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Windows 8 is a piece of shit
Windows 8 is a piece of shit
Fuck Windows (Official Release) Funny Rap Song - XP? VISTA? CANT AFFORD A MAC?
Fuck Windows (Official Release) Funny Rap Song - XP? VISTA? CANT AFFORD A MAC?
Francis HATES Google+
Francis HATES Google+

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corey drew bruce: Should of gone with Linux.

Stefan C.: freak you! For one, you need to get a better camera. Also... What the freak is wrong with you? Windows 8 is an amazing operating system, that is finally a good looking, easy to use, amazing OS from Microsoft. You can dislike an operating system, but this is just retarded.

viperhelix: I can sense your frustration with windows 8, and I totally agree with you.

Jon Champaigne: None of the things you are talking about matter. You don't know what you are talking about. Mac's don't have a start menu -- Linux doesn't always have a start menu on all desktops -- that is just something to help out you 'GUI drivers'. The rest of us just use the terminal; as you should. If you are a programmer, write your own interface as an app -- you could do that in powershell and not even have to compile it. Your just silly and don't really know what you are doing. You need someone to spoon feed you tech. The functionality of windows8 at the beginning was just fine -- people are just not quite smart enough for change. 

Eric Reicher: XP was the best and I learned computing with Windows 98. 

TheRebelLion96: freakIN WINDOWS 8

Davin Harris: I see he's a mac user. ubuntu fedora and all the other linux distros ared garbage. But windows 8 still sucks.

aDayInTheMindOfMe: With the release of windows 8, suicide rates have quadrupled. But seriously, i'm on a desktop, and it is damn near ruined because of this piece of crap known as windows 8. I PAID $800 because the specs were good, and it is all i could afford, but windows 8 makes me want to take this piece of crap and throw it in the garbage. It is not worth the unfriendly interface, the consistent BSOD and piece of crap restarts with no extend time option.

Michael James Nicholls: As I have said on other videos, Microsoft is staring death in the face...and it's name is Linux

maltatravel: windows 8 freak YOUR MOTHER

Darkslayer Ryuu: They added so much useless crap to windows 8 and took away useful features. Don't even get me started on EFI and secure boot on the newer prefab computers you buy in stores. They try to prevent you for installing the OS you want.

jk3691215: I hope they watch this

terry robbins: My thots exactly you got it exactly right WTF R U thinking MICROSOFT?? YOU OWE us all a freaking REFUND!!

S Ogren: Love it haa

Au Tom: I just got out of the freakin Windows 8 labyrinth by .,.. shut and reboot the fuking PC....

Link Ton: This guy is absolutely right. Win 8 is freaking bad and I really hate it. Once I found something to replace win8, I will not use it even I have paid for this freaking OS thing... stupid and bugs all the time. 

jk3691215: Agree freak windows 8 and freak Microsoft 

ben scalp: If only I had the chance, I would freaking destroy Microsoft


Pete Dooley: Totally agree .LOL

svtcontour: I'd rather go back to vista instead of windows 8 LOL.

emorozov: Although I am not a niga, freak Windows 8 :D

Robert Hanson: I made a big mistake buying windows 8. I made a worse mistake by trying to game with it via EA Origin. Spend more, buy a freaking MAC

Michael James Nicholls: Linux is faster...more secure....more adaptable...more stable...and....FREE.

jimmicrackhead12: Windows 8 automatic updates used up my internet. even hitler wouldnt wish win 8 on a jew

LifeSimmerYT: freak Windows 8. Even Windows 1.0 is better than this crap. Even Vista is batter than this. I had to go buy me a new freaking laptop with Windows 7 on it because I bought the Windows 8 laptop from BestBuy and they said that it could be downgraded. Nope. The next time I went there, they said there was no way to downgrade. So I was pissed and so I gave my mother, the one that likes the piece of crap, named Windows 8, and I got a refurbished Dell Latitude D630. Best decision I've ever made computer wise!

iampower714: windows 8 is complicated horse crap.

Mick Psyphon: Windows 8 blows BIG TIME! Try Linux Mint 16. It's free; and it's easier to use than most OSes right now.

Brandon Cooke: I Agree. windows 8 is garbage. 

Таинственные Гавайи туры и экскурсии: agree!

jose pa: I like Win 8 I LOVE WIN 8 because know every shell of linux is better: Lxde, Gnome, Kde, "openbox" XD. Won`t change Microsoft, I love you!

fringehead: It does make me feel a bit better about the state of the world that I, a blue collar redneck can come to an agreement with this angry urban youth about the complete suckitude of Windon't 8. if I wanted a phone, I would have bought one.

Austin Joseph: I agree windows 8 is BAD. Windows 7 now get that.

LestradeOfTheYard: Windows 8 is the worst piece of crap I've ever used in my life

Tolbert Wangila: Windows 8 isn't that bad

Drag Jako: Moooore!!! I want more!!!

Matthew Mai: well you might have some real gripes with windows, and you might make your voice loud on youtube, but because you look like a few homeless negros, your voice wont be very loud.

CocoPino [WorldPeace/PeaceGang] (27): Lmao. Preach!

Kuri San: haha cool ;)

good4damoney: i hate win8 too on laptops,but microsoft created a loophole in its contract.That you are allowed to downgrade and customer service will give you a key that will work and activate your older windows.Just install a lower windows and call 1888-seven25-TEN47.Say the words "downgrade rights" to the customer service person.

Jon Suttle: Even Windows Vista beats the hell out of Windows 8 and 8.1. Enough said.

skinnyazzfoo75: true dat man, freak windows 8 and freak 8.1, mircrocrap alwayz be freakin up ahit nowadayz


someone 444: I agree that all theose linuxes are garbage

Eduardo Benítez: first world problem

d12r34e56w: how about this crap I bought a new hp it had win 8 on it fkn wow man ok so iam not smart enough for this 8 crap ok gonna crack the billfold and buy win 7 os right noooooooooo these bitches locked it up so I cant tashiba same way gonna shuve thgis crap doun our throut hate Microsoft if I knew where u lived id crap on your porch

Captain Caveman: ....One more thing. A "program" and an "application" (apps) mean the same thing. Just different words.

no one: Do you live in Los Angeles?

Captain Caveman: I'm currently using Windows 8, as I have recently bought a new laptop. I've had some time to evaluate this OS and I have come to a conclusion. Windows 8 is the sort of OS a first year computer programmer with chronic schizophrenia would create. It's also the first OS I have ever encountered that suffers from an identity crisis. It doesn't know if it's a smartphone, a tablet or a desktop PC. Summary: Windows 8 is a chronic schizophrenic OS with a touch screen interface, that has a desktop interface stapled onto it's forehead, that also has an identity crisis. See HAL 9000.

stephthestar90: Everything in the video is true. Windows 8 is a pile of junk that should be consigned to the tech scrapheap permanently.
FUCK WINDOWS 8!! 4.8 out of 5

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