Pretty Little Liars: Aria Montgomery Makeup Look (Re-uploaded)

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Noe Mae Villagonzalo: @atyneznal She's next on the list :)

Noe Mae Villagonzalo: @jorelligriffin I only use my customized lamp shade as my lighting. I cant afford a soft box now :))

AmyDropkick92: 0:04 - 0:06 looks like she saw a ghost

Drsxotic1 Just Me: First oneeeeeee!!!!!! Loooove this look!!!!!

jweso94gt: Hey I was wondering who the bare naked pls was by. Please send me an email cause I don't have YouTube account all lower case it wouldn't let me not cap it. I would really app it cause I have the naked palette by urban decay but that has more colors. Thank u

Taj2K9: wow shes pretty

itzloveli: I am just IN-LOVE with your awesome eyebrows in here, I know you did a eyebrow tutorial already but can you redo another one preferably this EYEBROW LOOK its soo perfect I love it!

SpitBloodatTheSun: You definitely hit it right on. No other aria tutorial has given me her look accurately!! Thanks

katiekoco: What was the song on here before? You should do look just like her! :)

mimituico: gwapa kaayo ka :) ganahan ko permi sa imong mga videos

Luvie pacheco: hi,,wat did u used in ur eye brow?

rainne: Noe can u update ur brow tut realy luv how u do ur brows here

gerryboy101: very pretty. round off the inside eyebrow a bit. my 2cents

Sarah Martin: you're so pretty!

djmindy: I love this song. and I love your videos :)

Noe Mae Villagonzalo: @Kandy4595xxx I'll see if I can squeeze that in for you, dear :)

Laura Schlecht: ahh! I look Like Aria(:: :)))))))

Taylor B: You sorta look like santana from glee : )

chiauxou1120: i suuuper love your eyebrows in this vid!

Darell Mützenhügel: You are such a beautiful Pinay!!! And I like your accent. Pareho kase tayo! hihihihi

MsBeatrixie: who sang this song? thanks

Zoe Jasmine: You should do an Emily one :) I love Emily's natural makeup x

Noe Mae Villagonzalo: @TheXoxoLife I have not tried the elf liquid primer but I'm in love with the primer stick. I was a bit apprehensive at first but I noticed that it did a really good job. Try it out and see for your self :)

LiQuidRain74: awkward modeling. o.O

established161188: beautiful as usual! good job x

Isha Himitsu: love the intro! :)

Marycris Malabanan: Hi Ms. Noe just a video request please. Can you please make a kim chiu make up tutorial. I'm really hoping for it. Thank you and God bless always!

wondersoshi19: Love your way of presenting your videos nowadays. It's nice and sleek. Not too long. Because sometimes, too much talking and too long videos bores me. :)

Anna Francesca Mempin: i think aria's lips were a little more red in the the OBB but well done with the eyes :)

fendi98: What mascara is it that you use? Please :) I can't find the name/brand on your blog.

Jay Jimenez: you have a chathita face

zeannaptalee: @COLORismyweapon Thank you for your reply Ms. Noe! :) looking forward to your next fab vid. <3 :)

Nicolette Vue: Your so pretttyt girl!

angge96: "may you have a fabulous day ahead, buh-bye :)" so cute haha

jerry rush: Do a Shay Mitchell look please! She's a Philippina like you! please!

sbgitana1: Theh product link doesn't work

Danica Jennings: Looove the look! :D I also looove the song at the beginning! It's from gossip girl right hahaha? I think it's from first season :0

Jay Jimenez: dont put the song on when your trying to taLk cause then i cant hear what your saying

Noe Mae Villagonzalo: @WonderKimme Jenna Sue by

Noe Mae Villagonzalo: @honeycheng09 What kind of bronzer would you want? shimmer or matte? :)

365DaysOfFashion: this look is so pretty! :)

Noe Mae Villagonzalo: @fendi98 Hypercurl Mascara by Maybelline :)

Hollie Beauty: BEAUTIFUL! love love this ook, definitely could be used as work makeup, just need to skip the false lashes to tone it down a bit. awesome job geng. :D

asaintk: Can you do skin care video please? thank and ur so beautiful<3

Noe Mae Villagonzalo: @DRSXOTIC1 Thank you!! :D

daffdaff77: That was the best I've seen so far!!! Thank youu soooo much! It helped me like crazy <3

blufragile: I've bought the onyx black eyeliner you are using. It looks good at first but after some time, it smudges. :( how can i fix this problem. thanks!

Noe Mae Villagonzalo: @zeannaptalee It does, dear but you can use a gel liner so that it'll stay in place.

cindy c: she wears berry colored lipstick
Pretty Little Liars: Aria Montgomery Makeup Look (Re-uploaded) 4.8 out of 5

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Pretty Little Liars: Aria Montgomery Makeup Look (Re-uploaded)