How To Change A Lamy Nib.

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How to change a Lamy nib.
How to change a Lamy nib.
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Pengfei Zheng: Where can I buy a Lamy Safari EF nib?

Ricky Limka: If you don't want your Safari cap to have marks and damaged a little bit, don't follow this trick.

This works except for italic nibs where you have to exert more force to remove the nib. I tried this method with a calligraphy nib, but I wasn't able to remove it and have actually damaged the cap a bit.

So if you love your pen, better follow Brian Goulet's method using tape to remove the nib (it's not really his method but he did say that one of his customers showed him the trick).

Ted Clarke: awesome demo tfs

aman9619: Thanks. Very useful.

Caio Costa: Thank you, your video helped me a lot.

Joanna Marie Anzures: Can I change my medium nib to extra fine nib??

BFdes93: Will this work with the Al-Star Lamy range too?

jenniferjewell5809: Thank you SOO much! I just hadn't been able to work it out in months- then in 4 seconds voila!!! Ta so much!

Rabenschrey89: Thanks so much! Your video is great! I just changed my "M" to a "B" nib.

Calvin Price: I was wondering what unplugged from my computer at 1:00

seetheredradiator: Well done for posting this video. Simple, clear and helpful.

WriteHereShrewsbury: glad we could help :)

ktbeanster: Brilliant, really helpful, exceptionally clear. My Safari wasn't drawing properly and now it's great. Thanks.

w ieschoo: thanks

Greedy Pirate: Another excellent video that I just had to refer to in order to make sure I was changing my nib properly. Thank you!

Daniel Moon: Thanks a lot! I broke my favourite Safari pen summer last year (pen landed nib first bending the tip) and I thought it was gone for good. I just hope the nib at my local store isn't expensive.

WriteHereShrewsbury: Glad it was useful :)

WriteHereShrewsbury: no problem, glad we could help :)

frank123612: Thank you so much!!

Florence Leonard: I forgot to add that the yellow colour has also been brightened up.
How to change a Lamy nib. 5 out of 5

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How to change a Lamy nib.