30 Jib Tricks , Snowboard Realms Ep 4

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uStomp: Download our new app 'Pure Snowboarding' - play are real riders like Kevin Backstrom as you shred real resorts on your mobile phone!

Jeremy Paddon: they took the rope tow out at seymour and i freaking miss it

Mac Legend: I am very happy you actually reply to your viewers :)

samf12345: are there gunna be any new videos this season?

TheUranus16: do they make black marks on your base??

Pat_Owens: If u lean back too much u slip on the tubes

Braden Williams: @snowboardrealms Colverts fer DAYYZZZ!

igloo productions: I snowboarded for 15 years. From 1988 till 2003. I quit for 8 years. I want to do it again this winter... I have all my stuff and my board still. But I don't know if I'll be able to do crap-all anymore. This looks like allot of fun and the mountain enviroment is what I miss most.

Jake Ratka: Thats a sick line set up

Colin Monicatti: @snowboardrealms you guys should come out to hyland hills in bloomington minnesota. voted #2 in the midwest and in the top 10 for vibes. has 2 tow ropes and is one of the most fun parks i've ever ridden. (also were joe sexton would shred :P)

martythemantis: Looks like a typical cloudy riding day here in Michigan In the wintertime.

cowskater5: tj is so chill i want to shred with him

jumpingjehosafad: I don't like the looks of those ridgidy tubes. I've never ridden on but they look like they would make it feel weird.

Eric Lebrun: @gdp505 who gives a crap, hes probably 50 times the snowboarder you are douchebag

Stuart Campbell: when i try noseslides or boardslides on those pipes i always get stuck and fall forward and smack my face.

joerover22: @tilawildson I'd rather board on a "cloudy depressing day" than a "bluebird sunny" day anyways. sunny snow days aren't fun. It's Winter, freak the sun. Overcast snow days feel just right.

Stay Trippy: im pretty sure a lot of snowboarders like rails but idk corrys look fun too

WHEELIEPRO856: culvert is cool

Stay Trippy: o sry i mean didnt hit the rail behind at all, but good vid

tilawildson: No offense, it was an awesome vid, but doesn't that mountain look like depressing or something? Like when I go snowboarding at Mt. Hood, its all ways bluebird sunny...is it just because of the climate differences or something?
30 jib tricks , snowboard realms ep 4 5 out of 5

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30 jib tricks , snowboard realms ep 4