HP Split X2 Review

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HP Split x2 Review
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J Nappy: Works for fl studio ?

CyberBlazeYT: Anyone know how well it plays minecraft?

Сашко GirmestCom: where to buy a display to such a laptop as in a video? complete with sensor and display

Freak Zoid: I hate this laptop!!! It's so fragile and I can't move and can't close the lid because it gets laggy when moved. I lose the mouse pointer from time to time and the only way to get it back is putting it in sleep mode then wake up. The two finger scroll on the trackpad doesn't work at bootup, again I need to put it on sleep mode then wake up before it works. It's freaking annoying!!!

MARVEL REACTIONS: What are your thoughts on the Split X2 i5 4th gen instead?

Van Rhodes: would you buy it for 300 today?

Will Smalls: Love your reviews Lisa.
I enjoy your enthusiasm and concise
and bit of humor. How did you get started in your job?/videos
I love tech product and finding what work for people.

MoorMoney: mines won't turn on at all anyone know how to do a hard reset or something with this computer??

Cyrexxx: In my Split, sound so quite and bad that I need a soundcard everytime! Its a bug of my Split or all of them?

Emily fuchs: This computer sucks it lost th audio and it's not good for anything

Freak Zoid: I have one for over a year now and it's annoyingly inconsistent. Goes very laggy. I factory reset a couple of times, can't upgrade to Windows 10 because it's not supported. Done as much as I can and don't want to waste any more time on it. I got a used Lenovo notebook from eBay as a backup and end up using that one more.... I should have just saved a little more and got a Dell XPS instead.

SuperFoxesden: I had one of these. I was disappointed. The C drive is the small 64 gb drive in the screen. I needed to be able to use BT with just the screen but I soon found it and the WIFI was in the base... so pretty useless, especially as there's only a headphone jack, and micro SD but no USB in the screen and only two on the base. the keyboard wore very quickly and the letters on the keyboard soon disappeared - rubbed off with only moderate use.

Ura Melnik: Hello what model transformer is it hp split13-m100er x2 if no what model this and is it fanless?thanks

TAZOUA Gaspard: I have this Laptop, but after 2 weeks after use it the hard disk spoiled. I dont know how i can repair it

Tiffani Danielle: I just got the newer one for $549 it's white and it looks different than this one. I'll be mostly using it only for college.

natalie castillejo: weaaaaaaaaaaaak asf speakers! i bought this caught i thought the audio would be amazing since its beats audio but it plays soooo low can barely hear at times uhhhh very annoyed

Matt C: i have one !!! its been sitting on my desk for last 3 month doing factory reset loops 

Mae Coleman: I have had computers since 1980, including 6 laptops never an HP though.  This is the worst computer I have ever bought and regret ever purchasing it.  It constantly malfunctions without any pattern to re-create when i take it to Future Shop to fix.  Often it won't boot up, if it has been moved.  The touchpad, mouse, screen touch get confused and just shut down so that nothing at all works.  The mouse  regularly goes into a fit of jumping around.  It makes strange noises as if it has an audio issue, when you change USB attachments, and often the USB ports refuse to function.  It won't install printers properly even though they are both HP printers.  Currently the connection to my HP Colour printer does not work at all anymore.  My plug in receipt scanners work tempermentally.

Jessica Ziola: I get that this laptop isn't pricey but dang does she have to mention it that much!!

TheFess: i wish this took disk so i could play games :(
HP Split x2 Review 5 out of 5

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HP Split x2 Review