Wood Burning Stove 101

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Ron Carlson: Good basic simple to follow info! I run damper full open for a hour or so and then clos it about 70% but for wet wood full air till the wood dries

Johnna Jablonski: Hi from Montana too! 5 years later and this video is still helpful. Thanks! how long should it take for the wood stove to burn at the right temp?

Ernest Hemingway: Pine? ... guffaw!!!

joeh690: I apologize. It was your introduction. It was actually a good video. my bad

My17A: Love that word....UNBARKED.

Jack tognini: Niver play with fire

Michael And Vivian Klei: awesome demo thanks for the info. I finally know what a damper is god bless

scott dennison: I don't get the daily paper, I've been using old military papers that I don't want to throw away. But I have about a truckload of packing (moving) paper from a recent move, it looks recycled and uncoated but I'm not sure, is that paper OK for a starter? Pieces with tape on it will be recycled, not burned.

GmenAgain: Good video, but I have some input. As a 26 year owner of a printing business, and a wood stove owner....I can say you should NEVER burn colored paper.  Some people believe that's an old theory, and newspapers/flyers are made different now because of soy based inks. The key word being "based". Yes, they are soy based...but the pigments used for colors are toxic REGARDLESS OF BASE. Also paper used for color printing contains gloss...even if it does not look or feel glossy. So you are burning 2 toxic chemicals. And both will also stick to the chimney walls. The black inks used for printing do not contain toxic pigments, and do not require additives to make them appear opaque. Burn only the white & black portions of your newspaper...and put all others in recycling....NOT the garbage. And cardboard is made with glue...don't burn it. Also...adding a metal grate will allow you to avoid a "building" process every time you start your stove, and increase airflow to your wood for more efficient burning.

barewolf: Joe Bucci mentioned that your stove looks like an Englander NC-30.  Is it?  Great vid.

goldsackb2: Great video. How many logs do you add to the furnace before you go to sleep? I am installing a wood stove in my house soon. I am trying to avoid waking up to a cold house at night.

Ronny op de Beeck: Opening with guns..... And after all..... God bless..... With guns..... Is that what god says? Shooting???? Strange....

grimreap93: 10 second intro or less. Nothing more.

bowtech340: Awsome vid... Thanks...

katwillny: I cant seem to do that on a cold start without getting a house full of smoke. I have a 18ft class A chimney outside the house and 4 feet inside on a 90 degree angle going into the wall thimbal. Any ideas?

Joe Bucci: It looks like a Englander NC-30 Stove, Excellent choice.
I have mine for 2 years and it works 3x better then my older Brass Flame.
I use Bull pine to start my fires and switch to Live oak and Almond.
If you don't have access to hard wood, pine will be fine.
After the inside of the glass is hot, I use a paint scraper that uses razor blades to remove the build up of smoke on the inside of the glass.
After the fire box is hot, I always load the wood cross length and to the back of the stove.
I hope this will help and thank you for the video.
Merry Christmas
Joe Bucci

Terri Eplen: What a GREAT demo! I have an older model earth stove that came with the house I bought (a 1977 model). I could never seem to understand how the damper works. The damper has 2 different settings & there is also an air-flow control knob on the side for "H-M-L" Your demo helped me understand mine MUCH better! THANK YOU!! Perhaps I will not go thru so much wood now!!

Susan Kanawyer: Hello... Thank you so very much for your wonderful awesome tips... I did build my fire as you instructed tonight !! Wow What an Amazing Difference.. My little mountain cabin warmed up so fast,, with minimal wasting of my personalty hand cut wood.. Thank You so very much,, Awesome video..    

charlie brown: i first put in a bunch of dryed kndling i per fer hard woods like cheery oak locus etc than let it burn flu wide open let it burn for 5to 10 minutes than add logs than turn down the air in take flue so it does not over fire your stove turn down to half or more

TheSkyhazFallen: When you load it up with big logs does the fire roar up the flue? I'm a new woodstove owner and I'm uncertain of how fierce rhe fire should burn.
Wood Burning Stove 101 5 out of 5

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Wood Burning Stove 101