End Of The World 2012 Full Movie فيلم نهاية العالم 2012 كامل ومترجم

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مشهد جد مؤثر من فيلم 2012 ونهاية العالم
مشهد جد مؤثر من فيلم 2012 ونهاية العالم

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From London: You know what the world is tom

mostafa azaz: thumbs up if 2012 was the worst year for you

christian montesa: wow i enjoy watching it XD

Noel Jacobs: movie*

Darren Pro GamingMC: all this work was wasted! XD

TinyJamane: lmfao

Di-Fan Lin: XD u made my day!! XD

OfficerFriendly: How is that a troll? idk even know what you're saying speak english freakass!

Katie Culpepper: I love the ending

AbdulRahman Janat: People were saying in 2012 that in 2013 will be like this

Vaibhav Arya: @tjekpyf for sure dude you hit the nail on the head there BUT! im loving this game even more beware you might get addicted --> bit.ly/17qeBap?=ubdxj

endar marjinal: wkwkwkwkwkwkwkwk

casper12365: thx

ChewOnAnt: atleast you get to watch the film. ungrateful kids.

GamingFruitHD: Ots funny last year we afraid of this last year :)

kristijan medarić: 0:46:17 mr data

Saeed Albeshri: Hhhhhhhhhhhh you crazy

Arno Dorian: Me too

gameboy3800: freak you for stealing my comment.

allessandrabateman: They never show the end of the world in de our pods so I'm good and so is the rest of my family

LightYagami100000: We laugh now, but crap like this can happen. crap ...

gameboy3800: you are clearly a retard. i say it's a comedy because it's a movie about something that never happened.

tamomy26: سبحان الله

HELLA_NATION: like if u watching it in 2013

Stu Pid: No crap is 2013....I'm still watching this on youtube.

malebogo78: even more interesting, he said that "it likely never flooded", which means there are still Africans alive there. i guess they'll get the same treatment the Native Americans got, huh?....move over, we've got arks full of new residents!!!

jessnxo: omg. Just shut the freak up and fix the hydraulic Jackson -.-

Nicolas Cage: Well then you are either 12 years old or freaking retarded.

Ivo Marsman: It's a Fantastic moevie!

CT Films: this film has dated badly

From London: Last year I wasn't scared of this film last year

lionel messi: 2012 past this thing is freaking fake

xBLaKHearTx: :s

Bball_Fan_4Life: Here I am watching this in 2013

alan maldonado: 1:18:05 DAFUQ

Ahmed Iftikhar: -_-"

lance woods: the L.A. scene reminds me of California music video by the red hot chili peppers

mystisme: the movie maker did not do his homework ancient mayan and incas was talking about galaxy alignement with the center of the galaxy not the planet alignement that already occured in the end of1980s, and this galaxyal alignement occurs about every 26000 at the end we are just beggening a new cycle to zooadical trip wich lasting every one of them about 2100 years to pas throw one, calculate that inevery 72 years we move 1 degree throught a zoological sign

Krist Jesse: I am not here to burst any bubble's but, it is not a "Jesus Christ" that is doing a second coming, Jesus was the name of a body, Christ is the Essence of God. One may call it "a second coming of Christ" and that may appear in ways that one would never expect.

Dhondoo Avinash: i have survived it... :p

OfficerFriendly: Hey dumb ass idk if you notice but this isn't a comedy movie you freakASS!

gameboy3800: kill yourself

Kate Miloseva: the subtitles are in Arabic !!!!

David Mcd: "In this prison Booty is more important than food. Booty, a man's butt is more important than drinking water. I like booty." ~ Fleece Johnson

adamtambedou0999: quality doubley suks

Zaira Zahir: So scary

IJAZ AHMED: good movie.. but now its funny

Owen Brown: one day i will show my kids this and tell them i survived that ;-)

David Sanchez: It's an interesting flick, but the stereo imaging was lost, so you have to watch and listen to the whole film in monophonic audio.

D7 7moodeGamer: and iam saying this speech for every crestians that worship jesus you have a chance don't waste it ... if anybody who worship jesus and want to be muslim will he must read quran
End of the world 2012 full movie فيلم نهاية العالم 2012 كامل ومترجم 4.4 out of 5

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End of the world 2012 full movie فيلم نهاية العالم 2012 كامل ومترجم