How To Restring RV Shades

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How to Restring an RV Day / Night Shade
How to Restring an RV Day / Night Shade
How to Restring RV Day / Night Pleated Shades - RV DIY®
How to Restring RV Day / Night Pleated Shades - RV DIY®
RV shade restring
RV shade restring
RV Day Night Shade Repair
RV Day Night Shade Repair
Restring RV Shade
Restring RV Shade

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Spud Spinnigan: You are showing the fast part slow and the slow part fast!  Your high-speed stuff is the stuff we need to see in regular--if not slow motion!

MIKEYROCKPORT: Thank you,. got mine for $7.00 and you made it worth it. EZ........

junie richardson: way too fast.........................

RVwithTito: I used 1.2mm nylon string from a local fabric store. I got it from the window cover section. I wasn't sure how much so I got 20 yards. That was enough to do two windows. There's a link to my blog in the description that has more detail about this project.

highhorsevideo: Great video. What kind of string do you get and how much do you need?

RVwithTito: Thanks Sammy for the nice comment. I'm so glad my video helped you successfully get the job done. Woo Hoo!

Sammy B: Thanks Tito for your fabulous video!! I am not the "fixer" in our RV but after having 2 blinds bust in the last two weeks and knowing the cost to replace I went in search of repairing. Your video gave me the guts to try (how could I make it worse?) Repaired both in a single afternoon! I'm dancing the "Happy Dance"!! Thank You!

Krista Rowland: Thanks for the great video. Our shade string broke this morning, and I had no idea how to repair it. With your help, my wife and I teamed-up on it this evening ... all is good now!

tbone1143: Thanks for the instruction video Tito. Now I will go tackle mine which is exactly like yours....Doug...=)

RVwithTito: No problem. Thanks for watching. I hope it was helpful.

Harley Nut: Thanks For Sharing 8o)

RVwithTito: I'm so glad I could help.

chiefinski: This video was great! I had no idea how to re-string my broken shade and was even looking into buying a new one for over a hundred dollars until I discovered this video. So for less than 5 bucks for new string and following your directions, I re-strung my broken shade this morning and it now works great! Thanks for taking the time to put this video together.

Timothy Cook: We have a Travel Trailer with just night shades but it won't stay up and keeps falling. I use a clamp to hold it up and was hoping there was a trick or adjustment I could do to keep it up?

melodymiles: I have to restring most of the shades in our 5th wheel and was putting it off. Now I think I can do it. Thanks for the video.

RVwithTito: @jealousmoondoggie I posted more details and instructions on my blog such as a diagram, tools, etc. Click on my username below for the address then click on the "Do It Yourself" tab. Hope it helps.
How to Restring RV Shades 5 out of 5

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How to Restring RV Shades