Sebaceous Hyperplasia Treatment With The Skin Classic

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Sebaceous Hyperplasia treatment with the Skin Classic
Sebaceous Hyperplasia treatment with the Skin Classic
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Liberty Baclaan: Hi I leave on Oahu Hawaii, I have several hyperplasia on my forehead and both my cheeks, I've notice the doughnut shaped bumps over a year ago. I seen a dermatologist and she noted if she would remove it will leave a deep scar. Would this procedure leave deep scar? Do you know of a technician here in Honolulu, Hawaii that can does this procedure? I will greatly appreciate your help!

MasterA2042: +Stephanie Holvick Do you have anyone that does this in Chicago?

vidscrazy: +Stephanie Holvick I need this in los angeles, ca

pineapple365: Hi Stephanie! I have sebaceous hyperplasia on my nose and I've been to the dermatologist and he gave me Retin -a and a benzoyl peroxide wash but it hasn't been working. He said if I did laser that it would leave a brown spot on my nose and I don't want that. I really want this gone but I don't know what else to do.

rhonda jill: oh please send me information to have this done. i wish you were in florida :( im in south florida please help me find someone

coylecf: I have a small white spot that's not a whitehead & it's under the skin (not a bump). What could this be & how would I treat it?

Ron Jr: Hey Stephanie, can you tell me if the SH papules permanently gone or do they return? I am thinking about having this process done here in Oregon. Thanks.

Stephanie Holvick: Yes there is....Rhonda Wood in Albany 541.967.9199 she is fabulous

Holly Koontz: I would love to send you before & after Retin A photos. I would be thrilled if you could take care of my sebaceous hyperplasia's all I wanted done in the first place. I feel that I only trust you to do it. How can I contact your clinic/spa?

Andie Dee: id much rather squeeez em

mettta88: What the name of the needle treatment? Did you say an aethetician can do this?

BatliciousBatgirl: @SuperMrsnowman Um yeah I agree but it will just make it worse and then it will hurt worse :(

LostNbounded: Is there anyone in the east coast preferably the New York area who does this procedure?

lotusjohnson: To funny!

Johji Uehara: hi stephanie . I have Hyperplasia on my nose I think these bumps are around for 7 years already.. can this be cured with electrocautery ?

Stephanie Holvick: got to see a pic but u should give me a call

George Presman: hi , i have the same thing. do u know anyone in los Angeles that will do this for me. my dermo only uses a machine that i think burns it or something or other you said the name in your video, hyper something or other, thank u

Holly Koontz: treatments for most all people. My luck sucks! When I was in my late teens & early 20s I modeled some. The distruction of my face has been very heartbreaking & dissapointing for me. I wanted you to treat my skin after watching your posts. Trusting someone else is something that I will have to think on. I may need to find someone in New York or Cali. that has alot of years & experience. I would travel overseas if someone could help my face. Thank you for your quick response & time.

Jonnae Peck: What is this procedure called for the removal of Sebaceous Hyperplasia? Do you know anyone in Florida that does the procedure? I am in Tampa.

Holly Koontz: to their office. I was in my early 30s and as time went by my face got a little better, but never back to it's smooth self. In my late 30s I started getting adult acne. I was really lucky that it didn't scar my face. Now to bring you up to date on my skin today. I'm now 42 years old and have developed sebaceous hyperplasia on my forhead, nose & cheeks. I went to a dermatologist and she gave me a perscription for Retin A. She told me that it wouldn't get rid of my sebaceous hyperplasia, but would

silvermoon1898: OMG thats really good which country are you in?

TheLoserKingdom: Oh wow, thanks a lot. I live in Australia, so your site won't help me. What is this technique/tool called?

Paul Belsito: This is awesome to see that there is hope for people like me suffering from this issue! Who do I contact in my area and how expensive is this procedure to have done for those with no medical insurance coverage? I live in Long Beach, CA and could afford to pay up to a few hundred for this to be done to a few very small problem areas I have on my face and neck areas. Thank you so much! Paul

Alien1099: I met with Stephanie on March 18th at Sofia Facials and Waxing in Scottsdale, AZ and had the Skin Classic treatment done by Kerry and Stephanie. They were both very professional and a pleasure to deal with. After the initial consultation, the treatment for my sebaceous hyperplasia (of which there was a fair amount of) probably only took 20 minutes. The discomfort, at least for me, was only minor and there is a slight sting. Even if it was more than minor, it's worth it to be rid of these bumps!

Angie1R: Just curious... is this woman " watch?v=_xsWLNeFDKk&feature=related " doing it all correctly, because it says shes an expert and yet there seems to be bleeding and she seems a lot rougher than you?...

Stephanie Holvick: I do not have anyone who uses the technology there...sorry

dida079: damn camera person and there noisy tripod LOL

Kerry Khan: What is this treatment called? I'm in Southern CA and I called one of treatment areas on your website but they said they didn't treat sebaceous hyperplasia.

sj1605: ok who do I go to to get this done. I went to the dermatologist and he was useless. Bleeding spots all over my face.

dannymax: Please tell me what needle your using. Is that the lamprobe? please respond as you did and amazing job. What city are you in because I have a bunch of sebacious hyperplasia

Stephanie Holvick: Please feel free to contact me...7198590707 I may be able to put you in touch with someone that uses our equipment. Perhaps treating just a few to start to see how your skin reacts. This is a terrific treatment but treating all at first visit may not be ideal.

Playgrl966: damn...i was hoping i could see of more of the large ones on his cheeks getting popped :[[[

sj1605: @rnfaces do you think that these spots will become permanent scars on my face?

valleyjulie: There were so many more on there! Also, why didn't you take that stuff out of the pores after you treated them?

Arsagard: can you use a normal needle and pop the sebaceous hyperplasia yourself? I have 3 on my nose and I really want to get rid of it BADLY!!! ;(

Stephanie Holvick: can't fire the camera man....he's my husband

Holly Koontz: Thank you for your response, Stephanie. This is something that I will have to think & pray about. I realize that with my skin sensitivity I have a big chance of scaring from this. I too only wanted to have 1 or 2 larger and more hidden sebaceous spots done to see if that would happen. I have over 20 of them and some of them have been there for 5+ years. They really started forming on my face after I started taking fish oil supplements. I also realize that Retin A & microdermabrasion are miracle

Stephanie Holvick: Questions? Call....7198590707

Stephanie Holvick: go to the website you will find someone Stephanie

prexyfix: Okey, thats too bad for me. Thanks for answering :) How long waiting list do you have after a ordered hour? I need to come and get treated by you. :)

Dubbah08: Hi there Stephanie! Can you be so kind as to tell me the name of the tool you're using? I live outside of the U.S. and it would really help if I can know the name to ask my local aesthetician. Thanks in advance dear.

WorshipInTruth: I suffer from rosacea. I have these developing on my nose with what I would call early rhinophyma... it really is driving me nuts. Others cannot yet tell but I can see how it is making the creases of my nose less distinctive.... at 27 I am already developing the "potatoe nose" which people find so unattractive. I fear that if it continues at this rate I will never be able to find a mate. I am terrified that I will die alone, I don't mean to be shallow but I am truely terrified.

prexyfix: Why don't you answering any emails or questions here? It looks littlebit unserious! Can you answer where in Europe we can Get that treatment? Pleiase

pal98111: Daddy has a beautiful stache and beard.

Stephanie Holvick: I am sorry but sebaceous hyperplasia is not an irrregulRity that itches. Please let your doctor care for you. Sorry to dissapoint

Stephanie Holvick: the hyfrecator is much to much heat. It can actually char the skin. The energy reaches to the dermis where the skin classic is designed to work on the epidermis.

Stephanie Holvick: you guys are funny!

Bino: how much do I expect to pay for the treatment?

John Erickson: @SuperMrsnowman they aren't zits they are more like a wart or mole that forms a raised ring around a pore.

Stephanie Holvick: @sj1605 please you may call me 7198590707 and if can not assist will point you in the right direction. so sorry about that derm!
Sebaceous Hyperplasia treatment with the Skin Classic 4.5 out of 5

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Sebaceous Hyperplasia treatment with the Skin Classic