How To Restring RV Shades

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How to Restring an RV Day / Night Shade
How to Restring an RV Day / Night Shade
How to Restring RV Day / Night Pleated Shades - RV DIY®
How to Restring RV Day / Night Pleated Shades - RV DIY®
RV shade restring
RV shade restring
RV Day Night Shade Repair
RV Day Night Shade Repair
Restring RV Shade
Restring RV Shade

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Moises Quinones: Thanks Tito! You're the man! I'm headed out to the store to get string. Seems we could find better string or even light cable to prevent this. Anyway, THANKS for taking the time to show us how it's done. Mo

Spud Spinnigan: You are showing the fast part slow and the slow part fast!  Your high-speed stuff is the stuff we need to see in regular--if not slow motion!

MIKEYROCKPORT: Thank you,. got mine for $7.00 and you made it worth it. EZ........

junie richardson: way too fast.........................

RVwithTito: I used 1.2mm nylon string from a local fabric store. I got it from the window cover section. I wasn't sure how much so I got 20 yards. That was enough to do two windows. There's a link to my blog in the description that has more detail about this project.

highhorsevideo: Great video. What kind of string do you get and how much do you need?

RVwithTito: Thanks Sammy for the nice comment. I'm so glad my video helped you successfully get the job done. Woo Hoo!

Sammy B: Thanks Tito for your fabulous video!! I am not the "fixer" in our RV but after having 2 blinds bust in the last two weeks and knowing the cost to replace I went in search of repairing. Your video gave me the guts to try (how could I make it worse?) Repaired both in a single afternoon! I'm dancing the "Happy Dance"!! Thank You!

Krista Rowland: Thanks for the great video. Our shade string broke this morning, and I had no idea how to repair it. With your help, my wife and I teamed-up on it this evening ... all is good now!

tbone1143: Thanks for the instruction video Tito. Now I will go tackle mine which is exactly like yours....Doug...=)

RVwithTito: No problem. Thanks for watching. I hope it was helpful.

Harley Nut: Thanks For Sharing 8o)

RVwithTito: I'm so glad I could help.

chiefinski: This video was great! I had no idea how to re-string my broken shade and was even looking into buying a new one for over a hundred dollars until I discovered this video. So for less than 5 bucks for new string and following your directions, I re-strung my broken shade this morning and it now works great! Thanks for taking the time to put this video together.

Timothy Cook: We have a Travel Trailer with just night shades but it won't stay up and keeps falling. I use a clamp to hold it up and was hoping there was a trick or adjustment I could do to keep it up?

melodymiles: I have to restring most of the shades in our 5th wheel and was putting it off. Now I think I can do it. Thanks for the video.

RVwithTito: @jealousmoondoggie I posted more details and instructions on my blog such as a diagram, tools, etc. Click on my username below for the address then click on the "Do It Yourself" tab. Hope it helps.
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How to Restring RV Shades