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Tyler Shaw: These are the word videos for a product that I've ever seen. The production is great, but it says nothing about how to use the product. 

Gemma Doyle: Or you can just print the things you need just like you always do, only adjust the margins of the paper to fit the particular notebook. Why bother with additional stuff like this?

ernestjw: Oh my, what the use of this? Isn't this a notebook? not a stickbook? I mean I am a devoted Moleskine user, but this is pointless. We are supposed to write and scribble and stuff. Not to type and stick!

Brian Shuttleworth: It's an outside-the-box way of bringing two worlds together. If someone wants to stick with one or the other, go for it. But if you want to add an interesting touch to your note taking this is a way to do it. And for all you complainers out there, google "chill pill", maybe you'll find some relief for your woes. :)

nwl213: Great animation ! i like it ..

MechaRadio: Those are some scary ass looking arms. Didn't know Gollum was that hairy and knew how to use laptops.

gnu93: hey, isn t this a very bad copy of EVELIEN LOHBECK's NOTEBOOK?!!!!

Gabriele Miradoli: The music is an original song created by Renzo Cappai (an italian sound designer & musician - his youtube's profile is RenzoKiSound) - thank you for all positive comments :) we are so proud of this! stay tuned.

Naimi .Ahmed: Tyty

mario gonzalez: @znomods man you're just whining

shoika2006: STUPID!

jmmcc64: Cool idea. I love the music. :-) I'm always pasting stuff in my Moleskine so, hell, why not MSK?

LinneaMusic: it's an nice idea but it kinda kills the magic about the moleskine :c but it's a great idea for those who have crappy handwriting or making a city for their friends or something.... i will stop writing now...

Adolfo Cota F: Excelente video acerca de MSK

rox5tsuken: ooooe amazing, i'm not able to do that with a normal notebook D: +1 to trailfox360 --> Relly. stupid. idea.

LinneaMusic: it's an nice idea but it kinda kills the magic about the moleskine :c but it's a great idea for those who have crappy handwriting or making a city journal for their friends or something.... i will stop writing now...

Krist Norsworthy: is this really necessary?

nemesisgeneral: So I guess the Moleskine is a Macintosh laptop... does that mean that custom hand made notebooks are Linux-based and composition or those 5 cent ones from Wal-Mart are Windows-based?... Anyway, I don't use MSK but I think it's a pretty great idea!

spadelin: 吼~好喜歡喔

yeahrightdudecomeon: NOBODY LOOKED UP THE WEBSITE it allows you to make your own templates, and to be able to print out all kinds of moleskine made templates for all the sizes they make basically, you have a sketchbook, but want 10 pages of ruled lines in the back? get on MSK and print them now stfu and go look at the site

arielg: its cool if you want to use it to paste others work in your moleskine ;D

froggy99: Is ok as long as you don't over do it.... I guess... :-S

the3wire: I have been using Moleskine notebooks and journals every day, for many years and all over the world. I glue stuff to the pages all the time. This is a GREAT idea. Thanks for thinking different.

11bot11: wtf didi just watch???

Jason Mill: does this not miss the point of a sketchbook and waste paper, power, ink and time??

Peach Plastic: @chocolatepoundcake Haha, on the chindogy analogy: I enjoyed those, thanks for the reference! I didn't know of them until now! ... A nice addition to a pointless video. :D

alicekey: 剪貼簿?

dylantoymaker: i want a paper back laptop!

chocolatepoundcake: I watched this on the Moleskine site, unbiased by these comments. And I kept asking myself what the point is. How many more gadgets are we willing to adopt, no matter how wasteful and redundant? This reminds me of Japanese chindogu, things too awkward and complicated to use to make their production worthwhile.

Alice Laurant: Come on guys. Quit complaining, it's not like you need to pay for it, it's just a template maker. Back when I taught sunday school, I used this to make a attendance sheet because it would come out much neater. I even printed out a couple of those book review sheets, even if I didn't glue them down. Obviously, I don't think your whole moleskin should only be glued in things, but a couple of pages wouldn't hurt either.

weaponsdrawn: ???

hotwheeljohnny55: no words...just images. now that's a simple well executed tutorial! well done Moleskin.

mario gonzalez: damn you hipsters

antijelly: what happened to .. you know... writing?

pantarhei7: Urgh, go away with all those "wasting"-stuff.... people should use their sketchbooks in the way they want, you think the "artist" of modern time dont "waste"? In the middle school, I used to have a notebook for history of arts and I wrote only on the right side. Yeah, HUGE wasting, I was sure. But today, when I just flip over my old notebooks, that one is the most beautiful of those. And isnt beauty something, we are all seeking for? :)

Angie Av: @znomods I think it's cool for when you want to print out something you really need to keep in your Moleskine without having to worry about the size of your image.

Ardiana Comia: that is so coooooool!

tofutantra: get a pencil sharpener, egghead

MSK Tutorial * How to Use 4.6 out of 5

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