TV Repair Replacing Broken Cable Connector

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Share Bear: How to take the box apart?? How did u open the tutor shield

Centro Tecnologico Sinay: It's fantastic. I really liked the video. Thank you

Spongebobguy 2: This would have been helpful but someone yanked it out because they were really mad at me for something I didn't even do

born68: I think you might have just saved me 3 or 4 bucks the repair man wanted. thanx man

José Alejandro Di Cesare: Excelent

Ningbo Hexin Electronics Co.,Ltd.: we can supplier IEC connector and f connector for you

Gary Stinten: is there sister tuner boards that could be bought to replace the old board..

ie, atsc to dvb-t and vice versa?

gigabite rosario: Thanks for the clear instructions and help. Much appreciated.

Christina Lia: is there a way to mod a tuner from atsc to dvb-t?

I've seen a few tv's over in the states and they look to be quite good for the prices there..

just wanting to get native dvb-t in through one of the tvs from the states..


Jorge Moreno: as the electronic component called round blue

Keegan Preston: Hi, I have a RCA LED HDTV can I use the RCA 215543 Connector F TYPE for my tv?

Joesph Baumgardner: @ Allen Vernon, although I myself am not fond of solder around connector, I may find another way.I work on electronics and other day got a Vizio flat screen.Seems the connector is ripped out.Upon inspect I got lucky board not cracked and center of connector still soldered to board oddly connector gone.Seller says coax was ripped out it while her ex ranted over a fight lol. I have worked on tvs but mainly do audio home stuff.MCM not dealt with.Do you know 1).They take Paypal? 2).Gut you on ship? 3).Have a min order amount? 4).I need a direct link to the 1215543 please.I do not see it.I see one that has nut in middle no crimp down on end.I need the one that crimps to plate on tuner or there of.Something tells me this won't be a easy task being a flat screen quam tuner.All fails I got 64 vcrs to dig a connector out of try.Just rather have new part spare me digging for old to get.I have a broke Vizio but again time matter to dig in the darn thing dig for connector.I need a direct link to that part.?

Vernon Allen: We do this just a slight bit different. The heat you are applying will if your not careful melt ( even the nylon one)the center of the connector. WE grind off the edge and to expose the copper apply solder to tin the connector. Apply solder to the tuner case and then apply light heat to flow the solder together.

Brend: I have a worn out cable in connector that affect TV signal but allows On Demand movies? How is this possible. If I play with the connector it can allow tv but its hit or miss and only certain channels come in? Any thoughts, old Motorola Cable Box

Juli Wheeler: do you know how much this could cost if I'd ask someone to do it for me?

TijLaug Hmong: Very good demonstration and helpful tip for those who unable to afford a new TV

Bj Olawuyi: what is the exact name for the connect

Jorge Mercedes Ruiz: Excelente presentation. Arreglaré el mio(I Will repair my TV) Thanks Very Well...

snapshot12002: The moment you tell the audience where you purchased the replacement connector your filing and the source cannot be heard. Could yo let us know where you got the connector? Thanks.

Muhammad Farooqi: I think the cable connector shouldn't' be solded that much.. because if anything went wrong, that would be too hard to remove again. Just connect a bit on two sides, top and bottom then check if cable connector is working fine, then go ahead, sold that all the way in round.
TV Repair Replacing broken cable connector 5 out of 5

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TV Repair Replacing broken cable connector