How To Grind Flax Seed

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How to Grind Flax Seed
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speedwayman100: actually the brown flax is more nutricious for you

Shadow Heart: @lsalter95 so how can i really eat flax seeds and sesame seeds? do i use a blender such as coffy blender and then add milk ? i really need vegerian guidelines and help!

squeekycheeks: You say that like it's a bad thing! JK :)

timmytapeworm13: The flavor of the coffee could get into your flax I imagine. But if you don't mind that then you don't have to have a separate grinder.

Lynn Salter: Shawn, I've had a Black & Decker and currently have a Proctor Silex, which I got this past December at Sears for less than $10 (it was´╗┐ on sale!). I think I paid around $16 for the B&D at Wal-Mart perhaps. You should be able to find one at a local store. Lynn

Lynn Salter: When grounding grain into flour they say within 48 hours 90% of the nutrition is lost due to the oxidation process. Keeping ground flour and meal (flax seed) in the refrigerator (or better yet in the freezer) will retain the nutritional value much longer. It is best to grind them just before use, which is the real benefit of a grinder or adding them to a blender.

Lynn Salter: It is really very easy to "conceal" flax seed in many of our foods. Thanks for sharing!

Kelly Gwilliam: Why is it important to have a separate grinder just for flax seeds? Can't you clean it out in between uses of coffee grounds?

Lynn Salter: @TheRogueMonk Yes, they pretty much remain whole. Help with elimination but you don't get the nutritional essence like with the ground seeds.

scotthamptonshoots: @lsalter95 Thank you kindly. I'll take a look for one today. It'll be used solo, I don't drink coffee :)

Shadow Heart: can i eat raw uncrushed sesame seeds? can you eat uncrushed flax seeds?

Lynn Salter: @TheRogueMonk You can use a blender. I put flax seeds in all the smoothies I make so you'd just put the whole seeds in the blender first and grind them. Lynn

Apollonas M.: thnx for the nice video!!! Greetings from Greece !

Lynn Salter: @TheRogueMonk I suggest you grind the seeds and add to other foods you're eating, like smoothies, salad, oatmeal, etc. I have several videos on my website for making smoothies at healthy habits etc dot com then click on how-to-videos. Just be creative and add to any and everything you can! At least once a day.

Starfirephoenix1: Thanks for making it : X

Lynn Salter: The chance of a lingering strong coffee flavor!

free2dance4ever: I add it to my yogurt. It gives it a nice texture and thickens up yogurt that's too runny. I wouldn't recommend adding it to Greek yogurt though... That tasted nasty, because Greek yogurt is already VERY thick for yogurt.

yurpbeautiful: Will this make them more soluble?

timmytapeworm13: I guess a coffee grinder is a lot better. I just tried using a food processor and it did nothing but swirl the flax around hahaha. I like putting it in fruit smooties. I'm going to try soaking the flax in milk overnight and hopefully that will break it up better. Nice kitchen BTW, I'm jealous. Thanks for the video.

Tom Kameika: Thank you, Lynn! :O)

jonock1: I find if you keep a container of flaxseed in the fridge and grind it when it's cold it grinds much better and doesn't clump, otherwise if it's too warm some oil will separate and it's a bit messy. Makes the grinder easy to clean too . Just needs brushing out

ObeyBunny: I don't have a coffee grinder, but I do have a hand-crank grain mill and I've been warned about grinding flax seed, peanuts, and other oily things for fear that the grinder will get gummed up. So my question is, do you have to replace your coffee grinder often if you grind flax in it, or is there a special way of cleaning the grinder, or have you simply never experienced a problem with flax seeds gumming up the blades? Loved the video and thank you very much.

Lynn Salter: Yes, grinding them allows better absorption. Whole seeds will provide fiber but much more benefit when ground.

stop08it: i suffer from chronic constipation and i've found that it works better if I just take a spoonful of ground flaxseeds by itself. Is it ok if I grind them a big longer. Also how long can you keep them in the refridgerator before it loses all it's health benefits....thanks! great video also :)

Shadow Heart: @lsalter95 i red somewhere that if you dont grind flax seed then you will not digest it? is this wrong?

555sss: Tis is a great video on an easy way to prepare flax seed. Well done!

Lynn Salter: Thanks for the great tip! I don't usually have a problem with it clumping and I brush my grinder clean too!

Shawn Zaidermann: Hi Lynn. Can you tell me what brand of the coffee grinder you have? Not looking to spend a ton or buy online if I can get it locally. Thanks.

Lynn Salter: Yes, although I have added whole flax seed directly to my blender when preparing a smoothie and they usually grind up well. Thanks for the kitchen compliment. It's big and allows lots of room to move around. I do love the island counter, especially for when I have classes or doing demos. Enjoy your smoothies, I love them too! In fact I just finished a banana, pineapple and blueberry smoothie with flax seeds, yum! Lynn

scotthamptonshoots: Nice video, very informative. We used a blender, but I want a dedicated machine. Which coffee grinder can you recommend? Thanks!

Shadow Heart: how can i grind it without coffy grinder?

Lynn Salter: @TheRogueMonk Yes you can. The ground flax seeds provide more nutritional value than the whole seed. I sue whole sesame seeds in my homemade bread and granola

Lynn Salter: @scotthamptonshoots My coffee grinder is a Black & Decker, cost around $15. Yes, you don't want to grind coffee and flax seeds (or other seeds) with the same grinder. Lynn
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How to Grind Flax Seed