2005 Honda Accord Hybrid Sounds Like A Booming Or Humming Noise With Some Vibration...

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2005 Honda Accord Hybrid sounds like a booming or humming noise with some vibration...
2005 Honda Accord Hybrid sounds like a booming or humming noise with some vibration...
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Honda Accord Hybrid V6 ANC Disable - Rumble Fix
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Honda Accord Hybrid sound
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2005 Honda accord w/nav ANC disable humming noise
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Sarawana Vijayakumar: Awesome!!! It worked for me. For me the grey 8 pin connector was left behind of the yellow connector. Thanks man, I always got irritated with that noise and now it's gone.

Larry Bailey: It works. Pop up the clips on the door plate by the seat, removed the one screw by the gas/trunk handle after popping off that little cover next to it with a screwdriver. Pop off the clips on the kick panel and slipped that panel off the blue knob at the back, took it out. Pulled down the cover under the dash to get to the wires. - Then used a screwdriver to pop the two clips holding the yellow/brown connectors and clear connectors. Move them out of the way! Push them up as described. The 8-pin grey connector must be loosened using a screwdriver or thumb on the top side, then it slides off like the harnesses. Cut the green-red wire and grounded the end not going into the plug with an extra wire and it worked. Great fix!

Mr Foreveryoung: This damn thing worked amazingly..After visiting 3 times to a local Honda dealership finally those idiots figured out this was related to ANC. They quoted $795 for part and two hours of labor:)))..equals to $1000:))..After did some research found this video and showed this to my mechanic. After removing the fuse to the stereo and put it back in then for sure we knew that this would work.

So 15 minutes later the damn noise is gone due to bad or defective part from Honda:((..
Ps. make sure you ground that wire securely to a metal.

Thank you for posting and this was priceless.

Teto Caro: i did exactly how its done. i dont longer have the noise or vibrating. but my check engine light went on with the ima light. also modifying the cable does it stop it from running on 3 cylinders and just run 6 cyl all at times? any help thank you.

Norbielp: I have a 2005 accord hybrid. I am unable to identify the "gray 8 pin" connector or a matching wire color. The only gray wire connector is in the amp, but it has more than 8 pins?? Help??

Patrick Brown: I just purchased the 2005 hybrid accord. It was making that noise. I followed your video and it worked!! I'm so used to hearing that bass noise from the speakers it seems weird without it. Thanks a lot.

Commandar: Dude you are awesome!!! Can I send you a check for $500 now?

Ra Bow: This totally worked...this guy rocks!

Ed Malabag: ok here's an update.  to find the gray connector you need to unclip the big brown and yellow harness.  use a flathead screw driver and then pull the harness free.  once you've done that, PUSH those harnesses up as much as you can.  once you've done this you should now see a gray connector sitting at the top of the stack of connectors.  unplug that gray connector, cut the green with red wire.  as best practice, cap or tape the cut wire going to the connector.  for the longer wire that you cut off, extend that and add a U terminal in the end.  tap that U terminal wire into the ground near or around the harnesses/fuse box.  a lot of these guys didn't explain it pretty well on how to find that damn gray connector including the guy who made this video.  hopefully this comment helps out.  car is definitely much quieter inside without the humming/droning ANC noise.  goodluck!

Kristen Joseph: I just did this fix.  It worked.  Thanks for posting it.

albert h: dude I cant believe this worked.  I just bought car and it started doing the vibrating noise when you where coming to a stop sign. when I was doing this fix I noticed that the prior owner had tried it too, but he cut the wrong wire..... he cut the red/green cable from the white connector. you need to cut the green/red cable from the gray connector on the left side of the yellow connector.........thanks again mongoliangna....finally something that does help.....

abiola osileye: is this only peculiar to the hybrids or both hybrid and non-hybrid

Seth Medina: SUPER THANKS for the post. I just tried it on my 2005 v6 hybrid which had that ANNOYING hum, and it worked. THANKS!!! you saved me lots of money!

wrongeye7: I just wanted to say thank you so much for posting this video. I'd been suffering with the noise for several years, and thanks to this video (and your other one) I was able to do the procedure, and so far everything seems to be working great. Many thanks!

Dzung Tran: To anyone having trouble finding the "gray connector", it's not exactly behind the yellow connector like the author said. Looking directly at the yellow connector, the grey connector would be to the left of it. With one finger pressing on the connector's latch, use a flathead to pry it out. Also, I just tape the red/green wire to the closest metal piece to ground it, instead of extending it like the author did. Works the same and much easier. (Just make sure when you cut that red/green wire, cut it as close to the connector as possible so it's long enough to reach one of the metal pieces.)

savana smith: I am having this same problem, can anyone update with if theirs is still working correctly after they perform the cut and ground?

adewuyi samson: hello, thank you for this awesome post, i live in Nigeria with littl or no expertise that understands the car, i have this same issue wt the car and I have done what you said, its over 2months now and that has been solved. thanks greatly, pls can you drop me your email, hve got some more questions to ask. thanks greatly

MicrosiM diysmps: Change the ANC unit, things will get solved!

Donald Sosa: the wire goes from control plug C601 interconnecting from the multiplex integrated control unit onto the active noise control unit behind the radio on units with navigation. It's a good short cut if you don't want to take apart the radio and unplug the defective ANC. By grounding the wire, the ANC is no longer able to receive input from the MICU and there fore the problem stops. Hope this helps!

mongoliangana: I haven't seen any problems in vehicle so far (for 9 months). But i'm absolutely not responsible for any damages caused by this video, do so at your own risk.
2005 Honda Accord Hybrid sounds like a booming or humming noise with some vibration... 5 out of 5

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2005 Honda Accord Hybrid sounds like a booming or humming noise with some vibration...