Savage Model 320 Disassembly

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Young Fresh: So the pump dosent come apart ? Ive been trying to get an aftermarket forend for mine but cant get the pump apart.

Stephanie Howard: There is a hole in the back of the bolt carrier that you can line the cam pin up with to knock it out

David Fuertes: Hi there .your video was helpful. I have looked into purchasing a barrel and a magazine tube extension . I've even contacted Savage with no luck. I'm wondering if you have any idea, if the Winchester barrel and tube fit ,or the Remington 870 .any information would be greatly appreciated

David Rodriguez: Hey your information really did help my chamber was stuck so I had to take it apart to see what was wrong and it look like nothing was wrong it was just stuck after I've assembled it put it back together work as good as new thanks for the video

Matt Boss: Thank you sir!!!!!!!!

Jacob H: Nobody ever mentions the shell ejector that I need to learn more about lol

Riz Zambrano: At the start and end of your video there's a silver metal piece ( upper left corner) What's the function of that metal bracket?

HeftyEagle: OMG Thank you so much i pulled my apart to remove the plug limiting the amount rounds i could load thank you for showing my how to properly remove the trigger assembly it helped when i pulled to much out and couldnt get it to seat back in. you helped me save my gun!

red rover: I know your video is over 2 years old. Just wanted to say thank you for showing the bolt disassembly and reassembly process. It took me a few minutes to realize I had the springs in reverse order.

Max Fountaine: Great video.Thanks. 

nathan becker: How do you take the stock off?

Jacob Welch: Also I had a question about the little clip inside the chamber that guides the firing pin mechanism, it came out when I disassembled my gun and I can't figure out how to get it back in

Jacob Welch: @ghos7fire you have to make sure the bottom tube is pressed all the way in

Robert Beveridge: Hey fellow savage 320 owner, that was a great post on the 320 I just got mine and it needs to be dee factory cleaned thanks' for the vid.pvtjoker122/ full metal jacket.

gary jr: I'm not sure why it got stuck. I reinserted the trigger assembly and got it

gary jr: I accidently opened the chamber after pulled out the trigger assembly. Now the bolt assembly won't go forward to come be removed. And ideas?

Pvtjoker122: I would say just make sure that the bolt is secured and flush with those rails of the forend and once you start sliding on the bolt/forend assembly just kind of rotate it slightly around the magazine tube until it frees up and slides into place.

Pvtjoker122: I called Savage a while ago about that and they don't sell barrels individually.

MrDinnertime: Great video. What did you do at 13:24 to slide that back on? Mine will not slide on. It goes in about an inch and then appears to be hitting something. I would appreciate your thoughts.

GCreekboi4life: Is there anyway for me to buy Just the sevens field barrel, instead oh buying the whole gun all over again. thnx please help me out..
Savage Model 320 disassembly 5 out of 5

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Savage Model 320 disassembly