ELM V9 For GTA SA (Emergency Light Mod) - Released

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ELM v9 for GTA SA (Emergency Light Mod) - Released
ELM v9 for GTA SA (Emergency Light Mod) - Released
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Jorge Jaña: Man I need your help I installed the latest version of cleo but the strange thing is that I can not see the menu options then please answer me greetings and sub​​, mg: D

John Burda: How did you et the ligghts to work right in single player, I have tried every txd hack under the sun and i get yellow and red lights....ITS KILLING ME

Evaldas Šilutė: How Turn on the table

gustavo schabarum: 1:00

born2own6: OMG thats the old version in homepage i found it and i get the old version .* disslike !

Heroine: how to use the buzzer?

Francisco Faria: FBI rancher link doesnt work please update


OntheFloorLaughing1: when i go on donwload link i get to homesite of this site....

afxinfinitee: One thing I've noticed is that ELM doesn't like the ENB Series mods and the Hi-res texture packs, When I tried to get the menu up I just jot a blank black rectangle, none of the actual options showed up. The mod itself is still usable, however it sucks I can't change the options.

Jitse Muller: Nice

greg roblox: How do you get the blue and red lights on the side of the car?

DJdaniel el demonio: las letras del F11 NO me aparecen ??

Rock WoLf: thanks man..good work keep it up

PedoBear: i have the same problem with the person below

NickMcAlpinTV: Anyone know how to stop the weird noise you get when you leave the car? Like the enging noise. :S

13DieZocker37DX: Link down?


Jonah Daley: i cant find it on the website. please help

SWE Enduro Rider: i wish this workt on mac.

gunyounoob1: ikr saesandy freakin maggots claim work he didnt do -_-

WWEIsTheAwesome: Lol..This is the most used mod ever in SAMP lol :)

vladguy1: PLZ HELP My game CTDs after around 5 minutes of playing with this mod

Moisey Martakov: Why do I get the light from the strobe will not appear on the earth?

|GTA SA Produções Brunooz|: legal

XxLCPDFreakxX: did you replaced american.gxt ?

UnholyGaming2012: rage much?

TechReviewsbyJetRun15: the FBI Rancher mod link is no longer working!

Cory Hayden: Whats the command for headlights on/off

Mercedes Benz: 2:47 In SAMP can the others hear the emergency sound when you are driving for example a Bullet?

SAESAndy: yep works with both, most that video was actually from single player. there are some limitations in SAMP (i'm trying to remember what they are lol)

Jover PauL: dude!! what is the controls? for the ELM v9

332glenn: And why doesnt Auto off not work in version 8?????

Siphon WST: Can someone help me? When I activate the mod I just hear the standard GTA SA sirens.. I really want the modded ones :( Everything is right, the siren is enabled the EML folder contains everything n stuff..

SpiritModder: can someone please help me installing this (9.1), i have the cd version of sa and cleo 4 works but the i cant get the commands to work and i am trying with samp 0.3x? if you can help me then add me on skype "hellboundak47" i really want this to work and thanks

r3h4n786: How do i disable the default police siren and add my own? Cos i replace it but then the other polie cars have no sound :/

Monster GARD: my says elm has stopped working ^^

Aleksandras Gaška: yes.

XKier19X: i cant update or change any paterns once its installed .... help

Noah Gang: The link is dead?

D.J Satrox: all links down!

Migueltr959: what is the mod of reflections on the floor?

Transformersdan789RBLX: I don't have random

SuperDboy4: thank you!!

SwiftHD: Works in SA-MP?

mehtab164: Does It work For 0.3e?

VoidGamer19: download link for the hydra warning please

Andrey Kozlov: SO i downloaded it and it says error thats all....i uninstalled it and my game didnt start anymore i have removed EVERYTHING of sa and now i need to start over ELM go to hell

INUYASHA5953: it says GTA stop working pla help me plzzz :((((

MohamedSherif: works with samp?
ELM v9 for GTA SA (Emergency Light Mod) - Released 4.6 out of 5

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ELM v9 for GTA SA (Emergency Light Mod) - Released