HP Split X2 Review

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HP Split x2 Review
HP Split x2 Review
Hp Split x2 Ultrabook review
Hp Split x2 Ultrabook review
HP Split X2 Hands on Review. Specs and Features
HP Split X2 Hands on Review. Specs and Features
HP SPLIT X2 Review
HP SPLIT X2 Review
The HP Split x2 reviewed
The HP Split x2 reviewed

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natalie castillejo: weaaaaaaaaaaaak asf speakers! i bought this caught i thought the audio would be amazing since its beats audio but it plays soooo low can barely hear at times uhhhh very annoyed

Matt C: i have one !!! its been sitting on my desk for last 3 month doing factory reset loops 

Mae Coleman: I have had computers since 1980, including 6 laptops never an HP though.  This is the worst computer I have ever bought and regret ever purchasing it.  It constantly malfunctions without any pattern to re-create when i take it to Future Shop to fix.  Often it won't boot up, if it has been moved.  The touchpad, mouse, screen touch get confused and just shut down so that nothing at all works.  The mouse  regularly goes into a fit of jumping around.  It makes strange noises as if it has an audio issue, when you change USB attachments, and often the USB ports refuse to function.  It won't install printers properly even though they are both HP printers.  Currently the connection to my HP Colour printer does not work at all anymore.  My plug in receipt scanners work tempermentally.

Jessica Ziola: I get that this laptop isn't pricey but dang does she have to mention it that much!!

Cody Brown: Worst laptop I've ever had. Had issues and problems since day one took it back and got a macbook air  ways better

Paul Joseph: i wish this took disk so i could play games :(

CREA TURE: HP Split x2 Review
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XAgent: I might get the Haswell i3 split x2 on amazon for $470...

Gerd Arvlo: whats the difference between this one and the white one? just the color?

mamanomepegues87: whats the name of that round docking station at the end of the video?

Leanna Knapp: I would love to see the HP pavilion. Your the only channel I feel comfortable completely trusting your reviews. A+ channel 

Up2ukno: I received my device today and wanted to share with people that when you use it in tablet mode and have it resting in your hand the fan pushes against the panel which causes it to make noise. The fan being in contact with the panel can't be a good thing so I try not to use the machine in tablet mode as much and I also try to hold it a different way. If that is a problem that you can't deal with you can always spend a little more cash and buy the Spectre x2 which has a fan-less cooling system.

Nicholas Thomas: Can you please do a review on the new one? The HP Split 13-r010dx x2. Please!!!

333einnor: How do you turn this bitch on!?

scribb 498: Could you make a video on how to put a hard drive in the base

djsmobiles: Do you have a review on the HP Spectre 13 X2 ? I couldn't find one on your channel

Troy Brostrom: 19:48 doo doo haha 

Greg Goodenough: what would you guys go with, this or the galaxy note 12.2 with a keyboard? Pros and cons of both, GO  hahaa

spirituality7: Nothing at all about the camera. Does it have a rear camera?

Shark Babe: this is $1200? and i thought my surface pro was expensive :S
HP Split x2 Review 5 out of 5

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HP Split x2 Review