ELM V9 For GTA SA (Emergency Light Mod) - Released

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HappY AnD VisiblE: 2:08 what keyY??? PLS HELP :)

Remon Blom: If i turn on the ELM lights, and then get out the vehicle, i hear some weird annoying sound on the background.. like a flash sound that goes really fast... how i fix this? or turn this off?

smrat bro: did it see other players in samp?

FeAr: I need help. How can i make custom lights for my car ? :( Editor in config tool dont work for it

HC Zocker: Help me pls, i´ve installed you mod in the right folder and i´ve installed CLEO (the latest version) and the game crashes if i want to start it help

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killer0034: how do i turn on the blinker
ELM v9 for GTA SA (Emergency Light Mod) - Released 5 out of 5

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ELM v9 for GTA SA (Emergency Light Mod) - Released