Galaxy W 8150 Disassembly & Assembly - Screen & Case Replacement

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Galaxy W 8150 Disassembly & Assembly - Screen & Case Replacement
Galaxy W 8150 Disassembly & Assembly - Screen & Case Replacement
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Davide Guandalini: Thanks a lot for the guide

Andrew Harris: That's brilliant. Thanks so much for your reply and help

Julio Presa: Hi friend, my Galaxy Wonder is not recording my voice , BUT there are 2 MICs ? Other people do not hear me too ! what MIC is damaged ?

Pavel D: Thanks!!! Hello from Ukraine. Good guide. Like! click...

Deny Cahyo Sejati: Thanks for ur guide...but how to increas Wi Fi signal for Galaxy Wonder?coz my device have a problem Wifi Signal...

George Acres: I have a Black Galaxy W and I am going to get White housing. Will I need a soldering iron to fit the White housing?

Yuri Fellipe: you save me!! vc me salvou (y)

Fernando Luiz R. Gonçalves: Many Thanks for the guide .

Johannes Carlo: Dude, there is one step left behind before open the board, upper right. There is one cable to release (almost mine getting cut off by force)

Dhada Dharyl: Hello sir thankyou for the video tutorial.

Yan Arief: where is the SGW vibration motor?

fulya kavak: thank you very very much...

jorge rocha: Fantastic

Tomáš Trenz: Thx, I changed the touch and full case and all went smooth and its fully working :D

rokocamry: Very good & thank you

Maged Yaseen: Hi again, I face another big problem with my phone, which is: - The IC which is responsible for charging and connecting the phone to the PC is burnt. - The IC number became not visible. - I can't find the solution here in my country. Could you please help me again by giving me the IC number or tell me from where I can bring another one. I'm really so sorry for being disturb.

nicky nicko: hello sir can i change the usb conector as my phone cant detect charger due to water damage..everything els is ok though except for it always detecting earphone..

LE55ONS: can you feel it 'click' when you push?

Donna Robertson: Hi me again! I have been sent a new digitiser this time. Ive put the phone back on and again the touchscreen will not work. On the new digitiser i pulled the protective film off that protects the sticky bit around the edge, but you pull off one over the whole screen when its in the front frame but i do not have that tab to pull it off i dont if its supposed to stay there or not?

mahmood odeh: professional job man !

Zarah Athene: Oh, okay :) Thank you very much!

radmannsdorf: awesome video sir! i'm gonna buy this phone next week and now i already know what i'll get! great! i'll recomend your channel to friends. greetings from slovenia.

Lorenzomiguel Bautista: That's nice

LE55ONS: you'll only need to buy a new lcd display, Google for ESSAM10308070 and use coupon code ETS2 for a little discount

Vinicius Silva: Hello sir. I'm facing bootloop in my phone and already know that isn't system related, already returned to stock ROM (formating everything to make sure a clean install) and flashing the original firmware via odin. But the phone reboots if even if I go recovery or download mode (it was quite exausting to flash the original firmware, the phone just stop rebooting when it wants). I'm thinking maybe is that "internal" battery... it is possible?

LE55ONS: yes the usb port will need soldering with a hot air soldering iron

MrBenyata: I expected as much. Thanks for the swift reply, and keep up the excellent work!

MrGeteken: Thank you very much, just saved my phone thanks to your video

Musikschnipsel: thanks a lot for your excellent video! You saved mobile phone! :D

norhayatizh: my SGW drop into water and now can't turn on..which part is damage?..

LE55ONS: nice idea, but not possible

Maison Freitas: sorry for my english, I need to change only the touch screen, I need to make this whole process? or would somehow easier without having to open the entire phone?

Maged Yaseen: First, thanks a lot for this nice and helpful tutorial. I have a problem with my WIFI, the mobile hangs up when I turn on the WIFI. Can I change the WIFI Chip, or what can I do? I tried to solve this problem by formating the phoe, check for viruses and change the android version, but the problem is still there.

LE55ONS: well spotted, I'm shocked that I didn't notice myself :-)

LE55ONS: yes, use a soldering iron to heat up the screw while you try and pull the frame apart, but it might pull the head through the case though. Maybe solder a stiff cable into the head and you might be able to undo it that way. Or you can use a small drill to take the head off

Luke LOU: Thank you for your advice. I have changed my speaker and everything was well again. I also did some modification to prevent a recurrence.

Nils: Hi! changed screen and all is well. Now I am getting over confident and wonder if you done a video showing us mortals how to repair/replace wi-fi module in an iPhone 4 pl? Nils

LE55ONS: It might be caused by the water or something else, either way its certainly worth trying a new speaker

LE55ONS: Have you tried a 'custom rom'?

irateSMUDGER: i'm trying to get one of the screws out of the back of my phone, but its in really tight. I've pretty much rounded it off trying to get it out! HELP?! Is there anything i can do?

Marco Romboli: Do you think I could replace the ram? The phone's one is too small... (excuse me for the bad english: i'm italian :-D )

Muhammad Fathi Haziy: but if I had tried to on the current hp wet.,but it hp does not live.does it mean it is damaged.?

Muhammad Fathi Haziy: Galaxy W

LE55ONS: Its a strange fault, it might be the wifi chip, its hard to find someone who can change smd chips

Diego Martins: Hi, I changed the broken screen with a new one, and it did not work touch and speaker, what could be wrong?

Donna Robertson: Hi thankyou so much for vid its really helpful. I have been sent my new digitiser but it looks different from the one im taking out of my phone, before i put the wrong one in i just want to make sure its the right one for my phone?!? pls help i have the phone in pieces in front of me now!

LE55ONS: its a nice idea, but its not physically possible because of the different flex and hardware

LE55ONS: sounds like the phone might be blocked, try checkmend,com to find out..

ncmonteiro2001: muito bom valeu mesmo

LE55ONS: Well done! You'll find it easier next time..
Galaxy W 8150 Disassembly & Assembly - Screen & Case Replacement 4.9 out of 5

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Galaxy W 8150 Disassembly & Assembly - Screen & Case Replacement