Meijer Boys Bedwetting Underpants L-XL (Goodnites Manufactured) Also Shows Wet From Overnight Use

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Joshua Duell Smalls: I love the stripey design

Liv's Life: Can you send me girl ones?

sam Sanders: do you wear diapers as underwear

D&Y Time: Please give me daipers for som reason I want to wear them but my mom doesn't want me to wear them but I want to

Momo Channle: Who else when they go to collage will just wear these just in case????

Yeezus Saint Pablo: u look sexy in ur diaper

David smith: Firstly, meijer is NOT like wal mart. I work there....meijer is an upscale store that compares more to target or Kroger

Ghostdinosawur: The square at 1:52 is for keeping moisture away from the skin

Garrett F: These look kind of like everything I would ever want/need in a diaper. I'm also an older bedwetter (19) and I can fit pretty well into Goodnites still, but I just loathe the designs. Now I just need to get to a Meijer...

They hold as much as Goodnites? Also, are they as stretchy as the current Goodnites?

Austin Medley: I like diapers too and you should make more videos

Danielle Robeque: is for girl ?

chicoteeeen: Awwwwww yur soooo addorable baby boy sweets

abby normal: Have you tryed sleepovers I just got some and I am 245 lbs and fit In The xl

David cole: Hay do you like the goodnight or diapers

Friends Channel: It's good to be lazy that's why people need to wear them

Aidan McCourt: How old are you

Ryan Howard: Make another vid

William Hanley: I just got goodnits

canadiancatgreen: cool review if I may give advice it would be to put some intrest and energy in it    no offense intended but you sounded ether tired or almost not really interested but at the same time you did a really good review too

Daniel Alberto Guajardo De Los Rios: quiero unos
Meijer boys bedwetting underpants L-XL (Goodnites manufactured) Also shows wet from overnight use 5 out of 5

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Meijer boys bedwetting underpants L-XL (Goodnites manufactured) Also shows wet from overnight use