Batman: Arkham Origins Game Review

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Darth Vader: Longest end credits ever, you say? Ever played MGS4?

Geoff TuckFrump: Origins was definitely my favorite. Both the atmosphere and the story drew me in. Plus the surprise regarding Black Mask blew me away, as did the Alice-In-Wonderland scenario. Not to mention Deathstroke was a good challenge and it felt great taking him down. I loved breaking his stick/weapon and punching off his mask. Excellent game, IMHO, and one of my personal all-time favorites. The other Arkham games were great, too, but for me, this one took the cake.

Praveen Vijay: It kind of makes sense that the Grapple Gun doesn't work as well as the one you use in Arkham City. Considering this would be an early version of the Grapple Gun, I'm kind of glad that they nerfed it.

Markus Rochin: I got this game for free and I can’t bring myself to finish it. It is way too boring.

Willis Bell: Finnaly someone gets it

D.M.K: Bad game: repetitive boring gameplay, choppy frame rate, bad story (seems like people just put random stuff together to try to make a story), boss fights revolves around waves and wave of enemies while fighting a boss, and horrible controls

Simon-peter Williamson: Despite it's rep and it is the worst. An arkham game is still an arkham game. Means it's godly

welcome to new vegas: Troy baker isn't really that good of a voice actor except in far cry 4 as pagen min

welcome to new vegas: Spolier black mask is a cop out he is actully the joker.

Weegee Squeegee: It took Batman a whole game to beat Black mask.

It took Red Hood 20 minutes to beat Black mask.

Okay then.

The life of Dan: Weakest Arkham game by far, but still not a bad game of course!

griffin lamp: 1:04

Phillip Estrada: Worst Arkham game

Marius Kopp Armangué: Strange. Was sure would have complained about the Deathstroke boss battle

PRANK MASTERS: Bruce has been batman for not even two years

K. The Artist: This game is great and nearly surpasses Arkham Knight

Sam Sherman: Update as of June 2018: If you get the Backwards Compatible version for Xbox One, all those glitches he mentioned are gone! No weird cutscenes or anything, it’s pretty cool finally seeing and hearing after 5 years.

John Doe: I love all of the Arkham games the same I think they all should have a 10 out of 10 I'm just still waiting for Rocksteady to make a another Arkham game but don't want another prequel I want one that continues the events of Arkham Knights because I don't know if Batman is really dead

Matei Bobes: I think that Origins is more of a Batsy simulator because you have the origin story,, the batcave (and i mean fully explorable, not just cutscenes or mission-wise), and the game wants you to be a bit more of the "vigilante" compared to the other insallments

Benjamin Slade: This game is awesome...and so was the story...Never understood the hate of this game.
Batman: Arkham Origins game review 5 out of 5

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Batman: Arkham Origins game review