DJI Naza-M GPS Mounting, Setup & Calibration

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Kimhan Chan: dude thanks i love you talking it interesting ..

Richard Sudoma: 10 cm is not correct. You have to setup Z coordinates from top of Naza, not base of GPS! So if you have setup as on video, correct value is -12cm!

Edward Elligson: Great video and imitation of Chinese people lmfao love it. This is gonna help me set mine up just wanna say thanks Ed

Henry Howeson: you spent the first 30 seconds telling us how short this was gonna be....

david webber: You have minus 10 as the drone is 10cm below the gps module. i wonder if the chinese man is wandering around saying dumb american cant even work that out!!!!
Actually i doubt it as they are respectful and not Arrogant!!!!! 

Sandro Ginnari: Thanks! this was very usefull. This is how an explenation should always be. No Bull! Just Facts! Verified Facts!

Kjetil Spør så får du svar: lerlo your a bigger sad freak

Kjetil Spør så får du svar: Thanx this was wery helpfull. This time i can take off with gimbal and everything :)

ELLibre007: My Hexa drifts massive away if i use the YAW  Throttle. Cannont find the misstake. Its very good hovering, but if i want to look around, it escapes. Any idea anybody?


Tom S: I am afraid your video is not as good as others on the tube. Mentioning that you have had to spend 8 hours on calibrating the mode switch and then spending two sentences on what is at best a scant description of "the secret" is just not helpful at all. I have also struggled with this problem and can tell you that your video would not have done a thing to overcome it - other videos did....

ENM Adam: My x y and z shows all "0".

X - must i measure from CG to the front of the copter and enter that value ?

Y- must I measure from CG to the bak of the copter or right ?

Z- must I measure the height of my gps and enter it in negitive value ? 

Angel L Diaz Morales: If you look at the Naza screen at the GPS Location and orientation it says That the Green lines have a negative value and the red lines have a positive value. Is right there at your laptop screen bellow the Z axis.

tommyjw6206: Is there a distinct gps calibration mode and a distinct compass calibration mode?  i flick my switch 5 times and it enters compass cal mode but never does anything else when i proceed to 10 or 11.

Paul DTOM: haha little chinese guy, wrong side of the road classic

Christer Lundberg: CG has nothing to do with this,,,,,, its the Mu location in relation to the GPS antennas,,,, hence a negativ value because the MU is BELOW the GPS so his 2 cm can be right if the MU is 2 cm of the antennas center. The MU should for best performance be placed in the CG but if u cant do that then all your measurement is between the MU and the GPS, not the CG

lerlo: If u see the diagram. Z faces down. As your gps is "up" of your datum, is has to be a negative value. Any body who went to school will understand that. Your pride got hurt so u crap on Chinese people? Lol your a sad freak.

Ondrea Williams: i like. short and sweet

Zachary Aldenhoff: ty but ur a pickle
DJI Naza-M GPS Mounting, Setup & Calibration 5 out of 5

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DJI Naza-M GPS Mounting, Setup & Calibration