Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets

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my home sweet home: hi frnds for indian kitchen organisation chk my channel...

renumangatt: What do you store in the cabinet that is above your ovens? I have the same type of cabinets on top of my ovens which are really deep. Will be great if you could share some ideas like what and how to store things in the cabinets which are not reachable easily.

Rebekah Ashkenasy: I have a little trick, so that I do not risk scratching my tephlon pans, I stack my mans upside down from largest to smallest....Works great!

zanosaurus: Ha! I love your cheeky captions! We just moved and I still haven't figured out how to organize the new kitchen but the first thing I did was put the mugs above the kettle. Genius eh? ;)

Boogy Obama: Lol she's awesome. I'm subscribing just because she said "big ass blender"

Mridu Parikh: The most effective thing I've found is to clean up right after I cook..before all the grease settles in. The best time to wipe down the stove is when it is lukewarm (before it cools down completely).

Hay: Hey Mridu i want to know if you cook any greasy food like most of us do, and how do you still keep the kitchen clean? specialy the stove! any ideas??? thanks!!!

Mridu Parikh: I'm glad you found me too! :)

sarahbash100: Gosh I'm soooo happy I found your channel..great help for ladies who have stuff piled up in kitchen cabinets...;))

Mridu Parikh: I'm so glad! be sure to check out my videos every week. :) best, mridu

Mridu Parikh: So glad you found it so helpful.:) xo, mridu

sara basil: what a wonderful video you got there it really helped me be more orgnize for my kitchen things your the best

Mridu Parikh: That's so funny you say that because I grew up in NY but have been in Nashville for the last 8 you nailed my accent perfectly! :)

Deb Bee: I am so loving your accent. It sounds like a combination of a southern twang and a city slang :)

Mridu Parikh: And thank YOU for commenting ;) Glad you found it helpful. Hope to "see" you every week. :) xo, mridu

Aheart2loveu: I really enjoyed this video so much I getting ready to go to my kitchen and do a few things. Thanks for sharing and you got a new subbie here.

Mridu Parikh: thanks, I so appreciate your support! hope to "see" you again soon. :) xo, mridu

how to organize things: Nice Vidéo thanks

TSP: I love the energy that you have for organizing/keeping it together. :)
Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets 5 out of 5

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Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets