Cold Start 2240 John Deere Diesel Tractor

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cold start 2240 john deere diesel tractor
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jack russ: We got a two john deere both 4x4 with loaders, 2150 and a 2240 both with about 40000 plus hours. They have there problem but they work good

robdog15001: nice....................;

dueltruck700: hey wagner, got any experience with IH 684's? I used to run one for the neighbor bailing hay and it was a little beast.

kcald1843: I didn't think the battery would hold out.

1066POWER: Thats weird a 2550 should start down in the 20s at least, But I know they dont start as good as International!

Hamish Brown: u should use the cold start tap underneath the injection pump that always fires them up real quick.

007unknown1: @texxan6912 and what about ford tractors?

wagner59270: @billstmaxx yes sir, gotta have good batteries and a good starter to get er done though

JDBoy4430: wat size grinder/mixer did that tractor have behind it? and acn you show a video of yall grinding feed?

js911100: deutz!!!

JeepCrazyMe: Ya should never crank a John Deere that long without sprayin ether right into the breather - don't need an ether injector to do it. A farm is not a farm, unless it has a John Deere!

wagner59270: nope no trouble with that here

Xlt92bassist: that poor starter haha.

98eck: I think the heat from the starter cranking for 35 secs helped heat the engine up. lol.

Piparkakkumauste: No if you have winter diesel. We have that in Finland and it works great.

wagner59270: not too hard all you really have to do is tap into the hydraulic system with a two way valve and then build a bracket and install a cylinder on the blade

jim jenks: That's a little beauty! She clearly knows you love her.

RideTheLightning95: oh ok we have a 90 horse case 970 if you wanna see it its on one of my vids

TotalNekro: Some guys watch videos with naked ladies. I watch this.

murraytractors345: I have a ford 3930 and a mf 165 they both start in any weather easy r

Cameron Normand: I love that little tractor. it starts like a pro

Curt Young: Diesel batteries start around 1000 CCA or more. Listen to her prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr like a big green kitty

roblok23: Thats a lot different than the bigger 40 series. the 2840 for example has 6 cylenders.

SergeantTwiggs: but that has glow plugs unless you got a shot system like i had for a while on my 6.9

wagner59270: its about 3000 hours in

danielmcguire12: You must keep good records of the hours on your tractors because JD's hour meter rolls over at 10k. We have a JD 4430 that just turned over and it is on the original engine. Nice start!

mchl8: thats a different type of engine than the others. thats the differance.

Oliver66FarmBoy: HA HA, sometimes all they need is a little talkin to and they do anything ya need em to.

JBomB90: I have a cub cadet 1450 with a single hydro valve i can just lift up and down but i can get a dual. how hard is it to custom make a blade like the one on your 1650

darkpanda008: A few cranks and i it purrs like a kitten amanzing is right. Especailly in - degree weather. It's true about Joh Deere's stance "Notn' runs like a Deere"

goog le: some people are clueless when it comes to mechanical stuff, engines etc...grind the heck out of the starter...rev the crap out of it when it lights and its ice cold...holy crap...reminds me of my brother...sets on the ramp and cranks our jetboat up and hes reving itup and getting it nice and hot...then backs it into the cold water...CRACKED BLOCK.

jake fuller: @wagner59270 It is amazing how much little pieces of molded plastic can cost. It is always way more than it should be to make. Guess manufacturers like to rip people off.

John Eastmond: nothin' runs like a deere, and nothin' starts like one either! I had a 4020 that we had to but a kill switch in. the damn thing would start and run in the first revolution! We put the kill switch in it to let the thing crank a bit to get the oil at least partially circulated. And yet others wouldn't start for love or money.

MrMrcrain: ive seen a perkins start better than that,in a massey ferguson 165

pupleon: its a 3, 2250 was a 4cyl

SergeantTwiggs: glow plugs not running, due maybe to burnt out plugs, bad controler or relay

nardp96: ya but whats even more amazing for a diesle is that when the fuil gets super cold it gets oily and gummy and hard to ignight

wagner59270: ha ha yeah and the tractor theyre attached to aint bad either lol

woodman1241: those old deeres are the best. they are made to run full bore all day. we consistently do that with our 2940s. not so much with the 2755, cuz its a fuel hog, but i am a deere fan thru and thru

wagner59270: yes indeedy be sure to subscribe so you can catch all the projects and fun coming up this summer

DRNEGOLICIS: shot system?

hillibilys: mighty mo what a great name for a john deere

o7powerwagon: @SergeantTwiggs that tractor dose not have glow plugs.

p4rtn3r: That's amazing.

bbob765: The 2150's started like that too. We kept our's on the generator in case of a big storm, that way we could run the block heater's on the other tractors to feed hay and plow snow!

Randy Brown: on ur 4230 if u crank and squirt ether at the same time u wont need as muck ether

5410driver: That was about a sucky start Our Ford 2600 fires faster than that at colder temps. Course what shot you in the foot on that start and reason i say it was a sucky start. was the battery was dieing down

cituszip: "It's on its third rebuild" should tell ya something. Use it and Abuse it fix it when it breaks down. Its been sitting for 3 months or more, must not get used aint no mercedes.

1066POWER: Not bad, our 2440 has 9000 hrs on it and about 4000 on a engine, works pretty good for a loader tractor, easy on fuel, starts good down to about 25 F

irltractor: I hope there is anti-freeze in the radiator
cold start 2240 john deere diesel tractor 4.7 out of 5

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cold start 2240 john deere diesel tractor