ELM V9 For GTA SA (Emergency Light Mod) - Released

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Rpg.B-Zone.Ro [CbTeamHD] Mike.Riveera-Mod ambulance+download link
Rpg.B-Zone.Ro [CbTeamHD] Mike.Riveera-Mod ambulance+download link
GTA SA Emergency Light Mod Tutorial
GTA SA Emergency Light Mod Tutorial
Emergency lights mod test
Emergency lights mod test
My SA-MP ELM and Firetruck MODS
My SA-MP ELM and Firetruck MODS
mod  Luces de emergencia para GTA San Andreas
mod Luces de emergencia para GTA San Andreas

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Mr Ghost: don't download this bullsht not working!!

petr kuncar: did it see other players in samp?

MUZI: I need help. How can i make custom lights for my car ? :( Editor in config tool dont work for it

HC Zocker: Help me pls, i´ve installed you mod in the right folder and i´ve installed CLEO (the latest version) and the game crashes if i want to start it help

The Version Gamer: Link pls if  i go to link it go to forums

The Version Gamer: How to fix american.gxt text error pls help!

Francisco Faria: Where can i find that FBI Rancher? 

Denny -Nimble: Не пашет...

linh vu van: làm sao để bật đèn xin nhan qua đường ở phía sau xe z

Marcus McGrath:  turn other sirens click $

WowoZOCKT: how i can turn on the other sirens?

B. Yack Kocka MC: Dear SAESAndy!
We send out the link

Thank you!

killer0034: how do i turn on the blinker

Chavez Lives: What is the key for the new siren sounds?

Steven Alexander: Serve this for SAMP?

DigragoBG Гаража на Ладата: Can I turn on normal emergency lights that light,turn off,light :D

Dreads Power (Dreadspower): I don't want the headlight to flash!! Someone help me to turn it off plz

afxinfinitee: One thing I've noticed is that ELM doesn't like the ENB Series mods and the Hi-res texture packs, When I tried to get the menu up I just jot a blank black rectangle, none of the actual options showed up. The mod itself is still usable, however it sucks I can't change the options.

Heroine: how to use the buzzer?

John Anonymous: How did you et the ligghts to work right in single player, I have tried every txd hack under the sun and i get yellow and red lights....ITS KILLING ME
ELM v9 for GTA SA (Emergency Light Mod) - Released 5 out of 5

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ELM v9 for GTA SA (Emergency Light Mod) - Released