EONHAIR.COM! LONGER Nubian Silk Twist Showing Twisting Technique

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EONHAIR.COM! LONGER Nubian Silk Twist showing twisting technique
EONHAIR.COM! LONGER Nubian Silk Twist showing twisting technique
EON Hair Nubian Silk Twists
EON Hair Nubian Silk Twists
Eonhair Nubian Silk third install. Protective styling for Natural Hair
Eonhair Nubian Silk third install. Protective styling for Natural Hair
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My Nubian Twist Review & Natural Hair Tips...
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Nubian Twists/Two strand twists
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Nubian Twists are in!
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My Protective Style- Nubian Twist

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mizG1nonly: @MrPammybone - You are most welcome hun! Now u can be a pro with your money still in your pockets when u do it yourself! :)

mizG1nonly: @AKIYIAKELLY - Thanks Akiyia!

mizG1nonly: Simple squares in the front hun.

mizG1nonly: @TheBronzegoddess1 - Why thank you.... naaa i think they were trying to click like so fast they mistakenly clicked dislike. lol. hey anything that makes me sleep at night right? lol. You should get it anytime now. it doesnt usually take long to be delivered. Let us all know how it came out. feel free to do a vid response to this vid...i really dont mind :) good luck..

Laronda Walker: thanks, all your tutorial are so awesome.. you explain things well . thanks and keep up the good work......p.s. your hair is so cute i just ordered that same hair.

kimmy8188: Seriously we need to link for you to braid my hair for me

ccpraiser: Great job! Eon Hair needs to get you to be an affiliate. Get in touch with them and tell them to check out your video, if you don't I will...LOL.! Really call them up, everybody's doing it. Your video was very easy to understand and the accent gives a great touch.Good luck, let me know how it turns out. Oh yeah I am going to try this style out on someone, maybe myself.

Natasha Blythers: hey, your hair came out perfectly! what product or products do you use to make the hair stay neat and to keep your hair from untwisting underneath?

P hWright: Thanks you so so much. With getting layoff at the end of September, I need to learn how to do it myself. I have found your videos very informative and awesome! Your twist looks so professional. Keep your videos coming.

mizG1nonly: @chocdream74 - aww dont be nervous. you actually have too much! lol. based on the size i parted my hair i only used about 2 packs. not even the full two. you are more than ok hun. And thank you! :)

mizG1nonly: Thank you so much. I hope you enjoy the hair when you get through the installation! Blessings.. :)

ConnectedToMeNow: MizG1nonly, Do You twist Right over left or Left over Right?

mizG1nonly: @lahana24 - Untwist to the point where its showing and take your time slowly and tightly twisting it in. Try using some type of heavy moisturizer to hold it down while twisting. Hair only shows if u dont take ur time to tuck in ur ends then once its tucked in u can speed up with the twisting. Hope it helps.

Magan Swanson: I just ordered another batch of hair, this time the nubian silk, and it took 2-3 days. Both times was 2-3 days. Their very reliable.

mizG1nonly: @Renita1394 - no i didnt cut the hair in half at all to do the longer twists. i used the full length of the hair. i just split it in half n used half of a piece per twist.

mizG1nonly: It actuallu doesnt untwist once you twist it hun. For my own natural hair to blend well I used a slightly heavy product. I think I showed the product in one of the twist vids but you can also use a jam just like the african braiders do. I dont put it on my roots, just on the ends of my natural hair to help with the transition. Hope this helped. :)

mizG1nonly: @DarkNatural75 - Practice practice practice!!! :)

mizG1nonly: @MrPammybone - Aww man! That sucks! I know the feeling tho.... Everything happens for a reason and the end of September signifies the end of an old life n the beginning of a new. Keep ur head up! :)

mizG1nonly: @liea1982 - no prob. if you are doing it yourself i would advise u to get help or prepare for a long day. this length is very time consuming. good luck! :)

dreazhane: OMG OMG OMG. Thank you soooo much. I started doing mine this morning and was getting so frustrated because it wasn't come out right. If I didn't see your video I swear I wouldn't have continued. I just did one how you did it and perfect. Again, thank you so much!!!

A Who Dat?: Hello again, One more question ... you have a very nice accent - may I ask from where are you from? Beautiful skin as well. (P.S. Don't worry - I'm in Europe so there's not much chance of me camping outside your bedroom window). :o)

liea1982: @mizG1nonly I'm used to it (I'm a professional braider :) ) Thanks for the advise tho I'm sure its gonna take some time.

mizG1nonly: @HiccupDWilt - Aww well im happy you found it. Its really versitile and you would enjoy it. Just make sure to moisturize it with your fav moisturizer and keep you scalp clean and moist to make sure your hair is protected and still growing while in twists. good luck! :)

liea1982: @mizG1nonly Thanks! I'm gonna do this style in a couple days and I want that exact length.

ConnectedToMeNow: Hello, when Your braids got older did Your hair get frizzy and start to show out of the twist? If it didn't I think I did Your technique wrong or used not enough hair per twist...

DeliciouslyDazzling: This is my first time purchasing from EonHair.com...can anyone give me an honest review on the overall site? Are they reliable? Thanks so much to anyone who answers :)

mizG1nonly: @chocdream74 - Thanks so much! and you are very welcome! :)

mizG1nonly: @SeductiveEgoFaness - thanks!! :)

mizG1nonly: @esintial - Hey. you are correct. its the back over the front, not the front over the back. if u do the front over the back the braid begins to look messy. i have other vids doing the braids if you like u can check them out. If you still dont get it then ill be sure to do the other vid illustrating more braids. Hope it works out for u. :)

mizG1nonly: @ccpraiser - Lol... aww you are a sweetheart.. thank you. I just love love eon hair and i guess it would be perfect to be an affliate wouldnt it? lol. But idk...we'll see... ;) Thanks again for the kind words and i would love to see the results.

AKIYIAKELLY: your hair came out really nice...

mizG1nonly: @ConnectedToMeNow - Right over left hun

P hWright: I have been watching your video a lot. When I twist with my right over let it comes out right. When I do it the opposite way, it doesn't come out right. Am I doing it the right way. Thanks.

Esintial Davi: I think I saw the BACK hand over the FRONT. If you ever braid your spring twist again, plz can you do a more centered video that includes more braids. This video is much needed on YT. STILL, I appreciate this video as well, TU

mizG1nonly: @lahana24 - LMAO! hilarious! lol! You poor boobsie. its ok though. at least the trial n error was not in vain! now u smoking like a frieght train! (that rhymed too! lol) Happy for u ! :)

Jasmine Patterson: I'd just like to say, that I'm really glad I found this video because I was really thinking about getting a Nubian twist done in my hair, 'cause I'm transitioning. But all the videos I was looking at, people had the really short twists that just touched their shoulders or was slightly longer. But yours is the length of my actual hair, which is awesome. So thank you!

Ro Smith: Yes thanks alot this helped out so much! LOL when I twist I say over, over just to make sure I get a pretty twist. Still trying to get down the holding of the hair in a certain way :))

mizG1nonly: @xspshortiex - thank you. im west indian... trinidadian to be specific...

arvon99: Been thinking about getting Nubian Twists for the summer and as a protective style. How do you care for it? How long do you keep them in? Love the style. I want my hair to turn out like yours...length and all. Thanks for sharing.

mizG1nonly: @ladyLaballer20 - Did u cut the hair ends before u installed it? the ends of the loose braid before u installed it were probably too blunt hence the reason for the unraveling. id say to undo the twist about an inch, tug on it to make the ends a bit uneven and retwist with some type of product, taking ur time to slowly n tightly retwist right down to the last. good luck.

mizG1nonly: @ann7910 - No not this time. I used the full length of the hair as it came in the pack.

mizG1nonly: @lahana2244 - lol. i can just imagine you saying that to yourself. lol, cute. and u dont have to hold it the way i do. hold it whatever way makes u comfy. good luck! :)

mizG1nonly: @ekazara10 - thanks alot. Prices to do hair can be negotiated. N yes its possible! It just takes a little extra time. thankss again ;)

shaliyahsmom: how did you part your hair just simple squares or some other way?

mizG1nonly: @dreazhane - Lol. Well its refreshing to read your excitement about this. This is why i actually started doing vids showing how to install braids because many people like yourself have the same problem. Im glad i got to u just in the nic of time! You are very welcome. Now go ahead n flaunt them twists girl! ;)

mizG1nonly: @ConnectedToMeNow - With any hair thats not yours installed in, it WILL show through the twist eventually after some time. regardless of twisting technique or the hair you use. how "old" is what you're calling old though?

mizG1nonly: @awhodatt - really!? had no idea. none at all. lol. Thank You.

mizG1nonly: From what i can remember the hair usually came within a week or so.

P hWright: I have been watching your video a lot. When I twist with my right over let it comes out right. When I do it the opposite way, it doesn't come out right. Am I doing it the right way. Thanks.

mizG1nonly: @arvon99 - aww thanks n no probs. Well i wash them prob after 2 weeks in. ob the 3rd week its a definite wash. for my type of hair the older my braids get the more they look like dreads n i put them in for that dread look. i find myself having them in no more than 1 1/2 months simply bc my hair locks easily around twist braids. if it didnt i wld surely do 2 months. i also put oils on my scalp to keep its moist. sometime i put leave in conditions to the parts of the braids my hair starts n stop
EONHAIR.COM! LONGER Nubian Silk Twist showing twisting technique 4.8 out of 5

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EONHAIR.COM! LONGER Nubian Silk Twist showing twisting technique