30 Jib Tricks , Snowboard Realms Ep 4

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vulcan20productions: @snowboardrealms i think i saw one of you there

Moe613Hamm: no ur not buddu jus try to hit da pipe 50-50 first before u try anything else get da feel for it and ull be good , jus keep low to ur board for a bit then try it standing more jus step by step u can do it

snowboardrealms: just ride a lot and you will be

snowboardrealms: i haven't been up grouse yet , i want to go ride there for 24 hours when they start doing that ... maybe we can get a huge posse together and pull it off for a flick

charles brown: take it and smile, with a bloody face and do it again :P

Stay Trippy: u guys didnt at all on the rail behind

brianha42: Oh how soft the snow looks, i need that at snoqualmie so I don't have to fall on the icecrete. =] keep it up tj.

snowboardrealms: be aware that making these videos is a lot of work for one person , filming , editing , and snowboarding , and sometimes man , just like you ... I want to snowboard . I'm looking for a filmer to bring along on some trips this year which should make for a good season of both riding and videos..

Braden Williams: @snowboardrealms Colverts fer DAYYZZZ!

Jack Manderville: front boards suck

snowboardrealms: might make that a sticker , THE Snowboard Realms Kinda like the world ...

IAMDUCTTAPE3: what board is that???

snowboardrealms: its sketch at first but its pretty mellow once you get over that little fear t

snowboardrealms: yeah the tubes are a little scary at first , i always think ill hang up super bad. i really like how they sound

jordan siudy: ugh i want to ride! i love snowboarding and snowboard realms really expresses how snowboarding is not all about the big rails and jumps, but how its about just going out there and having fun with your friends

snowboardrealms: @vulcan20productions I used to ride there every day .

snowboardrealms: rad , lemme know when you post something , love checking that stuff out t

theforumsnowboarder: my favorite boarders for sure!

iknowmyname94: @jumpingjehosafad You can safely say it feels wierd. First of all, if you boardslide the damn thing your board and feet just vibrate like crazy! They're really fun, only con is that it is a bit easier for your edge to catch, making you dive forwards (:

nitroeero3: man you catch an edge on one of those freakers your screwed and theres nothing you can do

Spencer Pond: ok, what ever floats your boat. come out to willamette pass on pow day

snowboardrealms: @mOnEyMaKeR6983 didnt what ?

Justin Exley: did you make it up for the pre jib contest? it was pretty sick, sweet guys, im not good enough myself to be in it, but it was great to watch

Thegawgroup: May I suggest a bi-pod?

Eric Lebrun: @gdp505 who gives a crap, hes probably 50 times the snowboarder you are douchebag

kvNICHE: if your not catching your edge on a normal box or rail you should be fine on these. maybe your just thinkin about it a lil too much, keep it relaxed and approach it like you would any other feature and you should be good.

snowboardrealms: i think im on 9 days so far , been to hood , seymour , baker and sunshine. next 2 episodes are done and pretty sweet !

randomotionpics: awesome another great video for the snowboard realms - randomotionpics

snowboardrealms: @cowskater5 keep your eyes on the facebook page , and the realms site , there is always a chance to come shred with us t

snowboardrealms: yeah you guys just got dumped on hey ? man , i hope to come out there for Christmas , so maybe a christmas eve day shred ... ill post to the realms team site if I make it out there

worstphobia: I love the tubes, they sound awesome and way fun, you can do a lot on them. Just don't lean to much and get a edge stuck but normally it rolls over.

Fumiya Kawahara: jibbin and livin

snowboardrealms: yeah its a ton of fun up there , wish it was monday already so i can go up and not deal with the huge lines

tjittecb: one of the sickest edits i've seen in a while makes it looks really easy too bad it isn't

neversummer987654321: were is this place and whats it called

snowboardrealms: a tube ? just go drive around im sure you could find one and set it up

Moe613Hamm: jus try hitting it dead on i cant catch an edge at all u shud be happy with that to start plus watch ur leaning thats very importand depending what the angle of the pipe is u have to lean with it unless its straight then just 50-50 buddy u cn do it i beleive in u

Stay Trippy: im pretty sure a lot of snowboarders like rails but idk corrys look fun too

coreyscott01: dont you just love front lips

Andrew Jackson: Its sweet to see some guys finally riding some local stuff. Its kinda cool to see guys in a video and be like, "I love that feature!"

Jeremy Paddon: they took the rope tow out at seymour and i freaking miss it

snowboardrealms: nice poem , sorry to hear about your deck

snowboardrealms: @sk8terchick137 tow rope is great , no line ,and way better than the hike

monkeyXboard: whos " I "?

Jake Ratka: Thats a sick line set up

Deni Salja: my mom wont let me skip school to snowboard :'( , so i watch your videos in class instead

snowboardrealms: 1 my sponsors are a huge part of this series without them it doesn't exist 2 i accept your comments and i note every one of them, its early season im happy there are even any videos to be made , there will be longer ones no 10 minutes probably closer to 5, but there will also be more , i have a few episodes done that are a little longer but since its early i don't want to have 3 or 4 weeks with nothing for everyone to watch. I cant please everyone, only myself ,

snowboardrealms: @GabeOskatesnow vancouver ,

snowboardnb: im so STOKED only 10 days till my hill opens!!
30 jib tricks , snowboard realms ep 4 4.8 out of 5

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30 jib tricks , snowboard realms ep 4