Jimenez JA9 Review

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Periodcoins O: I have one and the disassembly button cut the crap out of my hand. I filed the sharp edges off and have not been back to the range with it. I only have 150 rounds thru as of now. Also the trigger does suck and hurts ur finger after about 75-100 rounds. Im looking for something to add to the trigger so its not so small and sharp. I do like the gun its self or i wouldnt have bought it. I have other low cost guns so i know there is some work to be done on the internals. Nice vid and keep shooting

Alex Blakeley: What about the trigger? In my experiences it's trigger won't work if you squeeze on it slow or if you don't pull it a certain way.

rob clay: Why y'all tryin to ride this man.. He definitely corrected himself! Get off the gas smh retards man..

BulletShogun: magazine sir. not clip. magazine

Rex Henderson: Have you noticed the difference in pressure you must apply to release the safety catch when a magazine is in the gun versus when there is no magazine? Mine is much more resistant with a magazine in.

boulevardtalonman: is yours 9mm? I believe some of the smaller caliber pistols have a lower capacity as well.

boulevardtalonman: The hi-point has an 8 round single stack, but the Jiminez in this video has 12 round mags which are double stack, perhaps yours may be a cali model or something, Im not familiar with the west coast laws but I know that many of my firearms arent legal in cali.

David Martinez: @boulevardtalonman I strongly believe those are 7 shot clips even though people say they are more. If you look at the clip carefully, there is a slot/hole that you see the first round appear when the round count is at 7. My Jimi is working great! The ramp should be polished on ALL guns, not just Jimenez. It is a good general care practice. Just my opinion.

boulevardtalonman: @boulevardtalonman If I notice ANYTHING wrong with this firearm other than a little chipped paint, it will be sent back to Vegas for a tune-up. Thats what the warranty is for. On a side note, the rep was very easy to work with on the phone and if I have any issues, Im shure they will take good care of me.

boulevardtalonman: @IndicaPro This is not my only, nor first firearm. I do realize that these are designed with a limited life span, and will most likely not run 7k through it in a lifetime (the others need a work out too). Each and every time I go shooting, I dissassemble my weapon for a complete cleaning and inspection and am yet to have any problems other than some paint chipping at the crown of the barrell... I called Jimenez and the rep said they would be happy to fix, but decided to wait.

boulevardtalonman: @universaldave999 That actually surprises me, I have always loaded mine up with 12 rounds and had no problems, with no polishing, and rarely tap the mag... When I shoot Im running senerios where I must pull from the holster and put 3 shots on target as fast as possible.

boulevardtalonman: @SupremeAmerican I have a hi-point as well

David Martinez: I have had this JA-9 for about 4 months now and have shot hundreds of rounds. There are three things you need to do for optimum performance: 1. Don't pack the mag. I use 7 rounds. 2. Tap the mag and set all the rounds flush back. 2. With a Dremel, polish the feed ramp very well and keep it clean. This gun is incredibly accurate. It is a little on the heavy side but I like it because it soaks up some of the recoil and it also keeps my hand more steady.

boulevardtalonman: @gsmith531907 Sorry it took so long to get back to ya, and yes, send it back to jimenez, they will take care of it for you with the LIFETIME WARRANTY

boulevardtalonman: @SupremeAmerican I have a hi point as well

chrismc410: @SupremeAmerican The one problem with the PA-63 and all the east bloc guns is ammo availablity in common stores and even some gun stores. 9x18 is good enough to do the job but a lot don't want to order online and want to be able to find the ammo at walmart. You can't do that with 9x18. It is a reliable weapon nonetheless.

chrismc410: Another way is to save another $150 and get a used S&W 5904/5906, 910 or 915 if you can find one. Cops carried 5904s/5906s for years and the 910 and 915 are based on those models. They may not be a Glock, HK, Beretta or Sig but they are unquestionably first rate firearms.

chrismc410: @SupremeAmerican Or a S&W Sigma or Ruger P85/P89 At least those two are made by well known gun makers. I've always been of the mind of you can't buy a reliable pistol for less than $200-$250. Not saying should buy a Sig, Beretta, HK, Glock, etc. There are some things you have to spend the proper money for, a firearm is one of them.

bigstabby: @BriansVideoHobby You know, you're the second person to tell me that quality improved with the move to Vegas. If that's the case, void everything I've said cuz it pertains, mainly, to the Cali models. Also, I should try to invest in a Vegas model.lol

BriansVideoHobby: I put my new JA9 through it's paces today with about 60 rounds. No issues at all. More kick than I expected. Mag is very tight loading the ammo at first, Shot very tight groups at 45 FT straight out of the box. I oiled it well a day before going out. Was using Winston white 115 grain Luger ammo.
jimenez JA9 review 5 out of 5

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