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Ibrahim Khalil: freak Windows 8,8.1, and Mac os.

Nanasuke Maoyuu: im currently using windows 8
WORST computer ever im so stressed out
i just googled "GET freakED WINDOWS 8" and got here...

windows 8 is such a piece of crap ><
broke the camels back when task manager couldnt close a program, so i went to uninstall it, and i dont have permission from system... BULLcrap IM DONE
*flips table
and this bloody thing come with BUILT IN ADDS
on whatever browser with whatever addblock im bombarded with adds all over my screen wherever i click and, i cant uninstall that wherever it is (clouscout ads)
all over this thing is bullcrap
i dont care if they're not supporting, not selling windows 7 anymore i cant deal with this
(im on my computer all day *help) (not my choice but i cant do anything else)
Windows vista, the first windows i had, was the best and worked best in my opinion, but i certainly dont mind windows 7 especially after this winows 8 bull

Ted Miller: HAHAHAHAHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAH. SOOOoooooo true. And so well phrased. I love it.

Ana Clara: I miss windows XP so much

John Smith: This video is f00ken hilarious!!!

"Y'all got apps now not even programs y'all got apps!"


Thug Nificent: vista for niggas looool

Cat.: Mac.

IrelandVonVicious: freak windows 8 and 10!

Nick TwoThousand: freak windows (insert your favourite win version here), linux is better!

Daniel Mills: FROM A PROGRAMMERS POINT OF VIEW! he must know what hes talking about

_ _: 00:30 because phones are superior to computers in every freaking why would you want a start menu

Sphenix: TBAG your nuts.. Wow you MIGHT be autistic.

leslietzy: worst crap i used called windows 8. crap, its ruining my life. There should be an option to go back to windows 7 for free. 

is windows 10 going to be as crap? i cannot take this crap anymore I don't want to live on this planet anymore!

no, this is patrick moved: freak Windows 8, freak Windows 10, freak Windows Vista, and freak mac. Windows 7 and Linux is the best.

X Graaicko: freak Windows 8, freak Windows 10 and freak mac. Windows 7 is the best.

rlinamh rlinamh: I wasted thousands in a piece of crap.. it has alot of problems my phone can connect to the internet but my laptop cant freaking riddiculous windows 8 freak windows 8 freak you fix this piece of crap freak mothers..yea ik alot of freak in this comment... cuz of windoes....

Sparkschu Itai: I'm agree with this crap uploads.

Dear Bill Gates, GO freak YOURSELF.

Senator Mendoza: Birth muddafreaker, birth!

Bill21: hey nigga i agree with you
FUCK WINDOWS 8!! 5 out of 5

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