link of the roms?

Xie Yu: lie !!!!! where is heart gold and soul silver?????
How to Install PokeMMO | Fire Red and Soul Silver/Heart Gold 4.5 out of 5

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How to Install PokeMMO | Fire Red and Soul Silver/Heart Gold