Fairy Godmothers-in-training - Disney College Program

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Kayte Heidler: This is my second most wanted role right under attractions!

DestatiDiaboli: Omg I was there when Sarah was working!! Too funny! I had her help m make a wish with some pixie dust!

Rebecca Elise: Does anyone know if you can do this on the International College Program? I used to be a primary/elementary school teacher but now I'm studying costume and want to do the ICP. This role would be a dream for me because I'd get to combine my two passions and skill sets!

ashleysdoingdisney: oh my goodness! I REALLY want to work there when I do DCP!!

ChocolateCoatedLips: I'm not really sure ^-^'' I guess if you sound like you know the position good enough. If you pick a position and sound like you know a lot about it the might pick you for it. Thats how I got f&b.

Emma Riley: My dream role!

MermaidRam: I've been to Disney so many times, I've lost count. I've talked to some of the Fairy Godmothers & they said there is no maximum age limit to get a makeover. Just a minimum age, which is three.

dollfacedbabeokay: did you get accepted yet??

LenaAlexander: when I went they said you had to be under 13 :(

ChocolateCoatedLips: When I first heard about this I tried out for this position, but I didn't get it. When I applied again I got food and beverage! :D

ClashFlash: I was never allowed too , but the second time we went , my dad made me go on a ride i.did.not. Want to go on , and when I came back , my sister was all fancyed up. I can tell whos the favorite now.

JessEarnsHerEars: it is just bibbidi bobbdi boutique (that's what it says on the website under roles) c:

LadyRose: My dream job want to do thiiiss!!!!! <3

crissydizzle86: I want to do this so bad when I apply for the WDWCP. :)

itsjen516: TOP ROLE RIGHT HERE :D applying as soon as apps go up :D im so excited

Cynthia Leigh: I got the position out of sheer luck, but that's because I was a CP when they were opening the boutique in the Fall of '07. From what I've heard lately, they only take 16 CPs total for this position (girls only) out of everyone that applies--8 for the Castle location and 8 for Downtown Disney. When applying, it's good to mention any experience you have with doing hair and make-up to your recruiter, especially if it's on little kids. You'll also want to highlight experience with kids.

ElizaShakiraMassani: @tinkdisneygirl so if you were or are 23 and you did it I am 19 that means I can do it one day when I go and I wanna be a princess. I am soo doing this when I get into the DCP !!!

JessEarnsHerEars: I thought I was only for little girls, only because when I went past the Boutique I saw little girls, I so wanna do this for my 21st birthday! lol c:

flwrgrl13: it was back then they used to allow teens and adults, now its only for kids 3-12.

crystal y: @americangeiko what was it like working as a "good mother"...did u like it and what was traing like anything i can tell me woul help:)

flwrgrl13: i have a question, if i did this...would you have to deal w/ lots of angry parents all the time or sometimes?

teardropsrnng: I've researched blows from other cp's who worked here and they said angry parents weren't a big problem. you might get a couple, but you'll get that any where you work. I WANT THIS JOB SO BAD!

itsjen516: I ended up with attractions lol oh well I'm excited :)

xSaraxDancex16: What would this role be called when you apply?

Jillian Myers: this is adorable

flwrgrl13: i would love to do this! im pretty good at hair, so i figure this might help me ;)

Kaila4reals101: OMG that is so awesome!! Were you able to get a dress too?

singngurli4jc: her hair was so cute!

tinkdisneygirl: I am 23 and got to do a get a make over at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique last Christmas at Disneyland. No matter how old u are it was such a magical experience.

tinkdisneygirl: It was about $50.00 and no you do not have to buy a costume. Sadly no longer can adults go to Bibbidi Bobbidi Butique, I just went to Disneyland and they said they just changed the policy that no one over 12 years old anymore. I think it is so sad because this was a memory I will never forget and wish more people can experience it.

ChocolateCoatedLips: I didn't have any experience or knowledge of how to do hair.

Cynthia Leigh: This position technically is merchandising, but in the CP it's been converted to it's own role.

thx4thvenom: how much was it? did you need to buy the costume too?

LadyRose: Cant wait to work there!! :)

Julia Simoneau: Retail/Sales. You specify Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. :-) This and being Skipper Julia on the Jungle Cruise would be my dream in the program.

Taylor Gappa: This is the role i desperately wanted too! but i also got Merchandise! lol
Fairy Godmothers-in-training - Disney College Program 5 out of 5

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Fairy Godmothers-in-training - Disney College Program