Homebuilt Router Copier Lathe

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Homebuilt Router Copier Lathe
Homebuilt Router Copier Lathe
Homemade Tools - router duplicator (copier) Lathe!
Homemade Tools - router duplicator (copier) Lathe!
Router Lathe Duplicator: Build Pt.1
Router Lathe Duplicator: Build Pt.1
▶ Homebuilt Router Copier Lathe   YouTube
▶ Homebuilt Router Copier Lathe YouTube
Duplicator Copy Carver Router Part 1
Duplicator Copy Carver Router Part 1

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Jhon Tibocha: excelente video compadre saludos desde Venezuela

ANDREW CULLEN: As far as I could see/hear you never said anything about sealing the inside, As you called it a vase I would expect to at least get a single stem in water in it. Or do you just include a note saying although called a vase water is not to be put into it?

XqeDiosxqe: what a waste of fine wood for something so small.

‫محمد منصور محمد الكردي‬‎: your good very good and professor thanks

Mike Dana: Very nice, but really dangerous wearing gloves around spinning tools.

bulawa meubel: mantap

noah he (noahdthehorse): What's the point of adding the router

Hercules Antonio Palermo: https://youtu.be/iV5TgkaRLrk

Mohamed Barika: انا مختص في النجارة بدقة عالية من الجزائر

peggyt1243: You are a talented young man. Thank you for sharing your copier lathe.

kristonren: lolol ace

Андрей Николаевич: шпильку копира круглой сделай)))

Roc Lo: Great work!

HomemadeTools.net Website: Very interesting! We just posted this one in a homemade lathe thread on homemadetools.net: http://www.homemadetools.net/forum/homemade-lathes-videos-32552#post45484 . Jump in anytime if you'd like to chat with other tool guys.

Andy Bushnell: work on your sound. Otherwise good.

Al Alvera: a closeup of the vase? I want to see the texture please.

John C: Good idea you need to grind the follower to a small round smooth point to give you smoother movement and a better finish.

gkpandiraj koshi: i wanr more

Andrey Revyakin: Yep, no gloves! I would split the video into two parts: the second part has nothing to do with the router. The router is great! Loved the idea with the drawer rails... damn.

koreyokeenelove: get a bit with a smaller point and replace the bolt you use on yer gide with a nail with a rounded over point
Homebuilt Router Copier Lathe 5 out of 5

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Homebuilt Router Copier Lathe