Homebuilt Router Copier Lathe

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Homebuilt Router Copier Lathe
Homebuilt Router Copier Lathe
Homemade Tools - router duplicator (copier) Lathe!
Homemade Tools - router duplicator (copier) Lathe!
Homemade Lathe & router copier - Part 2 -  and Plans!
Homemade Lathe & router copier - Part 2 - and Plans!
Router Lathe Duplicator: Build Pt.1
Router Lathe Duplicator: Build Pt.1
Homemade Lathe (router) copier/duplicator - Part 1- woodworking (plans)
Homemade Lathe (router) copier/duplicator - Part 1- woodworking (plans)

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alan manning: Well done that is nice and it works well

Amerijam Acres: You might have better results if you cut off the corners before starting. I've found smaller bits give a cleaner surface might just be me. Nice work!

newstart49:  Beautiful! Keep it up.
 NEVER wear gloves around spinning power tools like the lathe!

Juan Carlos Aquila: Very good material. Congratulations

kevin cudjoe: Hey awesome video but can you tell me the advantages and disadvantages that u have experienced using the router which has a moving cutter opposed to using a fixed one? 

Carol Gavin: Thanks for sharing your design idea's....at the rate you're going you're headed to becoming the new Capt' Eddie Castelin...which as quite the compliment. I'm going to take a spin at your design after I finish building my take on a Snake Hollowing System this weekend and I'll make available any suggestions that I think will enhance your design in a positive light.

fırat re: seni youtubeden izliyorum gerçekten güzel şeyler yapıyorsun tebrik ederim. başarılar dilerim. ben türküm. türkiyeden yazıyorum. ismim fırat. yani ingilizce bilmiyorum. fakat google translateden çeviri yaparak yazdım. teşekkürler.

long luongthanh: Homebuilt Router Copier Lathe: http://youtu.be/iV5TgkaRLrk

Jonto Dickens: Nice one! You may get smoother action from your copier by swapping out the drawer slides for some linear motion bearings with flanges to mount your support deck that the router sits on. I have found this method give a smoother action which leads to more accurate cuts.

northhand: Nice work. Love it

Harry EW: Very impressive design and build. I salute you.
Pretty cack-anded with that jap saw though mate ;)

the430movie: Great job buddy!

eloy leonardo: Muy bueno

don callender: good job nice work

J Alan: Would not a round router bit with an equal round pin cap be better for this?

jose Espinoza Mere: very good

OneManHowTo: Smart...very smart

Nikola Boskovic: +ThisWoodwork +ThisWoodworkVlog  Can I ask you which model and caracterstics of motors on the lathe ? :) Thanks in advance

Jai Guru: Oh this is just brilliant. I am genuinely jealous, I cannot afford a lathe and I want one in the worst way. Very well done!

Jose Manuel Cordova Solis:

Homebuilt Router Copier Lathe 5 out of 5

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Homebuilt Router Copier Lathe