FTM-400D - YAESU 08/25/2012 08:06pm PST

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Ham Radio: hi, if U know or if some one else can help me to know , doz this Radio will work with Motorola Astro Saber Digital ??, or they Have diferent Digital Modulation ??, Thanks ,...

George Gardinier: is there a spot to plug the mike into the control head, if not not so good

ww5rm: No fan? Im not sure what the downfall of the FTM-350 was but id bet it was over heating due to lack of cooling fins or a ran. So why didn't the add a fan to this high priced rig? I think I stick w my Kenwood!

Marcelo Cabral: While these rigs haven't SSB and CW mode, I"ll not interest me for them.

David Gillooly: Ham Radio Outlet has these discount priced at $699.95 (HRO Discount Price).

Robert Adlington: It would be even better if it has built in Sat Nav.

David Gillooly: It received its FCC approval in December as far as I know, but still not available at local HRO.

Francisco Garcia: the face plate is tooooo big for me.

icecreameannihilator: Looks fine - as in europe not avl. up to now: How much is it 'over there' ?

Reid Crowe: Probably just as well as any other radio that can do APRS...

David Gillooly: I wonder how well this rig would work for APRS with the ISS (space station).

Sanderly Jeronimo: O radio VHF e UHF. Nao e somente para 2m.

YO3IBZ: nice but i hope that wee can use the TNC with the computer and not only from the radio like at the VX-8gr and the FTM-350

João Roberto Vargas: Belo rádio, pena que é apenas para 2 metros, dual band.

hussain alanazi: god radio .73
FTM-400D - YAESU 08/25/2012 08:06pm PST 5 out of 5

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