Benchmade 710 D2 Knife Review

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And The Winner Is.....500 Subscriber Giveaway
And The Winner Is.....500 Subscriber Giveaway
Tool and EDC Talk: My Current EDC (UPDATED 04/17/12)
Tool and EDC Talk: My Current EDC (UPDATED 04/17/12)
Ganzo G7392 - CF Folding Knife (Axis Lock) from GearBest
Ganzo G7392 - CF Folding Knife (Axis Lock) from GearBest

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ReclusiveMountainMan: Wish Benchmade still made black blade plain edge 710s. D2 rusts like crazy here.

Michael Bonade: 710 is a classic....just want it to have a flow-through design with standoffs instead of a backspacer...

olmmedic: Just watched this vid again. You did the best vids !! Where you been. Not doing vids lately?? How is the knife making going???

perspicacity89: My 710 came off center too. How did you fix it?

cryptomnesiac: my gf is in the market for a 4" folder and i'm considering the 710 over the military. any other 4 inchers you like these days jd? i know there are some cheaper offerings out there and some much more expensive ones, but it doesn't seem like there are many new options out there...

David Kruse: Another great review JDavis, I agree with you, great EDC knife and blade to handle length ratio. I have tons of knives but I keep throwing this in my pocket. I guess it is the sum of all parts after using it for awhile because I can't really explain why I love it so much. Maybe it is like my old Toyota pickup that I beat the heck out of but loved even with it's flaws. It was the knife that introduced the axis lock I believe (which I love but others may not). The G2 scales are kinda funky but thin and it carries very well. I thought you were very unbiased even though I have seen many great knives that you love in your vids. Sub'd

Jerry Calabrese: One of my favorite Benchmades', and like you said brother- there's not much you can't like about this knife. By the way your an excellent narrator and do a fine job of explaining the finer points on whatever your talking about and I appreciate that. But this knife is not only great for edc because of the ergos but is also great for self defence, if you ever had to use it(God forbid for that) very very nice grip in hand, and nice texture to hold on to. Thanks again for the review, one last point about this blade is the price point for what your paying for- great great knife- definately comparable to the Paramilitary 2!

cyrus jacob: Keep in it really

simonize251: Hey JDavis man when you sharpen this particular model do find it easier to do by hand than on the edge pro?

MorbidMinister666: hey got a question...recently picked up a 710 in D2 and i was wondering if the sharpmaker was a good sharpener to use to keep it hair shaving sharp? what are some other simple to use sharpeners that are easy to use? im a novice at sharpening and want to be able to keep my blade sharp and not damage it trying. any advice or suggestions?

Grailstock: ill subscribe then.

simonize251: Can you sharpen this 710 on the Apex with that weird curve?

Matt Frye: Did the cpm m4 version of the 710 change that score?

vvvv999vvv: I picked up a 710 and I'm really loving the blade shape and overall feel. Nice review!

kingstaff4: Why even put the Spyderco next to it and not even talk about it?

Paul V: I like how the axis lock pulls the blade in when you close it because you can easily open and close it with one hand. With the Para 2 for example when I close it it never seems to close all the way, so I actually prefer the way the blade sucks in at the end on the Benchmade knives.

tylenator552: i have a non coated 710. I think im gonna pick up a black one

msiley: I have that problem it too. But I think by now it's cut far enough into it, it doesn't effect the edge.

FH: i'm really lovin your reviews. I've been watching them all 'cause your tastes seem pretty in line with mine but the one thing you could do to be the best reviewer on youtube is keep them a little more succinct. I don't mind a 15 min review as long as there's 15 min of stuff to say but i feel like a review like this could have been done in less than 10min and still have been just as useful. keep 'em coming!

Temperdgrump: A common issue with the 710 is that the blade hits the back spacer and actually cuts into it. Had that problem with both 710s I owned.
Benchmade 710 D2 Knife Review 5 out of 5

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Benchmade 710 D2 Knife Review