Huawei Ascend M860 MetroPCS Camera Quality Test

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Huawei Ascend M860 MetroPCS camera quality test
Huawei Ascend M860 MetroPCS camera quality test
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adonis monegro: wats up wit all the fat ppl statues

Leroy Langston: @TickleMeJavi well, it certainly takes big pictures. the only issue is that it doesn't auto-focus so if u could get it to focus by standing completely still you should get great results

Joe'L Guerra: You have a nice house but your backyard at the sametime is nice but live in florida? Just wondering cuz the lizard on the wall :p

Leroy Langston: @morrisp22 have your opinion and speak it, friend

Leroy Langston: @Twiciababy that's a golf course :)

r1ckyjordan: It looks like you got money with a house like that ! So what r u doing with a Metro P.C.crap phone ? When you 4 Should be Carrying the lates iphone !

BiggBlunts420: beautiful back yard

Leroy Langston: @akedabeast again, not my statues lmao they are odd though, fat ppl are always in my backyard O.o

morrisp22: dude thats kinda creepy *statues* im not saying that you are but im saying that they are lol

Leroy Langston: @mzzpeaches08 I know, I never said it was amazing nor did I say it was terrible

Leroy Langston: @xdani627x hell yeah lol

Joe'L Guerra: @Turphed lizards there are like ants huh? xD

theg3601: how long can this phone video record

Derek Kramer: @heartsnkisses81 i saw this post and i can send video via mms from mine i just went to share after i hit stop n clicked on the pic in the corner selected share n them message it cant be too big tho

ProdigalRayle: not bad, better than kyocera lol

heartsnkisses81: hi i have this phone and i love it...but i was wondering if you know how to send video text on it? is it possible? i can't figure it out =0(

Leroy Langston: @MONEGROA nothing, they're just statues :)

Leroy Langston: @theg3601 itll record for as long as ur memory card has space

4EVERjADExoxo: Your backyard is amazing!

HellbentKeem: @BiggBlunts420 am saying the same thing weird statues tho

Mizzgigglez91: @Turphed really? so nice! and oh yea nice video!

Leroy Langston: @r1ckyjordan I work here

TickleMeJavi: does the phone take good pictures?

Leroy Langston: @Twiciababy thank you :) remember to rate nd subscribe folx

Leroy Langston: thanks for the house compliments, but as far as the quality of the camera itself goes, it's better than kyocera lol everything is better than kyocera...but its a $99 phone, the cheapest android phone on the market, so no complaints from me. If u don't like this phone camera quality, go spend $300+ on another android

Leroy Langston: @fly12357 you can also root ur phone using an app known as z4root.apk u can download it onto the phones SD card, then root ur phone.... then after that download an app known as SetCPU to overclock ur phone, look it up on youtube

Basteal: Thanks for the information.. decent camera on this thing. Though I suppose its pretty hard these days to get something completely terrible.. technology has advanced too far.

Leroy Langston: @Basteal yeah, I mean the LG Optimus M and Galaxy Indulge is just about the same to my knowledge but its still pretty decent in the long run. And yes, technology is going nowhere but UP :)

clare sunshine: your house looks absolutely awesome !!!

Leroy Langston: @dkramer9783 thanks

CecilEazy1: nice diggs!

Leroy Langston: @theHFchannel yes, I do lol

ParadoxForeverr: Wierd'-'

Leroy Langston: @missvideodiva thanks :)

Leroy Langston: @CecilEazy1 thanks bro

videomaker123ish: Bad

Mizzgigglez91: ahhh your backyard looks like a park =>_<=

fly12357: Does this phone have multi tasking? Pls answer.

Big Rock Kii: I forgot to look at the quality of the camera because I was looking at the quality of your home. Its amazing man, truly a kings castle!

Leroy Langston: @heartsnkisses81 no it's not possible, only via bluetooth

mzzpeaches08: horrible quality

Leroy Langston: @fly12357 yes, but I don't reccomend loading too many tasks or u defeat the purpose of having Android, because it's supposed to be fast :)
Huawei Ascend M860 MetroPCS camera quality test 4 out of 5

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Huawei Ascend M860 MetroPCS camera quality test