Batman: Arkham Origins Game Review

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PRANK MASTERS: Bruce has been batman for not even two years

K. Le Animateur: This game is great and nearly surpasses Arkham Knight

Sam Sherman: Update as of June 2018: If you get the Backwards Compatible version for Xbox One, all those glitches he mentioned are gone! No weird cutscenes or anything, it’s pretty cool finally seeing and hearing after 5 years.

John Doe: I love all of the Arkham games the same I think they all should have a 10 out of 10 I'm just still waiting for Rocksteady to make a another Arkham game but don't want another prequel I want one that continues the events of Arkham Knights because I don't know if Batman is really dead

Matei Bobes: I think that Origins is more of a Batsy simulator because you have the origin story,, the batcave (and i mean fully explorable, not just cutscenes or mission-wise), and the game wants you to be a bit more of the "vigilante" compared to the other insallments

Benjamin Slade: This game is awesome...and so was the story...Never understood the hate of this game.

Joels_Creed141: This games multiplayer was a lot of fun....when it actually works

Todd Garver: 1. Arkham Origins
2. Arkham City
3. Arkham Knight
4. Arkham Asylum

JL member: I actually like this game the best.

DEXTER A YUH OUU A WHAT: Look at my chain my ring my watch swear that crap glow ouu look at yo chain you ring yo watch throw that crap right out the window ay

Luke McNamara: I think I know why people hate Arkham origins so much. It’s probably because of the glitches, the impossible side missions, and also the countless times Batman saves Joker and Bane from dying, which leads to the death of others immediately after. You gotta admit you were pretty ticked off when joker kills two of his men immediately after you save his life from falling off a building.

Servthelord: Origins made me suffer most :D

Noah Davis: Most criminally underrated game ever made

Pandaman Yo: I don’t play ps3 I play Wii’s

AJTrecords: I loved playing as Deathstroke, and I got it during Christmas which made the story better.

Mr Sniper 1730: Still better than arkham knight

Ever Stalwart: My favorite game to play in winter.

wrestling442: YES!!!!! I'm a bit late, and you probably won't read this, but I also hated the grapple mechanic. It was so frustrating. Also my other major issue is that the controls weren't as responsive as Arkham City, as far as counters go. I actually felt like a rookie Batman just because I was taking hits that I wouldn't have taken in City. Other than that the story, atmosphere, and almost film noir direction was amazing. The voice acting was still phenomenal, and I really felt like I was at the beginning of Batman's career. It was incredibly well done and is a criminally underrated edition of the Arkham series. The fact that some fans still refuse to accept this game as cannon boggles my mind.

Doomsday 345: Origins had the best story and boss fights of the Arkham games to me. Nothing else in the series put me on edge as much as the hotel fight with Bane.

Roose Trollton: I hated the Black Mask plot twist
Batman: Arkham Origins game review 5 out of 5

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