Lifeguard In Action - The Sims 3 Island Paradise

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Lifeguard In Action - The Sims 3 Island Paradise
Lifeguard In Action - The Sims 3 Island Paradise
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Grag Hasseblut: "good luck errybody else **non-signaled 8-lane change**"

Charlie Smith: That's one of the things I hate about the Sims 3, there is only 1 speed, and gosh they move slow

mangobird75: I had 4 sims drowning at the same time... I'm just like "can you please drown later? I'm a bit busy" lol

alayna001: Is it bad that, as a lifeguard, I was too busy recognizing all the states of drowning. lol I really need to get out of work.

IvansVEVO: He's like.. I'm sure they'll be fine!

Rose Clayton: He couldn't go any faster? There were two others drowning!

Najwaa Star: ⊙□⊙

kellysghost: Damn, sims drown pretty easily.

Nadja Halltin Nijem: Haha, vad händer med den andra simmen som också drunknade lite efteråt?

TheBunkitty: What so do we have to keep an eye on our life guard and click on every single sim to save their lives? Can't the life guards do it themselves without us helping them? Like in normal jobs they just do things on their own...

Emese Wolfnight: and the other sim ? LOL

WonderGirlsofMystery: And the other sims

Chantel Thetford: is the song from sims2 vaction ep? i really recongnise it and worst life guard ever haha

Beyonechee: It's so annoying how they wade in the water instead of running.

feather0148: He like saves one and then decides to leave the other one. It's what sims is programedto do

frost14hull: But its Simlish!

Vikusa simysa: Не уверена что это Sims 3 я эту игру знаю как 5 пальцев

samal90: they didn't put too much effort for this career. I mean, its way too shallow. Nothing unexpected ever happens.

MsBabbi: Worst lifeguard ever...

JDCSims: LOL Wow.. that's a bit... pointless? Typical EA. It's exasperating, because they get some things SO right, but when they get it wrong.. oy!

lauren2001lols: I think those sims want to commit suicide, yet make it look like a accident. That's a pretty bad lifeguard...

BlueSkye478: LOL he doesn't even help the other sim. She was probably like "I'm drowning here!" XD

Raylyn MoCo: Lol a lifeguard goes THAT SLOW to save a life the leaves the other sim LOL.

bpep111: That Sims 1 music is giving me a terrible case of nostalgia.

faith jones: Lol he's so slow

bignay12: lol what about the other sim?

GoogooEyedChihuahua: Terrible music! No offense.

halowars478: worst crap ever loool lifeguard take 1 hour just to enter into ocean haha

overtime2x: Lol then someone else drowns and he just leaves

rainbowmermaid00: why did all those sims keep drowning!?

trevanismith: lol i rescued one sim and then she fell out on beach and had to receive cpr

Minkeoh: The girl who just was saved looked to the other girls and thought: not my problem!

camilo roman: Lifeguard at 0:47 I got my money so save yourself!

Amy Hartman: So they just swim out to die.... Not weird

Danialroslan: Baywatch style slow-mo

sailorcybertron: This is going to be an annoying career if every time a sim decides to go swimming they start to drown... :-/

Eric Dennis: L0L. slow life guard

Hawkfire X Warrior: I love how he's running so slow....>:( MOVE FASTER MY SIM IS DROW-too late...thanks a million, lifeguard.
Lifeguard In Action - The Sims 3 Island Paradise 4.2 out of 5

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Lifeguard In Action - The Sims 3 Island Paradise