ShengShou 4x4 Mod Overview - (Konsta + Florian)

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ShengShou 4x4 Mod Overview - (Konsta + Florian)
ShengShou 4x4 Mod Overview - (Konsta + Florian)
How to Make Your ShengShou 4x4 Awesome (Konsta/Florian/Assembly/Lube Tutorial)
How to Make Your ShengShou 4x4 Awesome (Konsta/Florian/Assembly/Lube Tutorial)
Shengshou 4x4 v5 First Impression Before and After Florian Mod!!!
Shengshou 4x4 v5 First Impression Before and After Florian Mod!!!
Recenzja: 4x4 ShengShou Florian+Konsta mod
Recenzja: 4x4 ShengShou Florian+Konsta mod
Shengshou 4x4 Review
Shengshou 4x4 Review
Shengshou 4x4 V5 Unboxing and First Impressions!
Shengshou 4x4 V5 Unboxing and First Impressions!
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Florian Modded Shengshou Cubes (Mains)
Shengshou 4x4 V5 Review
Shengshou 4x4 V5 Review
Shengshou 4x4 V3 Review
Shengshou 4x4 V3 Review
ShengShou 4x4 v3 review + 40.09 solve
ShengShou 4x4 v3 review + 40.09 solve

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TheUnnamedGent: Do you edit the small internal pieces which are moulded on to the core? I don't know which version I have, but it has two small internal pieces on one of the core things. Presumably it is to keep the mechanism aligned.

John Petrzelka: I have that keyboard

long LODW: how to do the florian mod on 3x3x3?

samchoochiu: did you have to tighten the cube all the way after this mod? Mine is awesome but I tightened it literally all the way.

samchoochiu: thanks for the reply!

rjonesmusicproject: So face quadrant? :)

Kaeus1000: I was at a friends... :/

cyoubx: Thank you!! Very kind of you to say!

cyoubx: Yeah, I lubed it. The sandpaper doesn't affect the turn quality at all. You're sanding away contact points. So after the mod, the sanded places don't actually touch anything.

michael1234252: hey want a good 5x5 mod and I can make a video about it

Dennay: is this the shengshou 4x4 v3? does it work for the shengshou 4x4 v3

justkidin123: ... didn't you see I already liked it? lol never take me seriously. Hence the Username.

Dominik Vidaković: I have another question.The holes on your cube ar bigger than mine.Is tat maybe the reason why my cube is slower than it was before?I also sanded the internals less than you :/

thesessygiraffe: Any**

chase stoker: make a tutorial

Matthew: do you have any tips on sanding the edges with sandpaper? im modding a v3 for the second time because my first one was horrible. I screwed up the edges and made my yellow side too loose so im wondering if there is a more efficient way to mod the edges without screwing it up

Aidan Tappin: one or two of my layers on my shengshou v3 catch on eachother. will this mod fix this problem?

typeman5: LOL i just totally destroyed my v4 :/..

cyoubx: I don't know. Sorry :/

Alex Mertz: How'd you do Florians mod in 30-40 minutes? Mine took 3+ hours with a dremel, and I didn't do the internal pieces. It was worth it though

Dominik Vidaković: Okay...I did the mod and it is a little bit rough and worse than it was before but i will dissassemble it and properly lube it and broke it in :D Great video btw! :D

cyoubx: They're not bad on a v4. I don't know where people are getting the idea that it's bad!

OutrageSC: Cyoubx, what if we sand down the rest of the holes instead of just the 3x3 layer holes? Wouldn't that improve 2 layer cuts?

cyoubx: Mine's already modded. But that shouldn't stop you from making a video about it. Go for it.

cyoubx: ...really? -.-

Aidan Tappin: :D

cyoubx: It really doesn't matter as long as the pieces get sanded down since those parts won't be touching anything else. I used 150 grit, though.

cyoubx: It's a lot easier than you think, hahaha.

Ian Bourn: DAT TURNIN'

cyoubx: Yes :)

TheBioOne: would be nice to know what sort of sandpaper i should use for modding?

cyoubx: I guess that's most appropriate :)

cyoubx: At least you weren't really that close this time :)

MLSxEazoon: Its been over a week since the last video!!!!!!!!!

Josh Lewis: Thanks I did this. I was really worried that I was taking my unpopable 4x4 and turning it into a poping nightmare. Turned out very loosygoosy good. I used a big metal file the kind your would find in shop class for metal working to do my 4x4. Despite it's size it allowed a remarkable amount of control in sanding. Let me get to the places you had trouble with using sandpaper. It also left a smooth surface on the plastic. Don't get a fine file as it won't remove enough material. Medium is good.

Vinay@HD: yes u can.....i did it

Talvikoala: Great video! That small part in 3:12 was really hard for me too. I used a small rounded knife(as you don't need to take that much plastic off anyways so it's not too much work), it was the best tool I could think of on that difficult spot. My dremel was too clumsy for it. Of course I dremeled all other spots :)

Alex Mertz: Oh nevermind. Just watched the vid. Not doing the entire mod seems to be a big part of it. You missed points on the edges and centers, and (but you already know this) you are supposed to sand more.

cyoubx: Don't sand off too much. My rule of thumb when modding: You can always sand more if need be, but you can't unsand. Safer to mod less and go back later than to mod too much.

crossfirepunk2010: "so, it just makes you wanna rage quit" *described my life problems* raaaaaage! thanks for the vids, cyoubix! Helped me mod a friend's SS, now I have to pick my own up!! Keep up the great work!

typeman5: just did the konsta mod.. i dont feel any difference

cyoubx: @Ickathu Yeah. I felt that those were pretty extraneous. After the semester's over, I might finish it off. But it's at least functional, now.

wytulis2: Does it works for shengshou v3?

CrazyBadCuber: This is awesome dude. I didn't even know there was a mod. I think I will try this =) I don't speed solve 4x4 at all but it's because I never found a cube I can comfortably speed solve one. I will try this! Thanks!

thesessygiraffe: Also my cube is very un stable. And fixs..

Antoine Cantin: I did the konsta mod without the Florian one, and I like it better than my friend's cube that has both.

Lemuel Noveno: oh btw do you recommend making holes in the middle of each face, just for the corner cutting for the middle slices?

JackRTully: Errmmm... Try loosening it then...?

Glenn Mark Salgado: 'zup!? we made a successful mod on my ss4. i do have some questions regards the tension. it was recommended to me by a friend to tighten the tension since the cube will turn loose after getting modded. but when we tensioned it a little tighter, a layer almost couldn;t turn... how's that? did we tension it too tight, or did somethig inside went nuts or misaligned or something..? are you familiar with that problem dude? thanks!

cyoubx: Nooope. Took around 10 minutes, haha.
ShengShou 4x4 Mod Overview - (Konsta + Florian) 5 out of 5

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ShengShou 4x4 Mod Overview - (Konsta + Florian)